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    528i E39 my 99
  1. France92

    E39 retrofitting, what have you done...

    si...sono Francesco, quello che deve passare a prendere il bracciolo nero ahahah!
  2. France92

    E39 retrofitting, what have you done...

    my '99 28i comes only with m-tech pack (suspension, steering wheel and gear knob) , xenon and "shadow line"... from april 2019 (when i picked it) i retrofitted oem: high cluster navigation system with MK4 computer and 4:3 screen (i like how 90's it looks, lots of buttons that light in the dark ), and BM54 electric memory leather seat with electric steering column siemens bit2 cordless telephone tv module (dvtb wip) e60 electrochromic rear mirror with homelink and "clown nose" for alarm hifi amplifier (dsp and subwoofer wip...but i know, is almost crap already...) celis tail light RLS sensor "auto" light switch not oem: parrot mki9100 (display hidden in the ashtray and mic hidden in the original phone mic mount) rear pdc (a good quality kit) amber led in the door handle and door storage compartment to do: LCM III "b" upgrade for LRS an Auto headlights 3.0 m54 cams and intake black headliner e60 short shifter its my first bmw...but i like how its easy to work on it! and in italy you dont't see much E39 anymore...especially gasolile one...
  3. France92

    bm54 repair kit and oem telephone

    I use to work with soldering iron an electronic... So this will not be a problem... I saw various video instructions of bm54 repairing... Not so difficult... But I don't know how what are the best pointz to hook the wires...I'm thinking to solder it on the old amplifier traces...
  4. hi, i'm changing my bm24 to a bm54... i get it for free, with pigtail connector...but the internal amplifier is gone (as usual)... i'm looking for a repair kit...seems an easy job...but, i've read about the lost of phone/ulf audio...and i don't want this, because i'm retrofitting the oem bit2 cordless. (not smart, i know, but i love how it looks) have any advice about the best kit to repair the bm54 wich let me keep the telephone audio? thanks!
  5. France92

    Few E39 bits for sale

    it's ok to me...let me know!
  6. France92

    Few E39 bits for sale

    hi, i'm interested on 540i calipers with carriers is shipping to italy available? thanks
  7. France92

    hi, newbie from italy!

    ahahah yeah, i know what you mean... i live in the country side, so the street are even more narrow ...but is a matter of habit. my first car wen i was 18, in the 2010, was a grand cherokee wj...then a Volvo XC90...so the E39 is "small"compared to the previous two and more easy to drive...
  8. France92

    hi, newbie from italy!

    thanks...i have just 2 pics... i primise that i will take some better photo!
  9. France92

    hi, newbie from italy!

    hi guys..., i'm francesco, from Florence, italy. i just bought a new toy, a very good conserved '99 528i ..116.000kms on the clock. i have already retrofitted high cluster, oem mk4 navi with 4:3 screen...but,as usual, is a never ending wip...you know... nice to meet you all... be patient with me, my english isn't very good...sorry