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  1. Skynet5

    Bluetooth diagnostics

    Yeah. Confusing how much they seem to be able to charge. Bt and bimmertool for me. Anything more than that I'd just get a foxtel.
  2. Skynet5

    Genuine bmw screen wash

    The trick I understand is to ensure you clean out the tank and jets with a tank of plain water before switching brand. Personally for £20 quid and how much I use my car I stick with the original. If I was going through it though I'd look for cheaper.
  3. Me too. Front rear and boot. Awesome. Even better the drivers side had a crease and it had some thinness to it. They sent me out a complete new set of fronts and said keep the others.
  4. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    But the holes are for draining water on the outside of the barrier. If water is coming out from the door card then the barrier is definitely breached. This is exactly what I had, pull the card and it flows out. You need to pull card off. Sit in car with door shut and have someone spray water at the door.
  5. Skynet5

    BMW Warranty Latest Costs

    Figured I'd do it for the year and see how I feel about it come the next. It is a tad rich for my liking.
  6. Skynet5

    F10 door corrosion

    Good news.
  7. Skynet5

    BMW Warranty Latest Costs

    Hence my continued worrying...
  8. Skynet5

    BMW Warranty Latest Costs

    Signed up. Did the 100£ excess option. Guess I can sleep at night other than worrying about my grommet, other water seals and exhaust system lol
  9. Skynet5

    F10 door corrosion

    I have a similar door to your first picture. It's like the metal is grooved in that area. Not sure if it's an issue, but I've taken a photo to monitor. Your other two don't look good though. What is a rust warranty?
  10. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    This definitely requires a bi-annual check, along with frequent checks of leaf build up under the bonnet hinges when the leaves drop. I shove an endoscope down and check. Also the panel you remove. Put a groove in it to give another escape route for water.
  11. Skynet5

    2015 520D vs 2016 530D

    Well it's my first language and to be honest I think it was ME that misread what you said! Apologies. I agree AUC wins out for me.
  12. Skynet5

    2015 520D vs 2016 530D

    Tbf I think it's 15k for the 520d or 18k + his car so around 5k difference.
  13. Skynet5

    2015 520D vs 2016 530D

    Engine aside, as we all know which one is better, whether you care is personal preference. Consider AUC warranty and feature spec. I'd want a BMW warranty which you can buy anyway. Phone them up and find out how much. I'd want HK audio at least with big screen, rear camera. That my minimum and that's what I have.
  14. Skynet5

    Playing Video through Idrive

    I've often wondered this. Some of mentioned their kids watching a video. Hmm.
  15. Skynet5

    BMW Warranty Latest Costs

    I'm on 18.5k going into the 5year. Can I opt to go monthly on renewal? I see the big thing about monthly is the price doesn't go up after the 60k mark... I'm looking at comprehensive with 250 excess and happy to pay annually, and will only hit 60k in probably 4 years time. Maybe that's so far off its not worth worrying about doing monthly now and paying the 15% more. Also if I let it lapse, does it automatically increase. Need to do it tonight otherwise!