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  1. Wozza345

    SOS call system failure

    I had this when i replaced my MULF & TCU with a combox as i wanted T audio. It can be disabled using E-Sys. Im away for a week but can let you know what codes to add/remove if someone else doesn't.
  2. Wozza345

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Tested again with water hose on the outside, found water coming in through the door faster holes as @bigshout suggested. Have ordered a pack of fastners. This should solve the issue.
  3. Wozza345

    Seat issue

    Ive just had my seats out again to alter my subs. Just the 4 bolts then they lift out. Remember to disconnect the battery if your removing the seat completely.
  4. Wozza345

    F10 Pedestrian protection system

    First i would try and just clear the fault code and see if it returns. very unusual for it to just appear.
  5. Wozza345

    BMW wiring

    I swapped my front SE bumper for a M-sport and disabled the fog-lights in the VO, changed one setting from active to de-active and didn't have to hard code any of the modules. I would assume this would just be reverse for yourself. Also i believe that ground is one inside the front wheel arches against the chassis rail. pretty sure there is one either side and thats where the horn and other front electronics are grounded on mine.
  6. Wozza345

    F10 Pedestrian protection system

    If you have the single "Fibre-optic Sensor" then its just the two sensors on the bonnet latches and the two sensors on the bonnet hinges (+ the fibre sensor.) 5 total. If you have the acceleration sensor instead, there are 3 in the bumper, then the remaining 4. (2 on the hinges, 2 on the latches.) so my thinking is there must be either 5 or 7 things to unplug.
  7. Wozza345

    Steering Rack

    Hi everyone, I'm in need of a replacement steering rack as i have a crack near one of the mounting bolts (The joys of placing the car on a ramp and having a curious look underneath). Im looking on RealOEM to match part numbers. Could anyone clarify if its ok to get a newer part No. if the original has been superseded ? Also if anyone has info on why they use 12V and 24V (apart from obviously current usuage) i would be intereseted to know. Part on RealOEM: https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=FW52-EUR-01-2010-F10-BMW-530d&diagId=32_1862
  8. Well that would be the only possible way of the face being damaged.
  9. Sound like an installation error if the face has been damaged. I had to replace my Turbo (530d) and luckily had the entire front of the car off to gain good access.
  10. Wozza345

    2015 F10 PPS uncoding after accident

    That could be any of the seat occupancy sensors, seat belt tension sensors or possible airbag. Did the seat belts triggerer in you incident ?
  11. Wozza345

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Awesome, I've been having exactly this, but have checked that damn membrane 3 times with no unsealed areas. After a downpour I can open the door and the water thats been held on the kick plate comes out. I shall give the new fastenings a go, thanks
  12. I would say those parts are the same. If you own a heat gun its not difficult to do a little tweaking. you can always send it back if it really is terrible.
  13. Wozza345

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I taped my hoover to some garden hose and used that for the front drains, then use a file to remove some materials from the lower side of the cover plate as described in this thread. @Skynet5 I was certain I couldn't see and breaches in the barrier but I shall try again, thanks.
  14. Wozza345

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Recently had the entire carpet out as i was upgrading the audio system, had the wet rear passenger footwell issue so sorted the front grommet. (530d, was a little fiddly but not too bad). Now iv'e seen that the water is coming in the rear passenger door. Had the door card off and the vapour barrier seemed completely fine, couldn't spot any breaks or areas where it was lifting. Could someone explain to me how the water is getting to between the card and the barrier. (i opened the door today and pulled on the bottom of the card to which probably half a litre of water came out. Happy Holidays.
  15. Wozza345

    Playing Video through Idrive

    Same with my bluetooth, sometimes the bluetooth audio doesn't play until i select a different source. (car starts on bluetooth audio so i just tap the radio then tap back to bluetooth.) i put this down to my combox retrofit but i dont consider it an issue.