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  1. Skynet5

    Washer jet adjustment

    I remember them. Had them on my vw polo 92 plate.
  2. Gotcha. Hope all works out for the best.
  3. You sold your car?
  4. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    We do have this thread though. It's what brought me to the forum I think. I love my grommet.
  5. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    All cars are basically LHD, until they whack a hole in on the right and cover the original one of the left. Production line efficiency.
  6. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Correct. It flows both ways down from the windscreen. Routes are: 1. To the grommet area, which flows then through a hole to the well area under the hinge. 2. Straight down to the well under the hinge. That's why cleaning the grommet area and modding it as you have done helps lots. Unless you keep the escape flaps very clear in the hinge well and the connecting hole.
  7. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Endoscope just followed one of the paths water takes from the windscreen. Straight down from above inline where the grommet is.
  8. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    You need to check drainage holes. Mine were actually closed, so even without leaf build up they didn't really drain.
  9. Skynet5

    Knocking pulse

    I think its always been on but set to 21c. So perhaps the AC for the first time has properly kicked in? Only notice it when the engine has auto stopped. B47. Auto. I went out before and didn't feel it to be fair, so perhaps its just the AC getting use to running again. Shall report back any news. That link I mentioned seemed very similar. Someone mentioned flaps sticking? I need it to happen again and get under the bonnet whilst it's doing it!
  10. Skynet5

    Knocking pulse

    Looks relevant. https://www.bmw-sg.com/forums/threads/knocking-sound-coming-from-aircon.70530/
  11. Skynet5

    Knocking pulse

    Noticed a "pulse" every second or two whilst holding my gear stick with start stop active. Turning off the air con and it went away. Strange. There is a knocking sound too, not too loud at all but is enough to make the car pulse a little. I use the word pulse as the movement is akin to what you feel when you check your pulse. Any ideas? Perhaps the compressor for the aircon I guess.
  12. Skynet5

    f11 egr valve diy

    Maybe. But defo double check this one. I'm pretty sure you need to retract and calibrate through ISTA. No practical knowledge myself, just what I've read.
  13. Skynet5

    Battery top-up

    I think the car locks, but the alarm doesn't arm if the bonnet is completely shut. If you then shut the bonnet the lights flash, as if you normally lock the car. That i presume means the alarm is armed.
  14. Skynet5

    Oil on block paving removal

    Why oh why do we not have a photo!
  15. Skynet5

    Battery top-up

    Went to pick up a curry from the local tonight. Said it would be a while and so chose to wait in the car. For the first time I actually used the dvd player. Watched a bit of my fav film as a teenager. Kickboxer! No comments please How long can you watch a movie for I wonder whilst ignition on, but engine off? Does the car have smarts to tell (or force) me to stop watching, as the battery is getting too low to start the engine?