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  1. Steve P

    2000 E39 530i Sport

    Saw that, it does look nice but with what needs done I'd say he's hugely optimistic with his pricing there Dan. £3-4k more realistic I think.
  2. Yes Keith, back in August.
  3. It is difficult and annoying, but as long as you had your enjoyment out of it and got the price you were after it's best to try and look forward! I had the same thing, sold mine in the summer to a guy who 'had been looking for one for ages' etc etc, it was on Ebay the same night for £1k more than he paid me with a sob story about how much he'd enjoyed owning it and was sorry to see it go, blah blah. I was annoyed at the time but resisted commenting on it although I'd have loved to. Not replaced it yet, was looking at Z4's for a good while but was a bit underwhelmed when I drove one, now looking at an M140i. Still wish I'd kept the e39 though.
  4. Steve P

    E39 530i - Jap import

    The front one is easily changed, not so sure about the back.
  5. Steve P

    E39 530i - Jap import

    Thanks for the info chaps. Must just be the angle of the photo but my boot spoiler looked further back than that (or maybe it was lol). @martin perry I'm very tempted with that but really looking for a colour other than silver! (Apologies to Dan and Keith above.) It does look a lovely car.
  6. Steve P

    E39 530i - Jap import

    I like that! Rear boot spoiler though... strange position? You import owners above... how does an import affect insurance, if at all? Thanks
  7. Steve P

    E39 528i touring

    I really like that. Worth the money IMO.
  8. Steve P

    530i to a 525i ?

    You're not getting bored with it now are you @d_a_n1979
  9. Steve P

    530i to a 525i ?

    Can't disagree with any of that chaps and I totally get the comments on condition over colour. I have an empty garage and money burning a hole in my pocket, but this is to be my 'retirement' car so I want to get one that I'll be 100% happy with, hence the temptation to hang on for a preferred colour and hopefully a 3.0i, rather than rush and buy something very nice that almost but not quite fits the bill. I'll be quite happy to do the essential maintenance (and a degree of OCD lol) whatever I get.
  10. Steve P

    530i to a 525i ?

    https://www.seymourpope.com/used-vehicle-details/BMW-5-Series-U380/ Seriously thinking about going for this... looks a very nice car (apart from the colour wouldn't be my first choice - sorry Dan!!) with low miles and a sensible price, but... coming from a 530i would a 525i feel sluggish/underpowered however you describe it? Who's downsized then?
  11. That looks a lovely car. Wish it was nearer.. I'd have it.
  12. I thought that looked nice Dan but a bit overpriced for the mileage?
  13. Steve P

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    What did you use to clear coat them with after sanding pls?
  14. Steve P

    DAB Radio - Should This Work In My E39??

    Let us know how you get on Keith. I'm tempted with one of these, it gets pretty good reviews on Amazon too.
  15. Steve P

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Finally got round to using my 3M headlight polishing kit, very pleased with the results. Really transforms the look of the front of the car.