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  1. Finnm5e28

    In tank pump

    Thanks for all the feed back I was looking at the air tex but was unsure that it would fit and I did not want to waste the money as I had to buy new tank as well.
  2. Finnm5e28

    In tank pump

    I can’t find one for love or money I looked on OEM got the correct part number but no luck. its a VDO unit I have emailed them to see if they can help .
  3. Finnm5e28

    In tank pump

    Hi guys I just enquiring has anyone got any ideas where I can get this pump for my m5. I have tried all the German company’s but they are telling me it’s NLA.Any advisements would be appreciated.
  4. Finnm5e28

    Whats the worst car you have seen all WEEK!!!

    It’s on eBay if you want a closer look!!
  5. Finnm5e28


    M5 for sale on eBay if any ones looking?
  6. Finnm5e28

    Whats the worst car you have seen all WEEK!!!

    How about this beauty!!
  7. Finnm5e28

    Headlight wipers

    Hi guys just an update I managed to snag a pair from eBay the link styles5 sent so thanks a lot my care has its eyebrows back!!
  8. Finnm5e28

    1980s car stereos

    I have a pioneer kex 900 with graphic equaliser I love it but I only have the radio on I did not realise you can get pre loaded cassettes I’m now off to eBay.
  9. Finnm5e28

    Headlight wipers

    Thanks guys I’m in the process of refurbing my front light assemblies and wash wipe system and i stepped on the passenger side wiper and then shut the garage door and cried and had a tantrum.
  10. Finnm5e28

    Headlight wipers

    Thanks for response is timms a shop??
  11. Finnm5e28

    Headlight wipers

    Has anyone got any spare headlight wipers by any chance.
  12. Finnm5e28

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to you all!