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  1. NuggetsG31

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    No I don’t think it’s the steering lock as the steering wheel seems fine. in terms of chronology the indy looked at my car last month when I got my brakes done. It’s a 2018 build and the software matches the latest available from BMW, He showed me on the screen. as far as I know the main dealer has never updated the software when it’s been to them. two days ago the service agent rang me to tell me they’ve fixed the buzzing (but not how) by upgrading software. Bit of surprise as they said there were no software upgrades when they booked it in. Will give the profile export a go and see what version comes up. I was curious if individual modules had software patches rather than whole of system up date and if so does it actually fix the problem or just fudge it enough to keep it going and then it craps out, outside of warranty.
  2. NuggetsG31

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    Interesting, the noise is definitely coming from the brake peddle and/or dash/bonnet area on passenger side and I’ve heard it outside the car once, I suspect the culprit will be the electronic handbrake or something to so with the abs pump as I can’t think of what else it could be that vibrates through the brake peddle i bet it’s pump or solenoid related. Will see if I can find out what the tech has actually done to “fix” it. I’m sure I won’t get a straight answer.
  3. NuggetsG31

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    I have an issue which I think is brake related. I get a 1-2 second high speed/vibration/buzzing noise (it sounds like it's coming from the brake peddle) immediately upon entering the car and before the dashboard boots up, it's been an intermittent issue on mine the last 6,000 miles or so. The dealership couldn't replicate the fault at first attempt, but I have since been back with a couple of videos plus (and as luck would have it) the buzzing replicated when the tech sat in the car, he thinks the noise came from behind the dash on the passenger side The service agent has told me they have upgraded the software which has fixed the issue, but I have a couple of questions to put to him when I collect my car (they are also replacing drivers door seal and passenger wing mirror); 1) the Indy has BMW subscription service and checked my software last month when I got my brakes done, there was no update for my car. The service agent also confirmed there were no software updates when I booked it in. What is the software update applied and why wasn't it identified at time of service? - I guess i'm seeking someone who knows if other updates exist which are not "customer friendly" but tech updates to individual control modules. 2) the noise is a mechanical buzzing so I am not convinced a software update (if carried out) will fix the underlying cause anyway, it's just altered some parameters and kicked the problem down the road a bit, what is the source of the buzzing and what has been changed by the software fix. Video is attached (buzzing noise is at 8seconds and is much louder than video portrays), has anyone else come across this issue? If so what causes it and how was it remedied? Thanks IMG_6014.MOV
  4. NuggetsG31

    iDrive/Driver’s display malfunction

    I was told by my indy BMW specialist that after a while if the car's software (lets call it the firmware for sake of argument - it's not the idrive software) isn't kept up to date then the idrive starts to glitch and you end up going to the stealership who will update the firmware out of warranty this costs big bucks. This generally happens when there is a block of 25 revisions or more between the existing firmware in the car and that available to update (don't ask me what constitutes a block or a revision but I don't think it means the car is 25+ updates out of sync with the latest software available from BMW). the indy specialist checked my G31 530D 2018 build and it's still on the same firmware as the factory and no update is available from BMW so it's current. Probably doesn't apply to the issue the OP is having but as with anything BMW, I don't trust a word the service agents say unless they prove it by let me having a look at their service screen to see for myself, so worth insisting on seeing evidence the software is up to date when serviced.
  5. NuggetsG31

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    I was 1,500 miles over the service due, my idrive stated I could continue to drive, I assume when the pad is so worn that there is a risk of caliper and disc meeting then the idrive will say you can no longer drive the car?
  6. NuggetsG31

