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  1. Aftab azad

    Bmw N53

    Hi there everyone need help please I have owned my BMW e93 N53 for nearly 2 years trouble free until today. unfortunately gone into limp mode no response to accelerator and engine spluttering code I am getting is P10A5 I would appreciate some advice thanks again
  2. Aftab azad

    Strange Noise - Advise Please.

    Thank you for the quick reply i will definitely look into that and book the car at my nearest dealership once again I really appreciate your help and have a lovely da
  3. Aftab azad

    Strange Noise - Advise Please.

    Hi there i have a exact noise coming from the passenger footwell which I recently purchased a BMW E93 325i (2008) N53 beautiful to driver unfortunately the sound is annoying. Thank you for your input gentlemen, I was really getting worried even my local garage mechanic was having difficulty in diagnosing the problem. Should I have the fuel pipes replaced or should I not bother Any input would be greatly appreciated Aftab