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  1. Lord Farquad

    Non RFT tyre pressures G31

    After much annoyance I finally got the non RFT tyres fitted today. I must say, after a short test drive over familiar roads the difference is noticeable. Given I’ve literally changed from RFT to non RFT versions of the same tyres, I can state that the new tyres improved the ride and tyre noise. If I had to quantify it, I’d suggest a good 20% improvement in ride quality.
  2. Lord Farquad

    Non RFT tyre pressures G31

    I’d have happily gone for the 5’s given the good reviews. Sadly they’re not available in my sizes. So 3’s will have to suffice. Annoyingly I went to get them fitted on Friday to find the warehouse had sent 2 RFT and 2 non RFTs! Paperwork was correct, just a picking error. So hopefully it’ll be sorted on Tuesday now, once the couriers sort the right tyres.
  3. Lord Farquad

    Engine stutter G31 520d

    Hi, I have a 2017 G31 520d with about 38,000 miles. For the past 3 months I noticed a stutter whilst cold. Until the engine reached temperature, at around 1400-1500 rpm, the engine would stutter badly on light throttle load. It gradually got worse and felt like very bad fuel or similar. It got so bad that negotiating roundabouts or junctions when cold became a gamble, would the car bog down or pull? No engine lights or error messages in iDrive. It would do the same in all engine modes but only if driven gently. If you pushed on from cold the higher revs kept it away from the issue. My main dealer had it in once and couldn’t find any issue. I’m convinced they only did workshop checks and didn’t drive it. Anyway after a near miss last week I called and got serious with them and they had it in overnight. During a test drive it demonstrated the issue and they diagnosed an issue with the EGR Valve. Replaced under warranty and it’s now driving smoothly and correctly. I wanted to add it to the forum in case others get similar symptoms. The lack of an error or warning message isn’t great!
  4. Lord Farquad

    Non RFT tyre pressures G31

    I’ve stuck with Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3’s. Just not RFTs. Ordered off BlackCircles with fitting this Friday. I’ll let you know if there’s much difference.
  5. Lord Farquad

    Non RFT tyre pressures G31

    That’s what I did last time. But I always wondered if the difference in side wall support meant I should had more/less pressure in the non RFT. I’ll stick with the standard pressures and see what difference it makes. Both sets are XL Reinforced anyway.
  6. Lord Farquad

    Non RFT tyre pressures G31

    Having suffered a puncture to the shoulder of a rear tyre, I’ve decided to move all 4 to non RFTs. Did this on my last X3 and it gave a nicer ride. Plus they’re vastly cheaper! Anyone know if the tyre pressures should be different to the RFTs? Or do you just run the recommended ones? I have a staggered set up: 245/40/R19 98Y 275/35/R19 100Y
  7. Lord Farquad

    Strange Water Leak From G31

    I agree that’s a reasonable amount of condensation water. I’ve seen far worse. You didn’t let people EAT in your car????
  8. Lord Farquad

    My Dilemma

    Having moved from an F11 525d (3.0 6 cyl) and F11 530d (3.0 6cyl) to a G31 520d 4cyl I do notice a slight difference in refinement. But it is minimal. The low speed acceleration is very similar and the quicker warm up of the smaller engine aids cabin heating and economy. The modern “20” range of engines are pretty quick compared to “30s” from 10 years ago. Unless you really want the performance I’d value spec over power. However the 5 series range is pretty well equipped as standard. Might be worth considering what options your getting in addition and if they really will make a noticeable difference in your driving life....
  9. Lord Farquad

    TPMS: aftermarket v OEM

    My last set of winter wheels (X3) had no tpms, iDrive would give me a “bing” warning on start up, and leave a yellow warning triangle active. But it wasn’t as annoying as I expected. Just check the tyre pressures regularly.
  10. Lord Farquad

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    It’s going to be a couple more years before I change, maybe the look will grow on me. I do admit that the more I see it, the less silly it looks. Equally the more I see car interiors becoming digital, the more I miss the E46 era......
  11. Lord Farquad

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    I quite like the digital dash on my 17’ G31. I’m not convinced by the pictures I’ve seen of the latest ones, mainly because of the shape of the Rev counter/Speedo. Does it offer a more “traditional round dial” option?
  12. Lord Farquad

    Brakes Upgrade

    A Police spec 330d touring does eat a set of pads/discs every 4-6000 miles, and officers do notice some brake fade during prolonged high speed use. But honestly, the SE setup is quite adequate and brings them down from 150mph repeatedly. As a biker I’ve grown up with calliper, brake line and pad compound changes. Mostly to give better initial bite. I’ve never bothered in a car, but I can completely understand you wanting it to meet your expectations.
  13. Lord Farquad

    Brakes Upgrade

    It’s worth mentioning that most Police traffic units use standard BMW SE spec brake setups. And they’re driving about as hard as one would deem prudent on the Queens highway!
  14. Lord Farquad

    Brakes Upgrade

    I changed to Brembo pads on my last X3 30d and noticed much better initial bite and way less dust on the wheels. I wouldn’t pay £3k for a brake upgrade without a) testing a standard 520 to check yours feels the same b) trying a car with M Sport brakes to ensure it meets your needs, and probably c) trying a set of higher spec pads, which would only be £100 from Eurocarparts, plus a couple of hours to fit (yourself).
  15. Lord Farquad

    strange noise and horrendous tyre wear

    If you google xdrive tyre wear you’ll see a long history of strange tyre wear and drivetrain issues. After suffering a strange vibration on my last X3 after a change to Pirelli P Zeros I just traded out into a rwd G31. Smaller wheel set ups seem to work easier, but staggered set ups on 19s and over seem to attract issues. Luckily I live on the coast where snow is so uncommon I don’t NEED xdrive. Winter tyres are better. I prefer the feel of the rwd cars anyway. Sadly BMW seem intent on only selling the more powerful models with xdrive, which seems to be getting more common.