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  1. Hi all, New to the forum and need a bit of technical help with my '98 E39 Alpina B10 Touring. I have a Dynavin N6 installed but I want to restore the high OBC functions (mainly dash clock) by reconnecting a MID either in the glovebox or the boot but it’s not been straight forward... At some point my B10 had a mark IV sat nav (badly) retrofitted in place of a MID. I’ve removed most of the units (they got pretty noisy over bumps) but the loom remains in place. I found what looks like the MID 10 pin connector in the dash but when connected it only displays phone functions, it’s just blank when trying the clock or “BC” button. I had a little luck when I connected the old sat Nav display and nav unit back in (to the 2 10 pin connectors behind the dash) as this gave me a clock but the nav wouldn’t turn on so I had no way of changing the time. I'm assuming that there must be a way of wiring a MID into this harness (I think it only needs about 5 wires) and it piggy-backing the clock functions. Any ideas??