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  1. Kersidan

    Warped front discs F11 525d (2.0 litre) 2013

    I've come across this online company and they look interesting. Apologies if this is already widely known amongst the forum. They do a huge range of parts for BMW (OEM like ATE and Textar brake components) and other makes plus they have a rolling discount that can range up to 22%. I've checked their prices and if you buy at a decent discount they're hard to beat. Big bonus is that they list the BMW part numbers against items so that you can check and cross reference Realoem. https://www.autodoc.co.uk/ Mark
  2. Kersidan

    Led lights

    Re replacing halogen with HID, please be aware of the legalities and therefore insurance/MOT implications. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/aftermarket-hid-headlamps/aftermarket-hid-headlamps Mark
  3. Kersidan

    Best injectors cleaner

    I use Millers EcoMax Diesel dose in every tank, I don't use super Diesel as it's not readily available in France. I have also used this on a couple of occasions to great effect. https://www.archoil.com/products/ar6400-fuel-system-cleaners Mark
  4. This maybe common knowledge so apologies if I'm stating the obvious. I noticed yesterday that although my car has ambient lighting, I couldn't see it. It was dark but no lighting. So I went to the iDrive and adjusted the brightness, still no ambient lighting. Went onto Bimmercode as I had seen a module in that, that coded ambient lighting., turned that up to 70%, still no ambient lighting. I then turned my lights from manual to auto and the ambient lighting switched on. So it appears that the ambient lighting is only active when you have auto lights selected. As I say, news to me but could be common knowledge to you. Mark
  5. Kersidan

    BMW service history

    Just spoken to Dmworx and they confirmed that they have the ability to update BMW service records and update the records on the iDrive. It's a chargeable facility they have with BMW. So if you're looking at an Indie to do service work on your car then you need to as the question as to their ability to update the iDrive. Sort of makes sense. Mark
  6. Kersidan

    BMW service history

    I think it needs to be viewed in the same way as manufacturers warranties. A manufacturer can't with hold warranty claims on the basis that a car has been serviced outside of a dealer network. Provided that the providing garage is reputable and uses genuine parts. If that is the case BMW must allow them to access to update service records..... to my mind anyway. I'm going to contact my local BMW Indie (DMworx Aylesbury) and ask them specifically. I'll report back. Mark
  7. Kersidan

    BMW service history

    Maybe we need to get a few reputable BMW Independents to become forum supporters and they could share their experiences on this? As an aside, I have just moved to my F11 from a Mercedes E Class (I tend to be be a bit of a tart and float between the two marques!) With Mercedes they introduced an electronic service record system around 2010 (Xentry IIRC), this was server based and wasn't downloaded to the car, but any dealer or approved Indie could access it and print it off for an owners record. I'm sure that approved/reputable BMW Indies can also sign up for the BMW system and update cars. If not it might go against the Monopolies commission guidelines? Mark
  8. Hi everyone, I'm a relatively new owner of a F11 530d LCI 2014. Previous ownership E39 and E61 530d's. Apologies if this topic has been done a hundred times already, if so just point me in the right direction. Looking for a good diagnostic reader for my car. I've already got a Foxwell NT301 but it's not very intuitive and the only useful parameter I've got from it is ECT (engine coolant temp). I've also got ISTA but that takes a bit of getting to know and I don't drive around with my laptop all the time. I have Bimmercode so don't need anything that can do coding I'm looking for something that will give and clear fault codes, give useful info on car systems (DPF etc). My initial thoughts were to go down the Carly route? Any thoughts from you wise men? Mark
  9. That's a heafty increase! Is the drive-ability still good?
  10. Yes you can reprogram certain key features based/limited on the vehicles build spec. I haven't touched the surface yet as I only received the dongle yesterday. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VGATE-ICAR-PRO-Bluetooth-4-0-ELM327-OBD2-Car-Diagnostic-Scanner-For-Android-iOs/312517683699?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Dongle £22 ish and Bimmercode £30 ish so £50 all in is quite a good price. Mark
  11. Received my Vgate BT dongle and purchased Bimmercode Ios app and did a couple of code adjustments...... No1 - disabled Start Stop! That should hopefully help my engine live a long a pleasant life. Mark
  12. Kersidan


    Good information, thank you. Mark
  13. Kersidan


    I've been looking at front brake pads for my 530d F11. ATE brand are I believe a supplier of OEM original parts for BMW. Euro Car parts website list at £154 ish! You'll need to select ATE from the options to the right. https://www.eurocarparts.com/brake-pads Looked on Ebay at these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-ATE-Front-Brake-Pads-BMW-5-Series-F10-7-Series-F01F02/401727943965 If you scroll down to the business address of the supplier they are actually Euro Car Parts. Hmmm... Mark
  14. Kersidan

    Improving headlights

    Just a mild word of warning. When upgrading your headlights, say from Halogen to Xenon or to LED, this may be seen by your insurance company as a 'modification' to the vehicle and in some cases (Halogen to Xenon) maybe be illegal as the existing headlights do not have the correct self adjusting mechanism to prevent dazzle to oncoming traffic. This may well also be an MOT failure. I know! Before anyone says it, many see this as a safety upgrade i.e. better night time vision, I'm just pointing out some potential issues. Best to let you insurance company know of any upgrade before they try to wriggle out of a claim. Mark
  15. Kersidan

    530d F11 DIY air filter change

    Thank you CP for the write up and photos. I did my air filter the other day on my newly acquired 530d F11 2014, it was surprising how much detritus was at the bottom of the air filter housing by the 'felt' pad that you mention. This tends to fall to the bottom of the housing as you remove the old filter, worth getting the vacuum out to clear it as you don't want that going into the intake system and causing MAF problems etcetera. Mark