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  1. StratTech

    G31 520d

    Very reasonable point too - BMW always try and sell us their finance and it’s always at far higher rates than can be had elsewhere or by foregoing investment income. What I do dislike is that when collecting the car they always try and pitch a whole raft of other insurances - gap, alloy wheel, tyre, minor scratches - plus paint sealing/polishing and other stuff. If you took all of those you’re looking at another £3K or so.
  2. StratTech

    G31 520d

    Which is why we didn't use BMW Finance ...
  3. StratTech

    G31 520d

    it's worth looking at the BMW Used Cars as well; they have a lot of ex-BMW cars under 1 year old at good prices, generally can be recognised as pics being taken inside with curtains/screens behind. We bought a 10 month old 530i, pretty much fully loaded, for 60% of the list price. My wife's comment when we picked it up was that if the dealer had reset the odometer and passed it off as a new car we couldn't have told otherwise.
  4. StratTech

    New 520i

    We have a Blue Hera Mica G31 - beautiful colour, which changes as the angle of the light falls on it.