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  1. 123jaye


    The arms look OK, a bit rusty. I can push the frames on to the windscreen but when I start driving they seem to come blow up a little bit lol I might try those wipers that have been recommended.
  2. 123jaye


    I have a 525d,and it came with a set of those aero wiper blades. It missed out a whole section of the windscreen at the driver side so I bought another pair and they do the same thing. Quite difficult to see in the rain lol. I bought a set of those clips off ebay to put standard blades back on it. Its slightly better but still ain't the best. The full length of the blade doesn't seem to touch the windscreen. Is there any other solutions?
  3. 123jaye

    Steering wheel wobble

    Thanks for the replies, I ll Check the wheel nuts and bushes. Sounds like it could be one of those problems that will take a while to find.
  4. 123jaye

    Steering wheel wobble

    Hi, everytime I get up to 70mph I've got a slight wobble in the steering wheel, also when braking it's got a slight shudder. Anyone have any ideas what it could be? It's had new discs, I bought a set of turbines for it, wheels were checked before tyres went on them. Thanks in advance
  5. 123jaye


    Thanks folk. That's exactly what I needed to know.
  6. 123jaye


    Thanks for the replies. I ll give that go. I found one from a 525d so I ll just buy it. But that makes a lot of sense as I've just had a wheel bearing done too.
  7. 123jaye


    Hi, I'm new to the forum was hoping to ask some advice...... I need a rear left drive shaft for my 525d. I was hoping to get one from a breakers, does it matter if it comes off a manual or automatic? Does it have do be the same model? My e39 is a manual. Any help would be much appreciated.