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  1. FLX

    Half an E60

    Crazy, they just went and cut that space saver and jack kit in half... I suppose its a shame about the rest of the car too mind you! Very cool to see though.
  2. Yeah I've noticed there's more to it than the E46, means more things to go wrong but it does feel like more of a luxurious car. I do my own maintenance so the upkeep is a bit lighter on the wallet, I'm in it for the long haul so don't mind spending a bit on good parts if they will last. Todays annoyance isn't strictly on the car, I stopped short of removing the old fuel filter just to do a quick comparison then noticed the replacement filter had been dropped It would have probably straightened out fine but I exchanged it to save myself any hassle.
  3. This is going to sound like a scrapper, I've just recently got the car and have a few things to look in to! - Engine shuts down on stop very abruptly with a bit of a shake, it has a bit of a general light vibration felt through the car and wheel on running. Possible engine mount? Vibration damper? DMF? It's my first diesel so I don't know if I'm just being paranoid since they are a bit clunkier. - Key fob distance and poor radio reception, guessing this is due to the perished rear window seal allowing moisture near the diversity aerial. Changing seal tomorrow. - PDC Fault - don't know where to start on this, think I'll need to get a laptop and INPA to diagnose. I'd like to see if there's anything else needing attention too. - Aesthetically: A few stonechips, flaky passenger mirror mount, faded parcel shelf and headlight covers dulled - I bought a kit to refresh them so I'll check the front PDC sensors while I have the lights out. - Last but not least - having to use CD's again as I've not worked out connecting my ipod/phone. The iDrive screen has a few dead pixels so it's a good excuse to get an upgrade.
  4. FLX

    PDC 05 330i No sensors working :(

    Page 82 of the owners manual states you can turn them on manually, suppose it could come in handy being able to turn them on for the front sensors. I've got a fault with mine too so I'll see if they make noise as well.
  5. FLX

    Parts enquiry

    Hi, paid by paypal and it just dawned on me I forgot to mark it as a gift payment - let me know the fees and I will send the remainder. Thanks
  6. I agree the carpets look better, I just thought the rubber mats might be a better option coming into the winter here - more muck to drag about too.
  7. FLX

    I'm gonna miss my E46

    Thanks. It's been the favourite of my cars so far which is why I kept it so long. Was into VW's before, also had an E36 318is before the 328. I've got a few jobs to do on it that I can take my time with before selling it now, hopefully the E60 will strike the same chord (or else!)
  8. FLX

    Parts enquiry

    Hi, looking for a quote on a couple of bits please - 51317027916 Rear window seal - 25117896886 Msport 6spd gear knob - 51479117174 Anthracite velour mats set - Can you quote with and without this included as I'm guessing they are expensive. Next one shows as discontinued but thought I might ask incase you might know of any old stock: - 51470429230 Anthracite rubber mats front Thanks
  9. Looking for decent rubber mats - had a search and any previous mention of them was that the OEM rubber mats were a great option. Unfortunately RealOEM lists the front pair - 51470429230 Anthracite RHD - as no longer available. I prefer the OEM moulded style as opposed to the ones that have been trimmed from a sheet then had the edges finished, not a fan of the chequer plate material. Had a fruitless look around but if anyone knows of a place I could get some it'd be appreciated.
  10. FLX

    I'm gonna miss my E46

    Hey all, just thought I'd pop in here to introduce myself. Spent the last 8+ years and ~70k miles with a '99 328Ci (see attached). It's done me very well but I took a notion for a change and had a rough idea of what I wanted - another manual BMW with little to no rust. Fancied an E34 but I decided I'd likely enjoy something a little more modern. Looked at some E39's but thought the interior was a bit too similar in style to the E46, being of a similar era. Settled on looking for an E60 - bought a 55 plate 530d manual M Sport. See you around