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  1. And now you have a friend
  2. I think the HK system is pretty damn good. I have tinnitus and TMD from a virus last year, so unfortunately I can't turn it up, but the sound quality is amazing. Similar to the experience when I first bought Shure in ear monitors. I heard stuff I never heard in tracks before. It's unlikely I would buy any other headphones again. I'm sure B&O is even better, but I don't spend my long in my car. I need to get more flac on my usb. But I prefer the larger choice fitting on my 64gb.
  3. This morning I treated my wheels to bilt hamber. My goodness that stuff is amazing. I bought an ez detail wheel brush at vast expense too. I've not had a nice car for 6 years (sorry 06 civic, I do miss you, and you did well carrying our child around), so starting to get into this cleaning your car at the weekend fun.
  4. Skynet5

    Spider in rear light

    You should have just given it a name. Do you not have anything else to do? Lol
  5. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    So true. Shame. For the price we should be felt to feel like royalty, especially if bought from within thenetwork. Lol
  6. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Why does that pipe exist. So confused.
  7. Skynet5

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    Man, that sucks.
  8. Skynet5

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    I had my valve done recently. Not sure if cooler was replaced, hard to see, but looks newish. Gonna get my endoscope out and see. Hopefully a new cooler should be fine.
  9. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    @Hemmy700 stupid question. Do you ask the dealer? Or is there just a website to order it from?
  10. Skynet5

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    What car you driving? What age? I've just checked, nothing. But I think that means nothing as well. They have clearly addressed this recall in tranches rather than just say, yeah they could all fail and burn your family alive. So we need to repair all cars.
  11. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    When do BMW offer us a free oil change for those inconvenienced by this? They must be embarrassed right?
  12. Skynet5

    Day time running light flicker

    It's all about timing. Refresh of camera vs lights, and depending on light, stutter speed/fps. They can be in sync, or out of sync. I would completely ignore the cctv and only check with eye.
  13. Skynet5

    Day time running light flicker

    Think the file is missing an extension so can't watch easily on my phone. Likely to do with the refresh rate and hz of the cctvin contrast to the light. Quite typical. Even more so with led lighting. If it looks fine to the eye directly. It's fine.
  14. Skynet5

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    @mikeohope welcome to the club
  15. Skynet5

    Fresh wave of EGR coolers

    Interesting. Does your vin come up on the bmw recall page now?