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  1. FLX

    where’s the Battery

    As McFar says theres usually a jumper terminal in the engine bay under a red plastic cover for easy access if it's boot mounted, saves you digging out the trim.
  2. This beasty was parked at the local garage for a while, presumably getting some work - an 840Ci. I love the staggered style 5's on it. Got a set tucked away for a rainy day, a bargain from the old days of ebay where it was a different experience - I made a good chunk back selling the rear tyres. I wanted to put them on the E46 but life got in the way, I don't think they would suit the E60 M-sport so I'll maybe use them as a coffee table for now.
  3. FLX

    535d No Boost at all...

    I wonder if in that miscommunication it the DPF was mapped out and left physically on the car, now it's blocked without the communication to regen it? Just an idea, I don't know how the mapping out the DPF goes! Fuel pump starting to go bad? Blocked filter? I wonder if you would see a code up for these though.
  4. Very clean finish to the wheel, I think I might get a set for the summer wheels. I've had fun with the engine cover too, dropped one of the cap screws down the side of the engine! Knocked the undertray a couple of times and it came out of hiding with the aid of a magnet.
  5. FLX

    Tyre pressures

    You shouldn't need to top them up too regularly. Have a visual around the backs of them for cracks and that the valves aren't perishing by giving it a bend - if it's very badly degraded it may burst off so do it slowly and have a spare wheel handy. More than likely some light corrosion forming around the bead. You can get the wheel and tyre removed, loose flakes and corrosion cleaned off and then coated with bead-sealer if they're in bad shape, I'd advise balancing them again too. You could also consider a refurb if the rest of the wheel is starting to look rough, the tyres will seal without any trouble then, any damage can be repaired and the car will look fresh again.
  6. That's a nice colour, sometimes I wish I'd have waited for an E61 when I see them! From memory the socket is different on my E46, I'll try and remember to get a pic tomorrow. It might be worth getting right underneath and seeing if there are any stickers or stamps identifying it. My next thought would be to unbolt the socket and check that, it should be easy to fabricate a solution but I know not everyone has access to tools. If you rang a towbar specialist they might be of more help.
  7. My E46 has a concealed tow bar as well, it's made by Westfalia. Had a quick look and this one could be a potential solution though it's a different manufacturer, the fitting looks different to mine. If you could get detailed pics of your towbar socket I'll get pics of my setup - worth a shot to identify it even though it's a different model. Oil I went for Castrol 5W/30 C3 Magnatec (LL04), took a little over 8L when I done mine. EGR was pretty caked at 133k. I'm needing to pull the intake and check my swirl flaps too. It had been running with a failed thermostat which wouldn't have helped either - worth checking yours is getting up to temp using the hidden menu.
  8. FLX

    Rattle can spraying body panels/parts

    +1 for the wet and dry, be light with the coats and patient between them. I find dust particles and insects can be a problem so be wary of where you're working and leaving it, you could set up a temporary booth with some light plastic sheeting taped up. Dampen the floor so you don't kick up dust. A mask might not be a bad idea given the situation, look after yourself!
  9. FLX

    World class bodgery

    If you have any trouble after all of that have a look at the lower steering joint, I had the guibo wear on my E46 and it was horrible to drive when it started to go - very vague and wandery at speed. I'm needing to have a look for shocks too, the front's aren't leaking but it can be bouncy.
  10. I'll echo that sentiment, that's a great job on the interior max. It's cool to see the heated rear seats and the switches, I'd never seen the cig lighter panels with them on.
  11. FLX

    M57 Intake Manifold

    Have another look at the fiche, it should have a fitted quantity - it looks like your suspicions are right and there should be 7. Without knowing or seeing the setup I'd take a look at the starter too, that gap doesn't seem intentional.
  12. FLX

    Autophix 7910 obd 2 scanner

    I'd heard mixed reviews for Carly, lots of positive ones until they moved to a subscription based service - shame as it would have been a good option.
  13. FLX

    World class bodgery

    It's a good job you caught it, wouldn't have liked to subject that alloy to a lot of force. You do wonder about previous owners sometimes, whether it's been them or their trusted 'local mechanic' whos maybe not as great as they think (cheap =/= good). Did you notice any change in tracking?
  14. FLX

    Autophix 7910 obd 2 scanner

    I'm curious myself, had peake scanners for the E46 but needing something a bit more complex for the E60. I'm hesitant to buy a laptop just for scanning the car - I'd use my desktop but I'd need an awfully long cable! Curious if any coding could be carried out with it or if it's scan/reset only - I wouldn't coding an AUX port in at some point.
  15. FLX

    World class bodgery

    Reduce, reuse, recycle taken too far! I have the same job to do on mine but I didn't want to get wet today