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  1. Steve P

    My E39 M5 for sale

    Price still the same?
  2. Steve P

    E34 Touring Woodie!!

    Actually looks quite a good car that.
  3. Steve P

    530i PAS reservoir cap washer

    Arrived yesterday and it was an o-ring, same as from BMW, and it doesn't fit either! I must have an odd reservoir cap or something.
  4. Steve P

    530i PAS reservoir cap washer

    That looks line a flat washer type not an o-ring, which is what I think it should be. I'll order one of those. It is the same BMW part number though. Thanks
  5. Steve P

    530i PAS reservoir cap washer

    Might give that a go Dan but as soon as you get it up to the neck of the cap and let go, it just 'pings' back down again. To me its just seems too small and wrong type of seal.
  6. Evening all I bought a new washer for the pas reservoir cap as I read somewhere (either here on Facebook group, can't remember now) that it can degrade and leak. Ordered via Ebay but from BMW UK, correct part number as per RealOem, but it doesn't fit. It's an o-ring, whereas RealOem shows more of a flat washer type seal (part no.3): At best it goes about three quarters of the way up the thread of the reservoir cap, but no more. Can't get the cap back on with it on. Hard to see in a photo but: BMW checked my VIN etc and confirm it's the right part and should fit. Am I being thick here and doing something wrong? It definitely doesn't fit. And the cap didn't seem to have a washer on at all anyway. Any thoughts? Cheers
  7. Steve P

    E39 530i touring in Tonbridge

    Yeh I thought that looked a nice car then I saw the rusty bits
  8. Steve P

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Over here in NI you have to present a clean car, including underneath, for MoT. Too dirty and they will refuse to test it.
  9. This looks stunning but at a crazy price... https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1186988 Loads more detailed pics here: https://www.seymourpope.com/used-vehicle-details/BMW-5-Series-U359/ If this was auto not manual I'd seriously be considering buying it, even at, or near to, that price. Gorgeous colour scheme and well specced. Probably a Jap import (?) although they say its a UK car.
  10. Steve P

    Which brake discs/pads?

    Priced both Mtec and ECP earlier: Mtec discs and pads all round - £212 Pagid discs and pads all round - £192 (with Frosty discount) Little difference for the Mtec ones really then, both offering free postage too. As you say Keith, nice Xmas present!
  11. Steve P

    Which brake discs/pads?

    Cheers guys. I have looked at Mtec and was surprised how reasonably priced they are, and they are made over here in NI too. Will probably go with them or Pagid whichever works out cheaper, with Pagid or Mintex pads. Just out of curiosity Dan why do you say avoid the drilled discs? They do look good.
  12. Steve P

    Which brake discs/pads?

    So I know my car will be needing new discs all round in the not too distant future. ECP has a 50% discount going on at the moment so was thinking of getting them in advance. Question is, are the Brembo discs really worth the extra or is one of the other slightly cheaper makes just as good? Same with pads, what's recommended? Thanks chaps
  13. Steve P

    E39 530D touring - low miles

    Saw that, if only it was petrol....
  14. Steve P

    E39 M5 - Looks interesting

    Saw that last night, it's on my watch list! Love the colour, not seen that on an M5 before.
  15. Steve P

    530i rocker cover gasket

    The originals were the bigger ones but the replacement ones you get now are the smaller ones, they are the correct part number and they work OK, so must just be a 'technical revision' as you put it!