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    I go to the bottom of it. Yes first pad change. First the BMW mechanic did a visual inspection of discs and claimed they needed changing, I disputed this and asked for them to measure as BMW spec requires. They apparently did this (out of sight) and then claimed they measured the disc thickness at 22.5mm and stated the BMW spec requires min as 22.8mm so out of spec discs. Again I disputed this and took the car away to an independent BMW specialist who I used in the past and trust. They measured the discs with micrometer in front of me and the disk thickness is consistent across both at 23.67mm (even wear) meaning they are well within specification and only pads are needed. They fitted new OEM pads for me. I then emailed the BMW service agent armed with the disc measurements (and photo evidence) asking him to explain the discrepancy in measurements which, had I accepted BMW's word for it would have resulted in costly unnecessary work. I also wanted a record of their dishonesty in case I have a future issue with returning the car (PCP) and service history so the email was a dig but also a record for the future. his reply below is a change of face from his initial advice to me that they categorically would not replace the pads without the discs being done, there was no mention of recommendations for optimum performance etc, originally he even went so far as to say discs needed replacing every 30,000 miles or so which was him doubling down on his position when I was pushing him because I didn't believe it. " With regards to the brake discs I have double checked that the minimum thickness is 22.4mm which is the absolute minimum for a replacement set of brake pads, the brake disc serviceability does specify that the pads could be replaced however we act on best advice and I would not advise pads to be fitted to discs at this point as the life and longevity of the braking system would be compromised as such advice would be given for example of a tyre measuring at 2mm, whilst this would be legal and would be accepted for further use my best advice would always be to change. We measured your brake discs at 22.5mm using a calibrated brake Vernier gauge hence my advice" So in my opinion the BMW service agent just lied about the condition of the discs to try and extract more money and got found out, and is now claiming in his email that his position was actually based on ensuring optimum braking performance, despite the specification stating pads can be fitted to discs where the disc is on or above 22.4mm. this means discs at around 60,000 miles which is what I would be expecting consistent with previous experience.
  7. NuggetsG31

    BMW Display Key - Save some money!

    hi all, I didn't know where to put this topic so I put it under Projects, apologies to the moderators if this is the wrong location. Predictably I belted the screen on the display key that came with my car, cracking the LCD rendering it useless, BMW wanted over £400 for a replacement key which was steep for what it is. I looked around and functioning smart keys are available on ebay but they may need reprogramming, they start at £150 + cost of reprogramming (if possible) so that was the most likely option to go until I did a bit more research and a bit of luck. An alternative I came across was to source a OEM display key from ebay for £32, it was disabled meaning it would show the data from the car but would not start or lock/unlock the car. The chap who sells them can be found on ebay by his username videogamesmademebuyit . The keys are original OEM keys and I believe the chap selling them works for a parts dept at BMW. As shown in the video the display key is formed of two halves, front and rear covers, the screen and buttons are bonded to the front cover so any display key can be used as long as it's the same version (obvious) and the screen and buttons work on it. I followed the video (link below) and simply replaced the screen and button half of the key, I used a mobile phone case removal set although you only need a plastic wedges (like a guitar pick) to separate the halves, a small tork driver and a pair of tweezers to dismantle and reassemble. The key now works perfectly, as new and all for £32 and 15 minutes of my time and avoids profiteering by BMW who will only sell a complete key despite it being clearly a serviceable item if you could get the parts. Hopefully this thread saves you a bit of money if your key suffers a cracked screen or malfunctioning buttons. If you have any questions, happy to try and help just post below.
  8. NuggetsG31

    Changing Rear Brake Pads

    Hi All, My G31 has covered 33,000 miles from new and brake wear indicator on the rears has come up. Took it to BMW today expecting a new set of pads to be fitted, only to be told rear discs need changing too (currently 22.5mm, minimum is 22.4mm) BMW want over £650, and tried to push me in to a decision with a 20min time limit only to then tell me they couldn't do the work today anyway. Suspicious to say the least. A BMW indy specialist using OEM parts will charge £499 including service history/reset in the idrive so taking it there and probably changing garages for future servicing too. I usually expect discs at around 60,000 miles on a BMW in keeping with my other BMW's, has anyone else had rear discs changed at around 30,000+ miles? Cheers Chris