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    530i M Sport Touring (G31), 430i Cabrio (F33)
  1. StratTech

    Alloy Corrosion - Warranty?

    We've just bought a 3yr old 430i cabrio and opted for the wheel and tyre insurance - £399 for three years, 19" diamond cut wheels which can be refurbed up to 5 times and up to 7 new tyres. Will, of course, require that the wheels and tyres are pristine when taking it out but might be a way forward once out of the original warranty.
  2. StratTech

    New Deliveries

    I agree. However, the issue would then be, if we consider some of the quite idiotic questions posed on a daily basis by members of the press, that someone will start asking just what is meant by "a bit". There seems to be general agreement that a 500 mile roundtrip to the Lake District might be excessive, but the question will then be asked whether two miles is OK, or five, or ten … common sense seems to have departed. And yes, if I can find a good reason to use it I will, but for now I'm obeying my 12 week purdah letter (not least because a trip to a petrol station will be required).
  3. StratTech

    New Deliveries

    "Until further notice" is what my dealer has told me. What's even more frustrating is having had the 4 series cabrio delivered on the Tuesday of the lockdown I've only been able to drive it into the garage ...
  4. StratTech

    Oh Dear - Service Due

    Glad you've got it sorted. The local dealer was buying it in from another group and had told us - on Monday - that it would be the end of the week at the earliest (collect, prep etc.). Phone call early afternoon on the Tuesday to say he had the car and could he deliver that afternoon. He confirmed that the BMW Finance had gone through - which I had only signed on the Monday - and as they pay the dealer I took the view it was down to him to sort that out. As I said, BMW very helpful on the chatline and insurance sorted out in about 10 minutes. Can't drive it, of course, which is a bit of a downer (I'm under the 12 week curfew). Lots of good deals around at present, which is how we got this one - 14K miles, well loaded. 430i replacing a 325i so I will miss the six but it was too good a deal to pass.
  5. StratTech

    Oh Dear - Service Due

    New (3 yr old) F33 delivered last Tuesday in mad rush because dealer was shutting down for two weeks at least. BMW Finance handled it all on-line very quickly and BMW car insurance I sorted out in a few minutes using the chat facility on their site. DVLA processed the tax refund on the trade-in and acknowledged the change of ownership within three days. I suggest you try the BMW on-line chat and see if that brings results. I would guess that the new reg number hasn't appeared because the dealer hasn't put it through; they had to tax the F33 on-line so I assume they have to do all this on yours.
  6. StratTech

    Keyless access break in

    The ridges shown on the pictures in the link moved (in both the F10 and G30) to inside the door handle to the rear. To lock the car you run your finger across the ridges, to unlock put your hand in the door handle. So I guess the hardware is different as the comfort access handles accommodate the necessary sensors. I keep the car keys and display key in a metal box at home, and now you have me wondering if I should carry a pouch when away from home.
  7. StratTech

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    I agree entirely! Another of those little things it would have been so easy to cover off.
  8. StratTech

    Retrofit folding rear seats

    The folding seats on the G31 are linked to a warning on the dash and the display when either seat is unlocked. Might be worth checking to see if that is the same on the G30 - it may well not matter to you if you can add release levers and catches.
  9. I spent 7 years on that programme, but only got to fly the simulator. Jaguar HUD not as sophisticated but still works well at low level high speed. Comes down to your own preferences - senior management is quite clear that she won't go along with the purchase if there is no HUD and I (of course) agree with her. It was a deal-breaker on the G31 purchase last year. I was told about the oil change (plus plugs and some filters) when we bought a 5 year old 3 series convertible; the oil looked brand new to me. It also had the full bodyshop treatment to remove scuffs on the corners and kerbed alloys, new floor mats and overall looked very smart. But you pay, of course, for the BMW AUC treatment.
  10. In which case I would look first at BMW used; the one year warranty is the same as that on a new car and (allegedly) it is serviced - oil change etc - but this is extra to the schedule and thus not recorded on the service schedule. That gives you a year with no worries to iron out any defects. We drove both the M Sport and Luxury at the time and preferred the Lux - again, a personal thing.
  11. The nav directions display in the F11 is tiny and in the binnacle, or you sacrifice some of the screen for the arrows - I now see a HUD as essential but it's difficult to find. Xenons are worthwhile, neither of us finds the sports seats comfortable so we opt for comfort seats - try before you buy! I never use the paddles, but that's my choice. What of your list are the deal breakers?
  12. We ran a F11 520d Luxury for five years and it did everything we asked; good fuel consumption and sufficient power for our needs, quiet and cruised very well at high speed on the motorway. The four will be cheaper to run than the six cylinder versions but obviously doesn't have as much power. If the extra poke is the main requirement then go for the 530d. Main issue we had was the air suspension - both air struts changed and the compressor changed, fortunately we had the extended warranty, but it still sank over an hour or so when standing and the dealer swore that was normal ... solved by changing to a G31 (530). We also had a rear brake light failure which required the whole assembly to be replaced, again under extended warranty. other than that, no problems and those weren't specific to a 520 or 530. Look for BMW service history and if you buy from a dealer you'll get a year's warranty. Choice always comes down to budget vs the overall package deal available (extras etc) so only you can decide what the deal breakers are.
  13. StratTech

    Considering new G31 lease, a few questions please

    I get to pick the model and extras, I'm told what the colour will be ... We had a Sophisto Grey F11 (she didn't like the blue on offer at the time) and it looked very good. Blue is her favourite so that's what we have on the G31, and it works well with the 20" wheels and tyres (it's actually Blue Hera Mica, but that's another story).
  14. StratTech

    Tilting wing mirror

    If you have the switch to select which mirror to adjust set to nearside that mirror won't dip - you need to select the offside mirror.