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  1. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Polybush kits

    How are the poly bushes holding up? And is the vibration and road noise harsh for daily with the powerflex ones?
  2. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    BMW E34 525IX By howms

    Hello all, I wanted to start a thread and share my story on my E34Ix that I acquired totally by accident last year in November without seeing it or test driving it! (what could've gone wrong lol), and how I discovered that I bought an absolute lemon(that is somewhat worth saving) The story: Back in September 2019, I had saved up and then I was looking for a project car that I can use to commute and I was in the market mostly for an e30 or e36 and I would only consider an e34 and e39 under certain conditions and one day I was scrolling through an overpriced e30 and I caught a glimpse of an e34 and as I looked into it and found out it was an ix which is quite rare now especially in red, as I thought it would be a good base to put down more power or I could rwd it if I don't fancy it down the line, my biggest concern was it being a cloth interior automatic(wanted a manual) with a tired paintwork but I went for it anyway so the journey begins by paying £1.7k for the damn thing... Specsheet: Better picture coming soon
  3. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    BMW E34 525IX By howms

    Update on the thread, I've decided to keep the updates going on my Facebook page HOWMS where the journey continues along with my several other projects and updates, as I have been sorting my other platforms and threads to all in one place including my electric z3i build. Link: https://www.facebook.com/HOW1MS Contact Email: horseonwheels.ms@gmail.com Thanks for your interest
  4. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Turning a e34 into a e39

    There's a guy on Facebook, he made the front end into an e39 based on an e34, proper quality job though
  5. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Bmw e28 progress pics

    Great thread! Always fancied one of these in blue.
  6. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    BMW E34 525IX By howms

    more pictures
  7. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    BMW E34 525IX By howms

    After setting up outside which ended up parking for nearly 3 months because of the constant delays and lack of parts and tools I have managed to remove the front shock assembly and unfortunately both sides the bolt was rusted out which result in both holes need to be retapped and one broken in and I have to grind the whole bolt out even thread extractor broke on it. Eventually, I forced the strut assembly out and I had pair of them sent out to be refurbished, and with the passenger spring still in decent nick I sent that out as a template to be custom made new pairs, after waiting over well 1.5 months all the parts were ready to be installed. So while doing the front strut assembly I looked at things to do on the way and of course too many to count lol... so one of the jobs was to refurbish the front cv's because one of the cv boot has failed and another one is failing so I started off with the removal of the hub nut and it comes right off since the tabs are bent I bought some new ones for £10, and then when removing the shafts I decided to yank the hub the axle just pops out of the diff, and both came out without much issue, then the refurbishment begun by disassembly the plunger and old boots. the plunger pulls out and then it reveals the 3 bearings, they come off and there is a c clip holding the splines in and it comes out with some knocks then the boots slides out, about £165 was just on cv boots alone, then I attempted to remove the cv itself and it was stuck tight on until I made a little tool from a steel bracket welded to the hub nut and banged it and pulled it until the cv pops out, luckily everything is in good shape and I proceeded to fiddle with the ball bearings and cleaned all the old grease out, then all the old paint and rust was removed with a wire wheel and the abs ring was cleaned out with a portable sandblaster(Hoping to invest in a proper cabinet which makes life much easier), and the components were prepped for paint starting with epoxy primer, Dintrol stone chip guard then black paint finished with lacquer alternatively the cv was finished in black paint and the abs ring was finished in only lacquer to keep interference to a minimum, reassembly was quick and straightforward other than making an big mess applying the grease! Overall it came out the way I wanted and I amvery pleased with the finish and it should last another good 100,000 Miles! Updates coming soon!
  8. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Wood trim installation?

    Does the driver side glove box with wood trim bolt up to a non-wood trim setup?
  9. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    BMW E34 525IX By howms

    Hi Keliuss, I've called it a lemon because a lot of things are broken during my ownership 3 of the jacking point is crusty so is the driver rear quarter panel and need attention very soon doing passenger rear atm, the front shock absorber was bad and on the way home the front driver springs snapped! also, front cv boot began to show its age, and down the line, I found that the rear driverside spring was broken a long time ago hence the awkward ride height lol
  10. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Sills and Starter Motors

    41008181707 looks correct, regarding starter I suggest going to Bmw but I got nearly everything off eBay on my build, Have you got any photo of the car?
  11. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    525iX auto gearbox cable help for a new member

    I do want to do a manual swap on my automatic ix, didn't know ix cables are different from normal ones or side sensitive
  12. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Wheels for a E34 Ix?

    Hi everyone, so I was thinking of a wheel upgrade from the standard style 6 without scraping anything or eating the wheel bearings, and I can't have staggered due to the nature of the Awd setup and apparently there are some drivetrain similarities between the e46 and e34. So any wheel recommendations for an e34Ix? And recently I have seen a bobert 16x9j et50 a style 21 reps non-stagered 17x8j et20 and a set of style 66 what would I need to do to make it fit? Thanks all
  13. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Wheels for a E34 Ix?

    Had a look through my wheel options I found some Ac Schnitzer type 3 17inch 8.5j Et43 and hopefully these would be nice for summer uses. The bottlecaps looks alright I guess aha
  14. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Hello, New owner of a E34 525IX Automatic AWD

    Just recently won an auction and got hold of a 525ix everything happened within 3 days, I am quite pleased when we drove it home with no issues but a minor vibration when braking, it would be better if it was a manual though Can anyone tell me the rarity of this beemer? thanks
  15. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Hello, New owner of a E34 525IX Automatic AWD

    yes, the system exists in 2 generations with quite a few difference with gen 1 having a separate control unit for the electromagnetic semi-wet multi-plate clutch disc at the transfer bod and rear diff, also have a special modified abs unit with production going from 91' to end of 93' and Gen 2 has Abs asc/t and the electromagnetic semi-wet multi-plate clutch disc is only in the transfer box and not in the diff (open diff), traction is controlled by the rear wheel braking, lasted from the end of 93 to end of production. the parts may look similar to e36 or e30 but they are different and not interchangeable. Just want to also mention torque split is 36% front and 64% and Not 60/40 or 50/50
  16. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Wheels for a E34 Ix?

    yes ix are et54
  17. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Wheels for a E34 Ix?

    That's a really good idea, didn't think about that!
  18. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    525ix engine swap

    or if I crack the sump lol
  19. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    525ix engine swap

    I think the m50 sump will fit the m52 54 and s50 52, different oil pickup I think? yes, the shaft passes through the sump!
  20. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    525ix engine swap

    Hmm, wonder how the ix would perform with a 3.0l m54
  21. Leo aka Horse-On-Wheels_MS

    Workshop tools

    Brand and price of mig welder?