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  1. Thought it strange that the 55w kit didn't flicker!
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. The error cancellors turned up and seem to have sorted out the problem.
  3. Hi all I bought a pair of hids off ebay recommended from here, the 35w 5000k to go in my lci halogens. I initially had a 55w set that worked perfectly but they were too blue so I bought the set below https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F330789047472 They are flickering like crazy, not just on startup but all the time. Can't use them... Anyone had this? I've got a set of canbus error cancellers on route would this work? Any help would be great VID_20191119_143239.mp4
  4. Rogue_one

    520d chrome tailpipe

    I know these top covers are expensive from the stealers so For anyone interested I thought I'd share I bought a 3 series tailpipe cover off aliexpress for £13 and it fits perfectly just tidies the tailpipe up a bit .com.google.Chrome.xvXKZX
  5. Rogue_one

    M5 style fleabay bumper

    Nice! Love the look of them, I agree on an m sport it probably looks spot on, just worried it may look a bit out of place with the SE side skirts
  6. Rogue_one

    M5 style fleabay bumper

    Has anyone fitted the fleabay m5 style bumper to an SE and left the skirts and back bumper as normal? Any pics? I haven't felt the need to replace the skirts and rear bumper as I don't think they're too bad but the front end just looks wayyyy to friendly as it is! Just wondering if it will look very out of place ie it sits down too low compared.. Will no doubt end up changing all over time but for now wondering wether it looks OK. Thanks in advance!
  7. Rogue_one

    Hi I'm new!

    Thanks! I've always liked the colour too, I actually drove myself a bit insane though recently looking at m-sports but I went to see a few that were talked up a lot on their ebay listing but really quite a let down in the metal.. So decided to stick with this for a while, better the devil you know sometimes eh..
  8. Rogue_one

    Hi I'm new!

    Hello everyone, just signed up to the forum so thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Tom from Watford, I managed to save my dad's e61 520d from the scrap pile about a year ago and tidied it up some, he owned it around 8 years, it was always running extremely slow low down,and occasionally missfired around 3k , he just assumed this was how it was meant to be and drove it like this for quite some time. He wanted rid so I bought it off him (very cheap) and took if to My friend who changed the thermostat and finally the dpf can regen, its like a new car! I have recently installed leather seats, some freshly Refurbed 18's, got a front end respray and I blacked out the chrome trim with wrap. It's also had a recent clutch and full service and I'm fitting lci halogens next week and getting the windows tinted. Happy to have her now and she's running really nice.