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    2003 e39 530D
  1. Olli

    Free PDF Bentley Manual for BMW E39

    I wonder if anyone has a copy with the electrical part of the manual. Honestly been needing that too. Thank you so much captain beaky!
  2. Olli

    Stretch's 530d/S62 Sport Touring. Updated 25/10/20

    Thanks Stretch for some amazing inspiration, and lots of cool info. I was aware the car I had was rare, but it came with the full beige leather from factory, with a bunch of great features like double glazing and xenons, as well as original Alpina rims. The original owner was a German diplomat. Sadly, the last owner didn’t treat it right and now I’m left with slightly moldy door panels, a non functioning multifunction m steering wheel, pdc issues, a seized rear window bearing, rust, and a bunch of issues I can’t even begin to name. I’m afraid it’s a project and it’s taken two steps into the wallet, and thrown all the money out. Was curious about your E38 rear seat upgrade, do they fold down? Also,, since you’ve done such amazing work on your leather, how should one go about refurbishing the leather door panels, the tears are both slightly moldy, and the fronts are starting to crack and are caked with grease on the handle? option list for my 530d http://bimmer.work/vin/bf2ddb649cbb892a7a53c1c58cfa5702/