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  1. In all honesty, I'd put it back on the standard wheels, remove that headunit and sub/install. It just screams chav and would have me clicking straight to the next advert
  2. McPikie

    E39 SOLD

    Whats the history like between 03 and 14?
  3. McPikie

    E39 SOLD

    You say that it has a fully stamped service book, but that you have done all the work yourself. Have you just stamped the book when you've worked on it? It's hard to see the details in the book from the photographs as they are quite small. Any decent photos of the front end ref the stone chips?
  4. McPikie

    Insurance claim advice

    Horse shit. His insurance is in place to cover his vehicle in the event of an accident. If he was not driving, that's between him and his insurers and they should be settling the claim and seeking a recover from him under Section 71(I think). If I was you, I'd fuck Admiral off and instruct a no win, no fee Solicitor to deal with the matter for you. If you aren't claiming personal injury, they won't take it on, so maybe check to see if you have legal expenses insurance.
  5. McPikie

    530d or 535d?

    I need an auto for the commute, so a manual is out for me
  6. McPikie

    530d or 535d?

    Oh I love a nice e39, but only in saloon
  7. McPikie

    530d or 535d?

    I wouldn't have an E39 in touring format, they look weird. However, give me a 530i champagne edition anyday
  8. McPikie

    530d or 535d?

    So I am looking to get an E60/E61. I love the looks of the saloon and it's fat arse, but I also like the practicality of the tourer for tip runs, throwing the dog in the back etc. So either will do me, as long as I can find one that's been looked after in the spec I want. Again, this isn't massively specific, apart from it has to be non-sun/pan roof M-Sport, with black leather. I really cannot deal with beige carpets and doorcards/dashboard. I'd like to steer clear of silver bodywork too, but if the spec demands it, then so be it, but I'd prefer carbon black or the dark blue (is that Monaco?), with space/silver grey as a back up. Now, with regards to nav, i-drive and that side of it, I really don't care. I won't be using the BMW nav as it sucks ballsacks. However, HUD would be nice. I do prefer the spiders too, but I guess I'd be ok with MV2s. The burning question is, do I go for the 530d, or the 535d? I know the 35 is more powerful, but it also has more turbos, and therefore more to go wrong. At most, I'd likely remap it slightly for a little more power, but this is for a daily commute, so the 30 would probably suffice. There also seems to be an abundance of 30's, so more likely that I could find one I like, or is it worth holding out for the right 35? Would mileage be such an issue? I guess something with 160k and serviced every 12 months/12k religiously would be better than something on 89k with only 8 stamps in the book. I do like the look of this https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201912145332624 But then again, I like this too https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201905037602211 My budget is around £4500, which I know isn't great, but it's all I have at the moment with just buying a new house. Any advice/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  9. McPikie

    Obtaining service history from BMW.

    I remember calling BMW customer services for the history of my old 330i. They happily sent me redacted invoices (due to GDPR) and I sent the service book off to a number of the garages to be stamped (by recorded delivery) after speaking to them over the telephone
  10. McPikie

    Bristol to ban diesel cars 2021?

    There's a nice V8 E60 on eBay at the moment, but it's an 07
  11. McPikie

    New user on the hunt for an E60/61

    I came off FB a while back, so I won't be using any groups on there.
  12. Hi guys, My name is Phil and I am on the hunt for an E60 or E61 to replace my dying 320d. Ideally looking for a 530d or even a 535d if my budget can stretch to that. Autotrader at the moment seems to be filled with a sea of either titan silver or cars with pan roofs and hearing aid beige leather. Ideal spec is a facelift 530d, carbon black or grey, black leather and Spider alloys. No doubt I will search around on here and find a wealth of knowledge and common faults which will send my brain off on a tangent.