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  1. LiamE36

    Style 32’s

    They’re still here ye. I’m in the process of trying to get some boxes for them at the moment.
  2. LiamE36

    Style 32’s

    Originally from an E38, so will fit an E39.
  3. LiamE36

    Style 32’s

    Maybe I should be asking for more then?
  4. LiamE36

    Style 32’s

    Got a set of style 32’s that I’m not going to be using anymore. 18x8 ET20 18x9 ET22 PCD - 5x120 Centre bore - 74mm (I’ve got the spigot rings somewhere to take this down to 72.5mm) There’s is the odd mark here and there but still very presentable. Currently fitted with nice faded black centre caps . No tyres. No cracks or bends. Not sure what else there is to say, anything else you need to know just give me a shout. Looking for £475. Would need to be collected from Ashford in Kent.
  5. LiamE36

    E39 Touring Rear Window Blind Set

  6. LiamE36

    E39 Touring Rear Window Blind Set

    These are still in my garage, put a bid in, what’s the worst that can happen? I say no? Try me.
  7. LiamE36

    New turbo v2!!!

    Any chance you’ve got a blocked exhaust?
  8. Got these sat in the garage, i have no use for them anymore so they’re up for sale. They came from an E39 Touring. All blinds in good condition, including quieter window blinds, all brackets and screws there aswell. Door cards aren’t the best condition but are still presentable. I was going to use my other door cards to build a mint set, most of the marks on the doors cards are just dirt. Whats in the pictures is what you get. £SOLD Need to be collected from Ashford in Kent, I doo not currently have the time to be wrapping and posting. Thanks.
  9. Basically got a set of black leather doors cards with all the blinds (and the little quarter window blinds) in my garage, in good condition. Was planning to use them but i’ve now sold that car. I just want to know what they’re roughly worth before I put them up for sale. Had a bit of a look about on here but couldn’t really find anything (although i’ve seen them come up). Any advise is appreciated.
  10. LiamE36

    E39 Front Wings...

    Bumping this up as still looking. (Unless I can sell the hole car).
  11. LiamE36

    E39 Front Wings...

    As per the title I am looking for a pair of front wings, in the correct colour (long shot I know). E39 touring 2003 Titan Silver, Paint code is 354/7 (I think?). If anyone’s got anything or knows of something please do let me know.
  12. LiamE36

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Ye and surprisingly easily, had the hole job done in about 45 minutes (did it in my lunch break with 15 minutes left to spare). The Rear door cards on the E39 are easy to get out with the door closed compared to some cars I’ve done before, massively helped by the fact that there is only one screw (interior door handle, easy to get at with door opened or closed) and the rest is just all clips.
  13. LiamE36

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    The cable from the outer door handle to the latch broke, and i had the child lock on too. Cable now replaced.
  14. LiamE36


    I’ve just had a look on their website, there’s full lists on each car of what it can do. If i buy carly am i limited to a certain number of cars or can i use it on as many cars as i like?