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  1. sjb993

    Front seat belts.

    Thank you for the explanation.
  2. sjb993

    Front seat belts.

    I had a 19 plate G30 540i MSport XDrive in which the front seat belts tightened slightly when first driving off. I now have 69 plate version of the same car in which the seat belts do not tighten when first driving off. My current car is a more recent version than the previous one, and one obvious difference is that the 19 plate car had iDrive 6 and the 69 plate car has iDrive 7 Lite - maybe none tightening seat belts is another?. My car was in for its 2 year oil and micro filter change earlier this week and whilst at the dealership I queried whether the seat belts should tighten - I was told that they shouldn’t. Would someone with a pre-LCI iDrive 7 Lite equipped car please let me know whether their seat belts tighten. And, out of interest, do the seat belts in LCI versions tighten? Thanks.
  3. sjb993


    Thank you.
  4. sjb993


    If the iPhone is connected to a USB port by cable in the car, is data sent to Carplay via cable instead of wirelessly? Thanks for any answers.
  5. sjb993

    Noises when unlocking.

    Thanks for replies. I've had another look and listen - the sound seems to be coming from low down at the front of the engine. There definitely isn't any movement of the upper or lower grilles, or the headlights, so it's not any of those. It's going in for its first service in a few weeks time so I'll ask the service guys.
  6. sjb993

    Noises when unlocking.

    When I unlock my car I hear the sound of servos whirring. Would someone please let me know what the servos are doing. I guess it maybe the headlights self-levelling or something like that. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for letting us know. I’ve got OS7 “Lite” and the update worked fine - although I have had the OS7 “Lite” software update done by the dealership (i.e the one that enabled the Speed Camera App to be installed, amongst other things).
  8. sjb993

    Great - buckled wheels

    For the non-experts amongst us, including myself, how can you tell from the picture that the wheel is buckled? Thanks.
  9. sjb993

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    The problem was with the myBMW App not the ConnectedDrive App (which I also deleted a while back). The ConnectedDrive account I referred to is accessed via a Web browser. Perhaps the glitch had already been fixed when you tried the App? But thanks anyway for your response.
  10. sjb993

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    It seems to be working OK this morning. Perhaps there was a glitch at BMW.
  11. sjb993

    myBMW App - iPhone V 1.5.0

    The myBMW App on my iPhone was updated to V 1.5.0 yesterday. I just tried to use it and it seems to have lost my data. I was asked to enter my BMW ID data and then to add a vehicle. I entered the VIN as requested and was told that my vehicle is linked to another BMW ID. I have checked my Connected Drive account via the website an all seems to be in order with that. I have tried removing and reinstalling the App but that made no difference. Anyone else having problems? Thanks.
  12. sjb993


    Thanks for all the answers.
  13. sjb993


    Thanks. Yes, I know about the electronic measurement. I read that some models (the F10 530D was mentioned) have the electronic measurement and a dipstick - apparently the engine cover has to be removed to access it. I wondered whether the same was true for the G30 540i.
  14. sjb993


    Does the G30 540i have an oil dipstick? If so, where do I find it? Thanks.
  15. sjb993

    Centre speaker?

    Thanks both. Mine is definitely base audio then. I just wanted to make sure that there aren’t any magnets under the AC vent panel in the top of the dash.