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  1. georgee

    19 plate headlights

    I agree totally. I've always found it easy to tell whether my headlight aim is right or not, as I've become used to where my lights shine on other cars - those ahead in traffic and those pulling out of side roads etc. I think the optional adaptive lights might be more complex to set than the standard ones though, so they might be best left to those with the right equipment. My dealer had adjusted mine down so much that it made me wonder whether they were trying to make me change my car for a new one with adaptive headlights!
  2. georgee

    19 plate headlights

    No, I wouldn’t suggest the extremes and I think 1% forward tilt is the official figure for my lights anyway. The self-levelling rear suspension on the G31 means the load shouldn’t be an issue. I suppose the point I’m making is that accurate setting is critical for range. The people operating the equipment also need to take care, as a small error in setting up can lead to a large difference in range.
  3. georgee

    19 plate headlights

    I did a bit of digging on the MOT test requirements and discovered that anything from 0.5% to 2.75% ‘forward tilt’ or dip is now allowed. With headlamps on my G31 at roughy 67cm off the ground, by my calculations (using a very helpful guide from Hella) the acceptable headlight range on the road could be anywhere between 24.4m (2.75% forward tilt) and 134m (0.5% forward tilt). Both could pass the test. The difference between a 0.5% forward tilt and a 1% forward tilt is enough to half the range from 134m to 67m. Raising the beam to the maximum allowed is therefore essential if you want decent visibility. You can’t rely on the fact that it passes the MOT as it could do this with a range of only 24.4m. So the lesson I’ve learned is to have the headlights properly set at the highest level possible within the legal MOT standards. A range of 24.4m may pass an MOT but to me it’s damn dangerous on an unlit motorway. Obviously this all assumes there is sufficient light output to reach those further ranges, which may not be the case, but I have seen personally the difference proper adjustment makes on mine. I’d still say that adaptive lights, or high beam assist at the very least, is still the way to go, but failing that I’d have someone spend time to get the range as good as it can legally be.
  4. georgee

    G31 520d

    Same here. My 530d xDrive has done a best of 56mpg on a long mainly motorway run using EcoPro. Admittedly part of it was stuck at 50mph in contra flow but otherwise 70-75mph ish. Over 21,000 miles it has averaged 38.39mpg with a worst tank of 29.1 and a best tank of 52.1. It seems to have improved gradually over that distance too. ‘Real MPG’ stats suggest there isn’t much difference between the 520d and 530d for economy. Whilst I keep track of figures for Honest John’s ‘Real MPG’ submissions, I tend not to focus on economy. I’d prefer to drive it in an enjoyable manner, safe in the knowledge that it always does about twice the mpg of my Mercedes-AMG 5.4l V8 petrol.
  5. georgee

    G31 520d

    Don’t forget to check out the Real MPG figures on Honest John’s website as you can compare mpg for different engines easily. As for other things to look out for, I would personally check out the price of tyres for any car you are considering and the availability of winter or all-season rubber if that matters to you. Many pre-reg cars have optional wheels and you can easily spend more in tyres than regular servicing each year.
  6. georgee

    19 plate headlights

    Whilst I’d definitely opt for the Icon LEDs if changing to another 5, I do find the standard LEDs are perfectly adequate when set correctly. I’ve no personal experience of F11 Xenons, but I found the LEDs on a 2018 F31 3 series loaner I recently used were noticeably worse than mine, but again it could be down to incorrect adjustment (it was Enterprise rental). Simon at Bavarian Coding can do an upgrade to Icons but it’s well over £2k as far as I remember.
  7. georgee

    G31 520d

    I agree about the stalks. Coming from an E220d to my 530d SE the stalks were one of the first things I noticed and they felt cheap in comparison to Mercedes’. However, I quickly got used to the different feel and have never thought about it again. BMW Navigation maps can be updated 4x each year, so they shouldn’t be too out of date.
  8. georgee

    19 plate headlights

    A very valid point. I agree that yours is the best advice generally and I should have stressed that. However, I had a local dealer who left my headlights pointing on the road barely 20 feet in front of my car, which was damn dangerous and virtually impossible to drive safely at anything above 20mph. As an emergency measure I adjusted them myself (as they failed to do anything to correct it despite being asked). I’ve done this numerous times over the last 32 yrs and my cars have always passed the MOT following it. I’ve always been very careful about my headlight aim and have very helpful reference points on my garage door which have proved reliable over the years. So, I agree it’s best only done by people who know what they are doing and as a temporary measure until you can get them set properly.
  9. georgee

    19 plate headlights

    Yes those look like mine which are the basic non-adaptive LEDs. If you lift the bonnet there are holes in the plastic cover above the lights and looking down into these you will see a cross-headed screw above each headlamp. They are quite deeply recessed, so you will need a fairly long screwdriver. I only needed a fairly small adjustment to raise them.
  10. georgee

    19 plate headlights

    I’ve got the basic, non-adaptive LEDs and they are easily adjustable up/down with a cross head screwdriver. My dealer dropped mine to the point where I thought they were damn dangerous. I asked them to correct them but nothing was done, so I raised them myself using my tried and tested garage door. They are now much better though no match for the adaptive/icon lights.
  11. georgee

    AirCon creaks & pops

    Take it to your dealer. I complained to my dealer and they kept denying there was a fix for it. They did, however, agree to rip it apart and put it back together again with added and updated parts (I think around the centre dash speaker) and to lubricate the parts going back. They showed me the BMW wad of 1" thick printed instructions for the 2 day job. It seems to have stopped the creaking when the aircon is cooling down the interior. However, they managed to get the ambient lighting LEDs the wrong way up and with a really annoying bright spot (apparently the LEDs 'talk' to each other so it was software causing the wrong colours top and bottom - I assumed they had mixed up the plugs). They had it back to sort this and the LED now has a couple of less bright spots (still annoying) which is apparently due to them joining 2 LED strips together behind the dashboard which overlap. I'm not happy with the result as the upper dash LED is now dimmer (except for the bright spot areas) than the LEDs in the doors, but I've seen so much of the main dealer in recent months that I'm loathed to go back again. In fact the car sometimes asks me whether I'd like to go there, as it's a frequently visited place! So, be prepared for other issues if they don't get it right. If they know what they are doing then you should be OK.
  12. georgee

    Tyre Pressures

    I have staggered 19's and I had dropped the rear pressures to about 32psi (fronts kept at the recommended 35psi) because I noticed centre tread wear on the rear tyres developing - in practice it didn't seem to help with the tread wear issue and I've now accepted that pretty much all wide tyres tend to wear more in the centres. So, I'm now running with the 35psi recommendation as I also felt the rears were wobbly at 32psi. I've heard other people on other forums say that around 40psi on the rears feels better still but as I travel alone much of the time this seems excessive. BTW I found the door card tricky to read at first glance as I had to read from two different boxes, one for each of the different sized front and rear tyres. I have 275/35 r 19 rear and 245/40 r19 front and both are definitely shown on my door card, but in different boxes. I've also noticed a significant drop in pressure which I've put down to the drop in the ambient temperatures at this time of the year.