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  1. Jasoon

    Aircon/Heater Issue

    i would have though that due to the evaporator temp being 3.6oC the aircon side of things is working
  2. Jasoon

    Aircon/Heater Issue

    With the aircon on and the engine running i had 8.34 bar and an evaporator temp of 3.6oC, outside temp of 6oC and interior temp of 16oC one thing i did try was with the heating set to cold i got ISTA to set the water control valve to 50% and there was no change in temperature, when i then requested ISTA to set the valve to 100% the temp started to rise, making me think that the valve isn't closing hense the lukewarm air.
  3. Jasoon

    E60 Heater Control Valve

    Can you let me know the price of the heater water control valve that sits on the inner wing My Cars a E60 Pre LCI with the basic heater the Reg is YC55 VUU Thanks Jason
  4. Jasoon

    Aircon/Heater Issue

    not tried that..
  5. Jasoon

    Aircon/Heater Issue

    IHKA is green with no errors, just cant see whats stopping the IHKA from asking for the cold flap to be opend when colds selected...
  6. Jasoon

    Aircon/Heater Issue

    checked everything useing ISTA cant see where the auc sensor temp reading is... When cycled operations useing ISTA with the cold air flap open 50% it got cold then but as soon as i stoped the operation the cold air flap went back to ~16 to 18%
  7. Jasoon

    Aircon/Heater Issue

    i did but all it dose on the idrive is changes the image blue for a seconed then back to white, also the heater control knob seems to overide it anyway
  8. Jasoon

    Aircon/Heater Issue

    Anyone help me out with this one... i have a pie LCI car with the basic aicon not the one with the MAX button. When i tried the aircon theres was only lukewarm air coming out, when i checked on ISTA it looked like it needed a re-gas. Had the aircon regassed and its still the same but i have noticed with the heat turned right down and the aircon on it gose cold for a second or so before going back to lukewarm. Im thinking that its ether the air mixer valve or the water valve that controld the heat not fully closing..
  9. well i fitted my new lead useing the old connecter today and it worked a treat...Thanks Guys...
  10. Jasoon

    Parts quote...

    Hi the Reg is YC55 VUU
  11. Jasoon

    Parts quote...

    Im looking for a price for the DVD navigation drive off the E60m professional navigation
  12. Jasoon

    Info wanted...

    Was wanting the usb port for charging ipads etc... the only aux port i can find is by the dsc button
  13. Jasoon

    Check your scuttle drains!

    did mine today and found it blocked.... Was going to check it anyway but when i was going to clean the rear window i noticed the footwell was wet in the driverside rear and front...
  14. Jasoon

    Info wanted...

    Just got myself a 2005 530i M Sport and i have a couple of questions that i cant seem to find answers for.... Is the Aux plug for the radio normally in the glove box? i have a aux type plug in the centre console where the parking sensor and traction control buttons are.. Is there a way code what buttons do on the remote i have one key that when you press the boot open button it puts the lights on and if you hold it in it will open the boot where as the other remote only opens the boot. Has anyone fitted usb ports to the part under the rear air vents, currently i just have a cubby hole there..
  15. Jasoon

    Hi I'm New....

    Not sure if this link will work https://share.icloud.com/photos/0FqmJrsQVDyDhDNCUnXbVw94A#Moresby