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  1. LF-E61 52OD

    Lockdown Battery Woes

    I am from Yorkshire but ... Actually she is my work horse and I do not generally skimp. I am not sure low battery is to do with failing battery and more to do with high load when shutdown or some parasitic draw. Battery was tested several times by mechanic with load tester electronic gizmo several times and fine. I have heavy load tester thing too 11 year old battery, I would normally say wow ... just change in case but it has not let me down yet. I was not sure if they last so long with all gizmo controlling the charging. I charge up some work gear on always on 12 v socket I added in the glove box and keep the retofitted front and rear camera powered too. Recall on battery wiring was cancelled with the lockdown. When moving gear out of back to take it in, I had planned to check battery code/type to see which one to get to replace it. Job for today.
  2. LF-E61 52OD

    Lockdown Battery Woes

    How old is your battery. My 520 E61 2009 is original. I get regular low battery warnings but she always starts. I have a voodoo lithium battery pack booster starter that I carry in case it finally dies. About £40. Started lots of others with it as well as beemer when I have left things on. Solar trickle charge was something I was thinking of. I have a 10 or 20w one somewhere.
  3. Feel for you. It does seem pot luck. How many miles on engine? Were there any signs before the oil return line went and she died?
  4. LF-E61 52OD

    Bloody SOS call malfunction...

    Yes in glove box. I think connector was sort of behind and up or hard to get to ... memory fades though. Good Luck
  5. LF-E61 52OD

    New e61 owner

    I have repaired a couple of times and wished I had put in all new wires /section of loom the first time rather than putting in new pieces for the broken ones. The thick wires are worst ones.
  6. LF-E61 52OD

    Bloody SOS call malfunction...

    Hi I saw this is fault when I took cd changer out. I plugged it back into the fibre optic port and it cleared.
  7. LF-E61 52OD

    N47 Nerves...

    Been reading up on this and there seems to be some posts about just changing the top tensioner on some other BMW models with this engine as preventative. Has anybody and experience of this . Is it possible to get to it. https://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1362678
  8. LF-E61 52OD

    Wet footwell, rear driver’s side

    I had this and did the scuttle drains and the door cards checks ... still wet. Then found that windscreen that had been replaced was cause of leak. They replaced under warranty, screens are tough to fit without leaking the fitters said. Found wet above pedals which finally helped me get to root cause. Good luck
  9. LF-E61 52OD

    520D 09 195 miles what servicing

    Thanks for the input. Yep 3.2 bar not 3.7 - but it is still high. It is 2.7 when lightly loaded. Wear is always on inner edge and they camber is set at limit to try not to scuff them. Good point about diff oil as well as gear box. I will think about the gearbox and whether to have a go at it. Cleaning EGR and inlet manifolds sounds again like a good thing to do. Glow plugs seem OK on cold mornings I will do a check on the Carly and see what else is coming up and DPF is still regening and not too back pressured Do people put cleaner through the injectors on these some like "moly" Again thanks for advice.
  10. Hello, Long time lurker and recent sign up or resign up, My 09 E61 520D auto is running really well and love it. I carry a load of heavy gear for work and it copes really well. It is generally 2000 kg without me sat in it ! I am looking for suggestions as to things that need servicing that will stop her dying. As per title it is 195k miles, had for 4 years since 130 k mile. A fair number of miles are on motorways. I "think" it has been mapped to well over 200 BHP but have not had it on Dyno. She really shifts when needed and still handles sweetly. I looked at buying another E61 perhaps a 6 cylinder but I have full monty gizmo seats, electric towbar and generally trust the car. The car runs well. tax and mpg are good. Even with weight around 48 mpg at 75 to 80 mph. Wish it was M body kit but that will likely be my next one. Issues - It is on run flats and it wears inner edges on rear tyres at somewhere around 15 k miles or so.It has had 4 wheel alignment checks and was perfect. I think it may have been low tyre pressure, they do seem sensitive to this. I run about 3.7 bar in the rears I just put on some new air bags and rear break flexis on as they were showing signs of perishing. Compressor and piping all seemed fine and its inlet filter was OK. It had new turbo at 165k , but it was more of an actuator fault than really turbo failure, but it was sloppy enough that we changed it. I have not had timing chain done and do not know history apart from it was nearly all BMW history prior to me getting it. It is not giving any tell tale rattle on start up, so continue with oil changes every 10 k miles or so. Gear box has had no attention. Reading recent posts on here a full service with filters and oil or a flush is probably long, long overdue. It is a bit "rubbish" from a standing start in a line of traffic when slightly up hill, sort of hesitant but it has always been like this. I am truly amazed how little apart from servicing a breaks she has needed, Fuel filter is also always done. I have not had any injector issues. Every blue moon a injector cleaner has been added for good measure but it is supermarket diesel all the way generally. I have done nothing with DPF. It does regen, I have checked it periodically on Carly diagnostics app. Must check the temperatures of things again on it and check oil temperature. Does tend to increase oil level slightly - and run near 100 %. Must check that again and make sure it is not too high and getting diesel in or something. I have mirrors disconnected due to a clicking and battery drain when off but posted that as a separate thread.
  11. Hi, Long time reader of this forum but when I last looked I could not find anything on this one. My 2009 has a weird one. Could it be a body module fault or wire to it or do I just change mirror? Any guidance welcome When off the car it makes a sort of clicking noise from the door mirror, I think only on drivers side. Every 10 or 15 seconds from memory It was draining the battery. I say from memory as I disconnected the wire disconnected inside door card on both sides for now. It did it in summer a well as colder times. Mirrors are flip ones and they have self dimming and demisting. I am looking to replace the mirror with second hand one now as loss of heated mirror in winter is becoming a pain. They seem £75 or so on ebay. Sadly in earlier diagnostic, I bust the liquid gel filled glass when trying to pop it out, I am waiting till I spot the equivalent one before buying something.
  12. LF-E61 52OD

    N47 Nerves...

    Would heavier oil not be worse for the first start when cold as it is too thick to lubricate quickly ? I thought this was the worst case for the timing chain/tensioner and is when I was told to listen for it. My 520S 2009 is nearing 195k miles and I have had since 130k and I am not aware of chain being done. It had dealer history for most of its life till I got it 4 year ago. I have been doing oil at about 10 k miles but a far bit of what I do is on long journeys which may be better for it. Apart from turbo which was really actuator issue but was well worn nothing more than tailgate wiring issues.