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  1. Lord Farquad

    Astounding economy!

    43mpg from a 540i is good. I had an E91 335i and it struggled to 33mpg on a motorway run. It was 23mpg around town. But it sounded awesome and went like stink!
  2. Lord Farquad

    Astounding economy!

    My 520d G31 averages 48-53 around town and 59mpg on the odd traffic free commute (from cold), 16 miles through a city centre. I’ve managed 69 on a gentle motorway cruise. The 30d’s are always good on a long journey, once up to temp they’re very efficient and long geared. I miss my old F11 530d, but my driving really suits the 20d fine.
  3. Lord Farquad

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    It’s a fine looking car the G31
  4. Lord Farquad

    F90 wheels on G30 ?

    Sorry, didn’t know that.
  5. Lord Farquad

    F90 wheels on G30 ?

    Didn’t BMW change the stud pattern from the F (and older) generation to the G’s? I’m sure they’ve gone to an Audi pattern. It’s meant my old winter wheel package won’t fit the G31 model.
  6. Lord Farquad

    New Windscreen Time

    Be firm with the windscreen company and demand a genuine BMW screen. They’ll argue that whatever shit they’re offering is “the same spec”. Which is rubbish. These cars need the right glass, and the insurance should cover genuine parts. I had a replacement in my old F11, first one was awful, it had distortion if you looked through the sides! I made them refit a genuine screen. Even then they struggled with the auto wiper sensor calibration.
  7. Lord Farquad

    G31 Brake Wear

    Modern BMWs rely heavily on brakes for stability. They’re constantly making small adjustments to the car with minute actions. Then when it’s wet they keep the discs dry by small applications. The estates/suvs wear more than the saloons due to the extra weight and taller structures. A very hard driven car (police etc) will needs pads/discs every 6-9000 miles.
  8. Lord Farquad

    Map update

    It’ll pause if you turn the car off then resume when you get back in. I plugged mine in one morning and with my combined commute to and from work it uploaded (despite 12hrs sat idle in the middle).
  9. Lord Farquad

    xDrive handling characteristics

    Yes, physics is physics. What’s surprised me is that I expected it to handle like a traditional BMW rear drive. But it seemed to do the exact opposite to what I was trying to do. It was in sport mode, not sports+. I’ve not had the pleasure of a skid pan with an xDrive. Has anybody? If so did you try it in different chassis modes?
  10. Lord Farquad

    xDrive handling characteristics

    Maybe. So as it lost rear grip it’s shifted power forwards (causing understeer). The subsequent oversteer was more of an issue, I’m quite comfortable in an oversteer usually, but this time the car seemed to tuck and pull left. Very counter intuitive.
  11. Lord Farquad

    xDrive handling characteristics

    Hi, I was in an xDrive in the motorway, negotiating a left hand corner. The car ran over some light gravel and began to gently drift wide (under steering). Because of this it entered deeper gravel and began to oversteer as the rear let go. I started to correct, steering into the slide, but it seemed to pull me towards the near side in an uncorrectable way. What was the ESP, xDrive etc doing? It seemed to do the opposite to a rear wheel drive car?
  12. Lord Farquad

    Active Grill

    I’m guessing these clever shutters will be failing a lot over the life of the cars. Might invest in shares of the manufacturers.
  13. Lord Farquad

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    Worked great, 70% on the way in to work. Shut down for 11hrs. Started straight away and finished the update on the homeward journey.
  14. Lord Farquad

    2020-2 maps now available on Download Manager

    Anyone had to shut the car down mid usb download? My commute is only 30 min. If I plug it in for the morning run, will it resume (if not completed) for the evening one home? I’m keen not to corrupt the bugger!
  15. Lord Farquad

    Active Grill

    Thinking back they also changed a sensor in the engine. So the CEL could’ve been that. But open top shutter when cold is definitely broken. If you’re in warranty get it fixed, if not, maybe consider leaving it? It’s only thermal management, so the car performs 99%, just warms up slower really. Mine was 2 years old when it went. The dealer had the parts in stock, they’re rust common a failure apparently.