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  1. Wolfgang009

    Bmw e60 dsc issue

    Update guys fault cleared perfectly wouhou thank you for helping out. So for those having the same issue if it worked for me might work for you 1. Changed Szl Vin Number using tool32 2. Verified Dsc Vin using tool32 to make sure everything was done 3. Then using tool32 look for dsc_60pp then test_auto_codierung as I was not able to locate Lenkwinkel ausgleichen so trial and error and it worked.
  2. Wolfgang009

    Bmw e60 dsc issue

    So I tried to use winkfp but I cannot see the spdaten files that needs to be loaded. But when I use tools32 I can see that the szl the vin correspond to my car vin. This is what I did on tools32 like 2-3weeks ago so the vin is good for the szl. Now what do tou think I should do?
  3. Wolfgang009

    Bmw e60 dsc issue

    @GoNz0 so I went through ncs expert selected ehb3 and execute jod under sg_codieren then same for szl fired up inpa cleared faults and still the same. Im I doing it correctly or missing some stuff? It seems too easy and straight forward so I thing I am missing something. Inpa does not give me the option to select the szl please see attached pic. If you could assist me please as I am really struggling with this
  4. Wolfgang009

    Bmw e60 dsc issue

    Yes via winKFP my bad. So I just code the ehb3 then? I will try it just now and see how it goes then let you know. Im not used to this at all everything I do I verify online first in case the car does not switch on
  5. Wolfgang009

    Bmw e60 dsc issue

    Hi all, I am having problem with my e60 2007 525i. I have had the dsc light on sice bought and wanted to fix it. I have scanned through Inpa and get several code from szl and dsc please see attached picture. I have changed the SZl unit and coded the new vin using ncsexpert but still same issue. My question is how do you remove or deactivate the brake air flaps from the car system as they are not mounted on the car? And other question is on Ncsexpert I do not have the option to code my dsc when reading ecu the dsc just does not appear but I can read fault through inpa by going directly to chassis-dsc then read the faults. If someone could help would be greatfull I think it is a coding problem but not very familliar with ncs. Thanks
  6. Wolfgang009

    Brake air flap plausibility

    No problem thank you
  7. Wolfgang009

    Dsc fault and handbrake light on

    Hi fellows im new to the forum so sorry for asking any questions that might have already been asked but I have been looking online for some time and nothing. Since I bought the car an Bmw e60 525i the dsc light was on couples of days after the handbrake light turned to yellow while I was driving and since never went away. I have been using inpa to try and diagnose the problem the error codes I code I got were: SZL Error code Error Kind 9501 68 94C1 68 DSC Error code Error Kind 6E56. E0 6E57. E0 So the first thing I did was change the SZL sensor with exactly the same part but second hand. Input my car vin into the new (second hand ) SZL and tried to remove code and recalibrate using inpa but the codes stayed the same and I was not able to calibrate using inpa. I wanted to code the DSC module as I saw online this mist be done first but did not get the DSC module on ncsexpert. After further search some guys were saying that the dsc module codes itself and can't be messed with. I have attached the pictures of what I have been doing with the car and errors I got, dont bother about the airbag faults I had disconnected the dsc/abs module with battery connected but was able to get it right afterwards. My next step will be to disable the air brake flaps as the complete flap and duct are missing both sides and not really an issue as I am in South Africa and its not as cold as the UK. Please help me if you can I just want to get rid of these lights and know if its the module that is dead but I dont have any abs fault and both work together so I really dont know want to do thanks
  8. Wolfgang009

    Brake air flap plausibility

    Hi sorry for reviving an old post @GoNz0 could you please explain or inform me how to code them out using ncsexpert? I have been looking online but can't find anything. My email is cpi_850v@live.com thank you very much