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  1. gm23

    Ipod Interface Retrofit Question

    Any thoughts on this?? No one???
  2. gm23

    E60 520d Idle issue

    Had rough idle and misfires on startup with my 535d m57n. Also smoking more than usual. Fault scan picked up 5 faulty glow plugs. Renewed all six and now she's back in perfect working order. You could get a cheap scanner off amazon and do it yourself. Bimmer-Tool is a good free one and if you buy the carista adapter you also get 1 month free of the carista advanced mode with manufacturer specific codes etc, afterwards, you can use the adapter with other free apps like Bimmer-Tool etc
  3. Hi, I've recently upgraded my 2006 535d with the official BMW ipod interface. As my car came with the cd changer from factory I thought this would be a simple plug and play. Installation was easy enough, the ipod connects and BMW logo is displayed, however, I cant access the ipod via idrive as all the settings are greyed out. After further research online, I've discovered that the car must be capable of playing mp3 cd's in the main unit and my car has never been able to read mp3's. I've downloaded standard tools and I'm planning on giving the mp3 coding a try. I'm quite nervous though as I've never coded before and don't want to brick something. I've watched a couple of guides on youtube but I'm confused as the 2 video's appear to use different methods to achieve the same goal. Is 1 of them wrong or is there more than one way to skin this cat. I've attached links below
  4. Tried that but it offers so many battery options I'm no further forward
  5. Hi, does anybody know the easiest way to check the last registered battery or even the the current registered batteries ah. Also does anybody know the original battery from factory fitted in a 2006 e60 535d m sport. Would this be in the manual. The current battery in the car is 90ah fitted by the local garage but it hasn't even lasted 2 years. I want to get a new battery, fit it and register it myself but don't know if I need a 90ah or 110ah as not even sure the current battery is the correct one the car is coded for.