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  1. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    Hi all, Been a while since ive been on here - been manic at work but have got the car running perfectly now. Replaced the glow plug module and glow plugs and the lumpy cold start has gone. Some new discs as well. Also had a remap done which is fantastic, not too over the top but feels great. Also realised that the MPG indicator is under reading by 4 mpg. Next job is the gearbox service. I've got all the bits just not got the time!
  2. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    Got INPA set up and working checked error codes and cleared a couple of odd ones that I assume are old. so what else can I do with this software. Can it read live data?
  3. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    have a k-line cable on the way. What do I need to do to get the diagnostics up and running? I don’t have a windows laptop at the moment but might be able to borrow one from work. Any issue if it windows 10?
  4. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    Ok thanks. Have ordered the glow plug controller and glow plugs so will hopefully fit one night this week. car was in having the battery cable recall done today. They gave the car a full check and everything looks good apart from a cracked spring so will get that done under warranty. Picked the car up and all was fine, then drove it later in the evening and the Idrive didn’t boot up properly. Just got stuck on black screen with the clock showing in the bottom right bug with no numbers. I should have taken a picture really. I have literally no toys on the car so no nav, Bluetooth etc I restarted the car and it all came on. I’ll mention it to bmw but think it’s odd it did it the same day it came back from the battery cable recall.
  5. Tom-P

    Obd interface

    I’ve got android and bought btool pro from the App Store. That allows you to check dpf info, miles since last regen and also force regen. All for 10 quid. I connect through a v-gate I car pro obd connector from eBay. will probably get a proper cable and software soon but in the meantime the current setup is good for checking coolant temps, dpf and error codes.
  6. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    Now cleared. Did 300 miles today going down south to see family and coming back. Reminds me why I bought the car. Super smooth and could drive it all day. economy still crap though and the kickdown thing with the revs is still odd. It’s almost like a cvt but it’s not slipping as speed still rises.
  7. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    That’s good. Now have a fault code 43e2 which is throttle actuator does can only assume it’s because I unplugged it when removing. Will see if it clears itself.
  8. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    that’s thing. I’m driving like miss daisy and half the miles were on the motorway at 70-75. took the egr off. It was pretty cruddy but not the worst I’ve seen. The inlet manifold entry was also pretty gunged up so it makes me wonder what’s going on further down the inlet. Egr now cleaned and everything back together. One thing I did notice was a little pool of oil in the inlet before the egr. The car isn’t using oil but does anyone know if this is a symptom of anything else or normal? thank tom
  9. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    did you reply to the wrong thread?
  10. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    Brim to brim came back at 33 mpg compared to 31 on the obc. That included a couple of long motorway trips. planning on whipping the egr off tomorrow for a look. To be honest I’m probably just going to accept what I’m getting and get on with it.
  11. Tom-P

    MPG Difference between Pre & LCI 525d?

    I’m struggling with this too and getting almost identical figures. I’m on much lower mileage though. I’m looking at getting a hydrogen clean and cleaning up the egr and inlet manifold. If that doesn’t work then I’m just going to have to give up.
  12. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    It has. But it’s regenning fine and the ash and soot readings are ok. Performance also seems ok and no smoke.
  13. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    Thanks Paj the car is great and I really do think I should be getting better MPG. I agree with your suggestion about the airflow. I’ll have a look at the egr and see what that looks like. There is a bmw Indy near my work that does walnut blasting of inlet ports and he’s said it makes a big difference. ive run an injector test using btool and everything looks good so I don’t think it’s a fuelling issue. just waiting for a quote and will get it booked in and report back.
  14. Tom-P

    New e61 owner

    I’m going to do an old school mpg measurement and do a brim to brim mpg test. Pulling away and accelerating absolutely knackers the mpg though. Even driving like a granny isn’t great. I’ll do the glow plug module and plugs and give the egr a good clean and see if that helps. Only other thing is thinking is maf sensor but I’m not getting any fault codes. I disconnected it the other day and it made no difference to how the car drives but I just want throw parts at the car and hope it fixes it.
  15. Tom-P

    Check your scuttle drains!

    Just cleared the drivers side on mine and pushed the grommet out. Passenger side looked clear so decided to leave it. Will definitely be keeping an eye on it though.