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  1. chilliblu

    DAB radio ensembles missing

    I have tried a factory reset and i am in a good reception area. This seemed to have the effect of losing all stations except BBC. I think its back to the dealers with the car.
  2. chilliblu

    DAB radio ensembles missing

    Hi All I have 2019 530e and the DAB radio loses signal all the time. I have tried to retune but normally on DAB you have an option to chose all ensembles which gives you options for national stations etc. This option seems to have dissapeared??? Any idea how to force the radio to retune to look for all available stations? At the moment the only stations I seem to pick up are BBC. I have tried to set stations to automatically retune but no difference. Anybody elae had this? know how to force a re-tune for area?
  3. Hi All New to forum so hello and I could do with some help. Just bought 2019 530e and I was trying the drive settings for the electric power. I set the battery control mode to 60% to save some battery for when I got off the motorway. As i was driving along the battery indicator got down to the 60% level and instead of it just flicking into solely petrol mode the radio and sat nav died. The screen just went blank and the radio turned off? The only way I could get it back was to put the drive mode back to auto e-drive. It did not effect the dash display just the sat nav and radio. Anyone else had this? a software glitch?