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  1. iGideon97

    Very wierd cooling issue

    Hey guys! It's been a while since i've been on this forum. But my car has a very strange issue, I cannot seem to solve. So my car is an 523i, with a 5hp18 5-spd automatic transmission, prior to this, my car was a manual 520i, we've swapped the engine, tranny etc. Note: It's the M52 based E39, not the M52TUB or M54. I don't have a secondairy waterpump on my radiator shroud, although I do have one under the heater control valves. So now the car itself is driving okay, sometimes the automatic shifts when it shouldn't (shifts at exitting roundabouts) But the problem is with my cooling system, it keeps getting air inside, and there is very little coolant flow. So the following things have been chaged/replaced: G12 Coolant Meyle HD waterpump (metal impeller) Gates thermostat, and the metal M50 thermostat housing. All new hoses (BMW mixed with gates) New radiator: Not OEM hella, or Behr, i took the Nissens one, those are (at least in our country) the better ones. The issue: My car will randomly overheat, when idling, or just slow driving, but when flooring it, it's fine, it has very little waterflow in the expansion tank. Also, every morning when i check the fluids, i notice that my cooling system hisses when I remove the radiator cap, also, I lose coolant, but no vapour from the exhaust, or water inside the cabin / footwells, the windows don't fog up. Also no water traces on the ouside of the car, or in the engine bay, it's all dry. We did a compression check with each individual cylinder, no leaks with a cold engine. Now I think, the issue is the head gasket..... Any thoughts?
  2. iGideon97

    BMW 523i manual to auto swap questions

    So if my mechanic and I hook up our laptop, and we code the cluster, the reverse light etc will work? Because with Delphi and INPA we can see the EGS giving the reverse signal etc.
  3. iGideon97

    E39 interior choices.

    Love the interiors guys I have the Light Gelb individual leather package on my 523i
  4. Hey all! So, i'm new here, since this seems to be a busy forum, compared to ours in The Netherlands. So i've gotten my hands on a mint 520i, and it was a pleasure to drive, until I drove the 523i of a friend of me, that has an automatic transmission. From that moment I knew, that I wanted an autobox also. So, a friend of me got to work, and managed to swap the M52B20, to a M52B25 with an ZF 5HP18 transmisson on it. And after some wiring fiddling, it shifts amazing, drives well, and all the functions seem to work, except: My instrument cluster does not show which gear i'm in, so I always have to look at the shifter itself, and that is a little distracting at some busy parking lots. Also, I have no reverse lights whatsoever, so i'm a little worried about my MOT next year. Also, my car does not have the steptronic transmission, it's the older style transmission shifter with PRNDS432. So to sum it up, my car / body is an manual 520i saloon, that has been swapped to a 523i. Also, cruise does not always engage until the torque converter locks up, then it works flawles (+50mph) Thanks in advance :)