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  1. FLX

    Driveshafts anyone used these

    Hopefully won't be too long before things are back to some sort of normality, whatever that may be! I would have a look at the centre support bearing based on what you're saying. You tend to hear them knock when accelerating when the rubber surround fails but this video shows the noise when the bearing itself starts to go, different car but same deal. It would make sense that it's difficult to pinpoint from front to rear as it sits roughly under the armrest, it's also one of the weaker points in the drive train so more prone to giving in than the diff or gearbox for example. It's tucked away under a heat shield above the exhaust so you would need to remove these to replicate the video but it's one of the cheaper part to replace and rule out. Given the age of the car If you're considering replacing it you might as well do the flex disc (giubo) while you have the prop off, it's also made of rubber so it's likely to be showing some signs of wear. If you're doing it yourself mark where the bearing housing sits on the body (a sharpie will do) as you have to preload it a little when refitting, this will help you put it back to where it was. Then before you split the prop shaft mark it with tip-ex at either side of the middle CV joint beside the CSB so it goes back into the same spline, they are balanced in the factory and you need to keep it on the same alignment or you will end up with vibration. I replaced the bolts on the giubo when I did mine, some aftermarket ones come with them as a kit. I didn't replace the bolts going in to the diff, I gave them a small dab of loctite.
  2. FLX

    Driveshafts anyone used these

    Unfortunately I have to limit contact (family member does care work) otherwise I'd be happy to help! At what speeds does it make the noise and roughly where from? Does braking, accelerating, decelerating make any difference or is it constant? There's only so many moving bits so it should be easy to narrow down.
  3. FLX

    PDC Fault Diagnosis (Guide)

    Hi, I had PDC failure on mine that was a blown transistor in the module as Winther described earlier in the thread. It's easy to check, pop the box open and have a look. It brought my PDC back to life though I still have issues with a few of the sensors, been meaning to have another look but not got round to it yet.
  4. FLX

    Driveshafts anyone used these

    They don't seem to get a good review on google, I'd be wary at that price too. They are the same on both sides, though there are differences in diameters between the models. If you're getting used ones just search with the part number as they're the same on the 7 series as well IIRC, you should get more to buy from. Have a good look at the the threads on the ends as they're easily damaged if the nut wasn't properly removed. If you do decide to change them I would recommend doing the wheel bearings while you're in there. I'm fairly local to Inverness so can loan you the tool to pull the driveshaft back through the hub if you're going to DIY it. Even with very clean splines I wrecked a new bearing without it, it's a really tight fit.
  5. Thanks, the photo makes it look a lot better than it actually is though my single bucket wash would probably raise a few eyebrows too, keep forgetting to pick up another one.
  6. FLX

    Clank jolt

    I don't know enough about the auto boxes on these but it does sound like more of a drivetrain clunk - if you've had a code up for it too it does suggest the problem may lie there. I had a quick google out of interest, this thread points to it being a software issue with 2007/2008 cars. Hopefully that might shine some light on the issue.
  7. @Keliuss Thanks, they're the radial/concave Style 32 that was an option on the E6X. I'm a big fan of the 32's in the flat and dished versions as well.
  8. FLX

    Clank jolt

    Is it an auto or manual? If you could us get a short video of the noise, should make it easier to identify.
  9. Also removed my winter wheels and gave it a wash. Need a clay bar, theres a lot of crap on the paint so I didn't get too engrossed. First time I've had these wheels on the car as well, they're pretty rough up close so I'll get a refurb on them next winter. Front tyres are run flats, those will be going ASAP as the handling is not nice.
  10. FLX

    E60 Trims

    I'll need to make a change to the order as follows: 51477898821 51477898822 51477898823 51477898824 51439143459 35211158290 (x4) - 2 extra added 35306761031 12427789231 also required Thanks again
  11. FLX

    Glow plug errors

    Temps have been low here so I wanted to look at the glow plug errors. in the morning it takes a few extra revolutions to kick into life, then will be rough for about 3 seconds with a light puff of smoke and then runs fine straight after. If I start it later in the day it has no trouble so it does seem to be a lack of pre-heating. I replaced the glow plug module within the last few months with a Beru item as I had faults for 5 of the glow plugs originally. I had issues with my laptop so didn't get a chance to see if the codes were cleared, it was warmer then so it was still starting OK. I'm now getting errors for the 6 of them. Checked the cable from the alternator>module. No burning visible and was showing ~14.8V at idle, so power is getting up to that point. I took the cable off completely and tried to squeeze the connection terminal at the module end a little closer together but it's pretty flimsy so it could still be the issue. Other than removing the intake and checking the resistance on each glow plug and for continuity through the wiring, is there any other checks to make? The engine will be warm where I'm checking it (I won't be ), what sort of resistance am I looking for?
  12. FLX

    Tesla drivers, new level of stupidity....

    Doesn't look like it's on winter tyres, not sure they'd have helped here though. Not keen on driving in Glasgow at the best of times never mind in that weather!
  13. FLX

    E60 Trims

    Hello again, looking for a quote on these: 51477898821 51477898822 51477898823 51477898824 51439143459 35211158290 (x2) 35306761031 Thanks
  14. FLX

    Crank pulley wobble

    I've not done the main pulley on mine but I was a little surprised at how easy you can turn it over by hand, too used to fiddling with higher compression N/A petrol motors. That said, after I did the belt, idlers and water pump on mine I found the A/C stretch belt was a bit difficult to get back on without the right tool. I ended up disconnecting the cam sensor and giving the start button a quick push to get a quick birl on it.
  15. That's pretty cool @ger - it's left me wondering where you fill the PAS reservoir on the 535d though! I thought they would have used the same setup as the 530d with it being based on the same block, obviously not Really interesting to think about how 3D printing will evolve too, it has a massive potential.