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  1. AvoidLamposts

    F11 rear bumper removal to fix faulty PDC

    Thanks Mike. Was that fairly accessible? Start from the bottom rivets then some clips higher up?
  2. AvoidLamposts

    F11 rear bumper removal to fix faulty PDC

    Thanks guys! I will attempt it this weekend if the weather is good up in Bonny Scotland. Shame they removed bmw tis. It was a godsend for info.
  3. AvoidLamposts

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I gave up and left that one off. Should have used my noggin like you though. It was getting cold and after 15 mins on that 1 screw i gave up. 3 out of 4 ain't bad.
  4. Afternoon folks. So I've had a look on YouTube but haven't really seen a video guide for anyone removing the rear bumper of an F11. Mine is a 2013 520D (post LCI?) for reference. The left centre PDC is showing as a fault on BimmerLink which completely disables the whole system. I can clear it and all is good until i select reverse again. So i managed to get a brand new OEM one painted to my a89 blue colour from Ebay for £27 delivered, which was an absolute scoop seeing as BMW wanted £189 when i called up John Clark in Aberdeen last month. So has anyone on here removed the bumper themselves and have any advice? Or is there a guide online that I've missed somewhere? Thanks everyone.
  5. AvoidLamposts

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Evening guys and gals. Took the F11 for her first MOT under my ownership today . She passed with advisories for a windscreen chip (which happened the day I bought her) and rear brakes ( will wait for the brake service warning). Delighted is an understatement, as the rear was recently slammed until I self fitted a new compressor. I also recently discovered (thanks to this forum) that I was missing the boot floor raising piston. OEM order from eBay to the rescue at £11.50. I’ve owned her since December 19, haha. Managed to fit a new boot floor handle mechanism also, after the old one snapped in my hand. Probably something to do with not having the piston above. £37.33 was the cheapest out there from the John Clark BMW dealership in Aberdeen. Happy driving
  6. AvoidLamposts

    Increased battery discharge

    My F11 was doing this for most of January and Feb also, but I gave it a good 55 mile drive today to work and back and no warnings or notices to charge that battery now. Result! It had sat at my house pretty much unused since December. Original battery and 63 reg. Also passed the MOT today with flying colours. She’s a good old girl.
  7. AvoidLamposts

    Brake judder at speed

    I had this terribly after the car sat unused during lockdown (were absolutely fine beforehand, grrr). Bugged me for a about a month afterward as I tried to self diagnose , I thought it was possibly my rear brakes (looked rough after lack of lockdown use) or the front suspension play after seeing it suggested on lots of forums. Took it to my local garage who’s co-owner is a big BMW fan/long time owner and he instantly said front brakes. Changed the front discs and pads and no more issues. 2 months later all is still good. Hope it’s a simple fix for you bud.
  8. That makes sense. I’ve got some of those cable types for my phone charger. Much neater and more robust. Cheers. Damn. Will need to have a think then. I had terrible Dab interference with an aftermarket stereo and camera combination on my old E91. Don’t want to get any in this car. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. Looking for reverse/rear coverage also. Thoughts on this wiring connection option? Cheers.
  10. Looking to do this for my F11 now. Looking for a suitable model off Amazon now.
  11. AvoidLamposts

    F10 / F11 Maps Update

    Andy, what screen size, head unit do you have? Bmw connected drive website is saying my car is not supported with the latest maps. I have the 6.5inch cic business I think, mid 2013 never been updated. Just wondering if an eBay download would actually work. I have sent the seller the question anyway. Thanks.
  12. AvoidLamposts

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    ^^^ Pahhahhah! Luckily I decided to phone up just on the off-chance there were any recalls on my model, f11. Saw on a Facebook group about an f10 on fire on the M62. Only owned it since Christmas so will be interesting to see what John Clark BMW suggest I need this time. On my e91 for a previous recall they wanted to skin me nearly £2000. Think I authorised £500 that time.
  13. AvoidLamposts

    Apple car play in F10/F11’s

    I’ve managed to code in Enhanced Bluetooth using Bimmercode so I’m happy enough for now with my original oem setup.
  14. AvoidLamposts

    Professional carbon cleaning

    Hi guys. I can get a Terraclean near me for £129. I’ve got a 2013 f11 on 97000. Only owned it for 2 and a half months, so I don’t really know if it’s down in power, or slow to change gear as I’ve got nothing to compare it too. Worth a punt?
  15. AvoidLamposts

    520d msport touring water in battery tray

    Hi guys. I also have this issue with my 2013 F11. Just spent a few hours drying out the battery compartment this evening. One of my modules had moisture on the wires by the connection but no sign of any electrical faults so far thankfully. Any firm ideas where it’s coming from? Noticed that the air vent section below the fuse box on the right of the boot area is basically open to the elements if you look at it from under the car.