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    Bmw 520d F11 / e39 530i Sport Touring Gearbox Problem currently off road :(

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  1. Just had Mot pass with no advisories
  2. bestdj

    Rear right door leak

    Have a good read here mate there is all sorts of leaks reported and solutions
  3. Go for terminator Hid they sell them on ebay! All you need is adapter for Hid bulb to fit in place and drill hole in the headlight bulbs cover to get wires through simple job and effect is amazing
  4. You serious? Since when? Is it full lockdown?
  5. Don't waste your time with led go for Hid instead you won't be disappointed
  6. bestdj

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    When did you buy this car?
  7. bestdj

    MOT + Catless Downpipe

    Good to know that
  8. bestdj

    Opinions needed for brake

    Just ordered brembo mate but thanks for info
  9. Not just Scottish they everywhere
  10. bestdj

    Brembo brake pad sensor?

    Paid £410 for discs and pads and brembo sensors £25.39 thats with delivery
  11. Just bought full set brembo discs and pads from autodoc just a question is there brembo wear sensor? Never heard of one but they got one listed I always used pagid
  12. Both front and rear with sensors please