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  1. Haha true. I don't have enough experience, or personally time to afford on it. Plus it's our only car.. It's all peace of mind in my head.
  2. Just renewed my warranty. Went for £250 excess this time one the £100. Thought I'd mix it up lol.
  3. I doubt it. Lol they won't be thinking of that.
  4. Skynet5

    Establishing emergency call

    Sounds like a faulty switch stuck in closed. I wonder if there is a fuse for it, that you could pull and see if if it stops.
  5. They can repair? I've had two on the edge of my runflats over the last couple years. Made be sick to replace half worn tyres.
  6. Brake fluid change at the stealer. £73. Their courtesy video of the inspection of my car suggested all was ok.
  7. Skynet5

    2015 i-Drive nav rebooting

    You might be better off not doing this and simply getting a droid unit fitted it you can? You'll also get rid of the impending 3g issue, if you're planning to keep it longer that is.
  8. Skynet5

    Screen in F10?

    Worth considering 3g switch off. I'll upgrade it next year to a droid unit probably. Pretty bad that be they used 3g on this unit until the end of production. Should have switched years ago.
  9. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Same. Lol. I need to look for a spring claw. If you have one you can recommend please share a link. My dad has one but it's a bit too big.
  10. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I put the endescope down the other month and noticed it had some dirt in there. Took the grommet panel off and gave it a good clean. In a month I'll be digging leaves out from the areas below the hinges. Not worth doing yet as I park next to a tree that will dump a lot of leaves over the next few weeks.
  11. Probably fail its MOT. Get it sorted immediately. Sounds all a bit melodramatic maybe, but it isn't.
  12. If it's dry this weekend I'm gonna suck the leaves out from under the bonnet hinges lol
  13. Took my car above 85ish (per Speedo reading, accidently of course) and noticed a fair amount of front tyre noise. Car felt solid. No vibration. Just comes on at that speed. I've recently (4 weeks a go) changed the front tires to Goodyear excellence RFTs. I noticed they had fitted 98y. So pretty solid side walls. My rears are the same, but I think 96y. I did the years in Feb I think. Could be bearings, but it defo wasn't doing it before the tire change, and only just had the open road to hit that speed (by mistake of course ) I'm booked in for a brake fluid change, and want them to check this other noise (scratching mentioned on another thread) so might see what BMW say. I imagine this sort of investigation is a pain. But they can at least get it on the ramp and confirm bearings are good.
  14. Skynet5

    High pitch scrapping noise

    None mate. I'll get it checked. Some people can't even hear it, as it's quite high pitched. Only notice it with windows down and running on streets close to other things.
  15. When windows are down and streets are narrow, giving sound reflection, I hear a highish pitch scrapping noise. I brake and it changes sound. Comes from both sides, I think. I think it's done it since I bought the car almost 2 years ago. Forgot to mention it when it went into a service last November. Easy to forgot as you cannot hear it with the windows up. What could it be? Feels like something rubbing a little and needs adjustment around the brake area.
  16. Skynet5

    High pitch scrapping noise

    Yeah. I've got an brake fluid change due November. Will get inspection then. Hardly driven any where. Pads got loads of meat on.
  17. Whats does DO NOT DRAG mean?
  18. Skynet5

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    I just love everything about mine. M sport 66 520d. No particular major upgrades. Probably just the pro nav and speaker upgrades. I bought the rubber mats all round and for the boot. In 19 inch wheels and space Gray metallic it looks like the best car in the car park. Period.
  19. Skynet5

    Metal Ping/Ting noise from rear

    Nail in the tyre? You can hear them on rotation often. Like a ticking noise, even if the head is off and it's just the nail shaft exposed.
  20. I'm going to double check this later. As I'm sure I decided that the rocker also removes the top gear and the car changes gear even later. Even if you have moved the transmission into sport. I rarely use the rocker tbh. But I do knock the stick left to get a bit more ability to over take and also stop the engine stop-start. I drive a peasant 520d.
  21. Fixed. Much better. Just pulled it and refitted. Guy didn't turn the caps on the lower windshield cowl, took me awhile to realise why it seemed loose. Had to finish the job with my 5mm hex. Lol
  22. So they inspected today. Not much resistance, none actually. They are replacing it tomorrow. Mental that such a small thing can happen but actually warrant a completely new screen being fitted. I think the guy will be sure to put the windshield rubber on nice and straight and not leave too much overhang.
  23. Ok so the part is 51317203121. They included that in the listing of the work. Auto glass SKU is 2459ASMST. It is attached to the back of the windscreen and looks attached perfectly in line, it's just the rubber pulls back a fraction. So the fix would be for them to pull the windscreen and start again by the looks of it. I presume with a chance of it looking the same still. Update: Called. Someone from their warranty department will call back on 24hrs. Interestingly the lady, without prompting, said it's purely cosmetic, but we will get warranty on the case. I suspect for her to say this, it is a frequent complaint.
  24. I'll email autoglass. It's obviously a weather seal that act as a barrier to the seal that the windscreen is stuck to. It still makes contact to the roof, but the leading edge doesn't sit tight against the roof. Its more cosmetic I would say, but water has a way. Update: further research suggests this isnt integral to the windscreen installation and it to stop debris building up in the groove. I've gently pushed one side in a bit and fixed it, the other side isn't moving though. I wonder if it is even new. Doesn't look to be.