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  1. IanDubE28

    Factory moonroof gasket / seal

    Hi guys anyone know if there is a specific seal / gasket for around the glass moonroof? I have factory fitted one and it’s starting to leak. thanks ian
  2. IanDubE28

    E28 Rear Premium Speaker Covers Pacific Blue

    Thanks. I’ve been searching everywhere. Can you remember roughly how much you paid? There’s only one set anywhere for sale at the moment and they are pricey. Esp with the extra duty that will be charged coming from USA.
  3. IanDubE28

    E28 Rear Premium Speaker Covers Pacific Blue

  4. IanDubE28

    Electric blind switch location

    Sorry, to clarify: can an oe manual blind be converted to electric?
  5. IanDubE28

    Electric blind switch location

    Hi all. Great info. I love these blinds. Does anyone know if electric motor can be retro fitted, and if so what’s part number ? Any info gratefully received! Ian
  6. IanDubE28

    Elec Window Troubles..

    That’s great advice thanks. I really do feel like the motors are ok. Next question : do you have to take the entire regulator out of the door? I tried to remove one, unscrewed two hex screws and the motor loosened but it would not come fully out.
  7. IanDubE28

    Elec Window Troubles..

    Yes all good there. I’ve still 2 windows that are working.
  8. IanDubE28

    Elec Window Troubles..

    Hey any ideas please. Front passenger and rear right windows are not working. I’ve tested the switches with working ones, no joy. Taken door cards off and there is 12.4v power to the switches and all the way to the motor (in front anyway). Is there something else I can check before I go buying new motors? Given drivers and rear passenger windows are working fine I assume it’s not the relay or fuses. They were both working fine. Car is very low mileage 30k and has spent a good chunk of its life laid up so it’s unlikely the motors are worn out but maybe lack of use has caused a problem. Car is 1985 528i auto SE. Thanks Ian
  9. IanDubE28

    E28 Rear Premium Speaker Covers Pacific Blue

    Thanks for the tip have posted on there as well. Ian
  10. Hi all, looking for a pair of E28 Rear Premium Speaker Covers Pacific Blue. Just need the covers, not the speakers in them. Thanks, Ian
  11. Hey guys hope everyone keeping safe and healthy. I’ve been working on a very rough idle on my 85 528i automatic, sorting leaks, cleaning valves. I’ve found my throttle cable has become very slack. There’s no more adjustment available at the engine end so I worked back, and it seems to be seated properly all the way back. I found my accelerator pedal is basically returning a bit too much, if that makes sense. There is a good 1cm play before it engages the throttle cable. Is there a bushing or linkage adjustment down there? thanks Ian
  12. IanDubE28

    E28 Central Locking Control Unit

    Part : 61311373323
  13. IanDubE28

    SOS elec help needed

    Thank you so much I really appreciate the help! Ian
  14. IanDubE28

    SOS elec help needed

    Thanks. I did as you advised and yes it works. So now back to my question. Any ideas where that wire might be going?
  15. IanDubE28

    SOS elec help needed

    Hey thanks so much for the detailed replies. I hadn’t got back to this until today. So I cannot find a relay anywhere. You can see from the photo the three wires going into the back of the dash switch. Left : Br/vi this is hot wire middle : Br is ground Right: br/vi goes to ????? When the switch is set to ON the rocker joins the left hand wire (br/vi) and the middle (Br) which is the ground. The lights come on. When the switch is set to TIMER/DOORS the rocker joins the left hand wire and the right hand wire (both Br/vi) but the lights don’t come on, with door open or closed. I cannot find where this right hand wire goes, it vanishes into the abyss and I cannot find continuity with any of the other wires in the doors or the lights. Before I go pulling entire wiring harness apart, is there anywhere else I can look for the other end of this wire? Could there be a relay somewhere else? There is continuity between the door switch and the light. I ran multi meter between the two and continuity is there when door opens and not when door is closed. Don’t you love electrics