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  1. However I did receive my order from AutoDoc Germany consisting of new ATE rear disks, a set or rear ceramic pads and new wear sensor all at a 27% discount on listed price. I believe ATE are an OEM supplier to BMW. I know that there has been some negative comments regarding AutoDoc, this is the third time I've used them without issue. The parts were ordered on 29th July and arrived today (1 week delivery) so bearing this in mind not too bad a timescale. The parts delivered were well packed and correct (no substitutions). I'll be fitting them myself ASAP but not this Friday as it's going to be scorchio hot. Mark
  2. Kersidan

    ATE Ceramic brake pads

    Correct and from my experience of the US they have long strait roads with few bends so not a great need for brakes
  3. Kersidan

    ATE Ceramic brake pads

    When I look on RealOEM for my car 5 F11 530d LCI the only option regards rear brake pads is S212A - Country specific - whatever that means. Doesn't refer to option code S102A - reinforced brakes. leading my thing that they came with the reinforced brake option as standard. This subject always leads to confusion! Mark
  4. Kersidan

    ATE Ceramic brake pads

    It's a bit of a arguable point TBH. VIN decode doesn't refer to S102A but my car 530d LCI and other models (535i for example) have 348mm dia x 36mm thick front discs. ATE refer to these as 'vehicles with reinforced brakes' whereas others have 348mm x 30mm front discs and referred to as 'non reinforced'. It's all a bit confusing. Rear brakes there doesn't seem to be any difference as RealOEM gives the same part numbers for reinforced and non reinforced Conclusion, some models have the 'reinforced brakes' as standard therefore not shown and a build option when you do a VIN decode, just my take on it. Mark
  5. Apologies if this has been covered previously. I need to fit new rear pads in the next month or so as they're down to around 3 - 5 mm according to BMW dealership yesterday. They said the discs were ok but I may just replace those as well. I'm going to use ATE pads and discs but also noticed that ATE do a ceramic pad for my 530d LCI with 'reinforced brakes'. Has anyone had experience of ceramic pads? ATE or otherwise. From what I can see they have lower noise longer life and less brake dust so might be worth the price hike. Thanks in advance. Mark
  6. Kersidan

    What brakes apply when using auto hold

    @TJS I've experienced the same issue of not being able to activate Auto Hold. Just gone and tried it, looked at the manual and couldn't get it to activate..... but then pressed the footbrake and voila you can then activate Auto Hold. Mark
  7. Kersidan

    F10 / F11 Scissor Jack

    Hi @Spera I got mine second hand off Ebay circa £125 I think. Go onto Ebay and search for BMW F10/F11 space saver wheels and loads come up. Mine is a steel wheel, I think BMW supplied ones are alloy. You can even get custom bags to put then in which saves getting other luggage covered in the inevitable muck and brake dust associated with wheels. Mark
  8. Kersidan

    F10 / F11 Scissor Jack

    I have a space saver spare wheel/tyre that spends most of its time collecting dust in the garage. However, when we go abroad (France/Spain) where some places are remote it goes in the boot with all the other luggage along with a tyre goop repair kit and a tyre plug puncture kit. A space saver is bit of a PITA but it's the only solution if your punctured in northern Spain and need to get to your next destination (all be it slowly). Hence I also always carry a BMW scissor jack. I think it's a laughable that BMW don't supply this as standard, maybe they think that everyone just uses their car for school runs or trips to the supermarket. Mark
  9. Kersidan

    F10 / F11 Scissor Jack

    My E61 530d jack works perfectly on my F11 530d. I'm sure they're the same jacks and looks suspiciously like your Mini version. It would make sense to have a 'one jack fits all' as far as BMW are concerned. Mark
  10. Kersidan

    F11 Roof Bars

    Job done! Little used Thule Wingbars off Ebay for £150. Also my sons bike carriers are Thule so they will fit. My roof box will also fit, though it's rarely used these days and sits taking up room in the garage . All we need now is for Brittany Ferries to start back up before 4th July when our crossing is booked for and we're off to our house In Brittany for a month of hard labour as we haven't been able to get there since February! Mark
  11. Kersidan

    F11 Roof Bars

    Thank you for all the advice and recommendations on this! I was going to go the cheap route but then upon your collective advice I've looked on Ebay and found a set of Thule WingBar bars secondhand that I think I'll go with. I'm just checking with my son that his bike rack will fit as these bars are 80mm wide so may require special carriers. Mark
  12. Kersidan

    F11 Roof Bars

    Good morning everyone. Does anyone have a recommendation for a set of F11 Roof Bars? I know that I can get a set of genuine BMW ones for circa £150 but I was just wondering if there are some equally good or better third party ones that are cheaper? I'm looking to fit a roof mounted cycle carrier, which I have already. Thanks in advance. Mark
  13. Kersidan

    F11 Front Discs

    Yes. Others will confirm which side. Mark
  14. Kersidan

    F11 Front Discs

    No not normally but I think all online suppliers are struggling a bit at the moment. Might be worth giving them a call before placing an order. Mark
  15. Kersidan

    F11 Front Discs

    Yes, ATE and Textar for sure maybe others. ATE and Textar are BMW OEM suppliers I believe. Look at Autodoc for availability and pricing. Mark