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  1. Lord Farquad

    Michelin Problems

    I’ve moved to non RFT Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3s on my G31 on staggered 19’s. They’re noticeably more supple than the RFT versions, quieter and offer good grip wet and dry. I’m normally a Pirelli guy but these suit the G31 really well.
  2. Lord Farquad

    Diesel Additives

    I’ve used BMWs own diesel additive a few times in my F11 525d, 530d, F25 30d and once in my G31 520d. After buying a used car, not knowing how often it was found short runs, or after prolonged periods of short runs in my ownership. Running it through a tank, mainly on longer runs, seemed to clean the engine through. Whilst mpg dropped slightly during that tank it rose noticeably afterwards. The engines also ran slightly smoother. I believe their additive is a treatment rather than a regular use type thing. I certainly wouldn’t bother using it very regularly. It’s not very expensive and a tin does a wide variety of tank sizes (45-75l). I generally tried to use it at the stronger end of the spectrum (working out roughly how much fuel was left in the tank to ensure it was 45-50l). As for the premium vs standard fuel debate, I found my old 2008 Honda CRV reacted well to premium, the mpg would increase enough to make it cost neutral. But my 20d/30d’s don’t seem to increase mpg using it. They’re definitely smoother/quieter, but that’s it. I therefore use decent quality standard stuff (from Shell mainly).
  3. Lord Farquad

    Looking to buy a G30 touring (G31)

    I own a 520d but drive 530ds in work. Around town I get 43 to 53mpg in the 20d with around 60mpg on a motorway. For single occupant, unloaded performance the 20d is adequate. But any significant load blunts the performance. The 30ds can be economical but only once warm. Short town drives yield 30mpg but this rises to 38 when warm. On a run you can 55mpg. The performance from the 30d is effortless regardless of load. Xdrive does aid in poorer weather but can be temperamental in regards tyres and wear. You will need to keep all 4 at a similar tread depth. I personally prefer rwd and find all season tyres make a rwd quite good in poor weather. But I don’t tow, if I did then xdrive could be useful. I would definitely look for adaptive suspension, sports seats with lumbar, upgraded adaptive lights too. HUD would be good.
  4. Lord Farquad

    Retrofit Towbar

    2nd for a new detachable Towbar. Very happy with mine.
  5. Lord Farquad

    Front pads

    The Brembos are fine. No obvious difference in performance and they’re less dusty (so less wheel cleaning needed). In fact the brakes seem stronger, but that’s probably due to getting the new pads.
  6. Lord Farquad

    Stupid, stupid!

    Sorry, it’s been 2 years since I set up mine. They must have moved on since then.
  7. Lord Farquad

    Stupid, stupid!

    I thought that to enable any connected features you had to pair a phone to the car? I recall during setup of the app, having to be in the car and getting a security PIN via iDrive. I don’t think the car would pair without being able to do this (so you couldn’t just log in via a colleagues phone one day). I also think the GPS locater only works if you’re within a short distance (Mile or so) of the car. It’s a feature to help you find where you parked, not a full tracker. If it was a full tracker they’d charge you a lot more!
  8. Lord Farquad

    Front pads

    Yes, independent. It was in the main dealer for the EGR check and they stated 80% worn pads. It probably could’ve done closer to 50k if I’d waited. But I just decided to get them done. I’ve used brembos on previous BMWs and found them less dusty but just as effective. So I bought the pads and had them fitted locally. Previously I’ve done the pads on other BMWs myself, but for £80 I couldn’t face the current cold weather, so happily paid my local independent.
  9. Lord Farquad

    Front pads

    My G31 520d managed 40,000 on its original pads, they were 80% worn. Just replaced them with Brembos which appear to produce less dust. You may find BMW Main Dealers are quoting pads & discs (they don’t like to do just pads, even if the discs are within spec). All in fitted for front & rear pads + sensors was £220 fitted for me.
  10. Lord Farquad

    Frozen iDrive

    Hopefully it won’t happen again, but if it does, press and hold the volume/power button until the system resets (about 30sec if I remember correctly).
  11. Lord Farquad

    Uneven Rear Tyre wear

    I would suggest that is normal tyre wear for a large BMW, set up correctly. These are are set up with significant camber to aid handling. If you regularly have the rear of the car loaded (boot or rear passengers) this will increase the tyre wear significantly. Uneven tyre wear is not uncommon on modern vehicles and if it’s symmetrical (which this appears to be) it’ll be set up rather than a fault.
  12. Lord Farquad

    Non RFT tyre pressures G31

    After much annoyance I finally got the non RFT tyres fitted today. I must say, after a short test drive over familiar roads the difference is noticeable. Given I’ve literally changed from RFT to non RFT versions of the same tyres, I can state that the new tyres improved the ride and tyre noise. If I had to quantify it, I’d suggest a good 20% improvement in ride quality.
  13. Lord Farquad

    Non RFT tyre pressures G31

    I’d have happily gone for the 5’s given the good reviews. Sadly they’re not available in my sizes. So 3’s will have to suffice. Annoyingly I went to get them fitted on Friday to find the warehouse had sent 2 RFT and 2 non RFTs! Paperwork was correct, just a picking error. So hopefully it’ll be sorted on Tuesday now, once the couriers sort the right tyres.
  14. Lord Farquad

    Engine stutter G31 520d

    Hi, I have a 2017 G31 520d with about 38,000 miles. For the past 3 months I noticed a stutter whilst cold. Until the engine reached temperature, at around 1400-1500 rpm, the engine would stutter badly on light throttle load. It gradually got worse and felt like very bad fuel or similar. It got so bad that negotiating roundabouts or junctions when cold became a gamble, would the car bog down or pull? No engine lights or error messages in iDrive. It would do the same in all engine modes but only if driven gently. If you pushed on from cold the higher revs kept it away from the issue. My main dealer had it in once and couldn’t find any issue. I’m convinced they only did workshop checks and didn’t drive it. Anyway after a near miss last week I called and got serious with them and they had it in overnight. During a test drive it demonstrated the issue and they diagnosed an issue with the EGR Valve. Replaced under warranty and it’s now driving smoothly and correctly. I wanted to add it to the forum in case others get similar symptoms. The lack of an error or warning message isn’t great!
  15. Lord Farquad

    Non RFT tyre pressures G31

    I’ve stuck with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3’s. Just not RFTs. Ordered off BlackCircles with fitting this Friday. I’ll let you know if there’s much difference.