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  1. Bronson

    A TIS for most BMW's

    Maybe it's been posted before. If not it may come in handy for some. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/
  2. Bronson

    Headlamps very poor

    Yep. We didn't know any different back then.
  3. Bronson

    New purchase - Very naughty boy!!

    Fair play to you, buddy. I know you said the seats were changed, but I like 'em. And a nice colour too. Plus, if you're just going to tax it for the summer months, then there will be less chances of the rust from setting it. But, if you suddenly stop posting, we'll know the missus found out. My missus doesn't mind if I get one. She knows I'm on the lookout. I already have a classic (a Ford) and tried the €56 tax today as the rules say it goes by the build date, not the reg date. The car was built in Nov 1989. But back in 1990, whoever registered it just stuck 1990 down as the build date, so will have to wait another couple of months before I can go with the cheap tax. I don't mind really as I don't drive it in the wet, so it's back in the garage under a cover for another couple of months. God speed, OP.
  4. Thanks whiskey. That solves that question for me.
  5. Early 535i automatics (88-89). Some have a cable kickdown on the throttle body, and some do not. Is that because the gearbox is different? Like, is the kickdown electronically managed in some, but mechanical in others? I assume they're all 4HP22.
  6. Bronson

    Possibly buying an E32. Looking for advice

    So had a look at the car. Turns out there were two there. A 728 E23 and a 730i E32 beside each other. They were out under the weather for the last few years. The E23 I wasn't really interested in, but the 730i did. It'd need a good clean. The owner said he has the full service history, and every receipt from new, including the bill of sale. Unfortunately, we couldn't open it, and on a day when the rain was in full swing, we decided to give it a go at the weekend. He told me it got a new head and timing chain about 4000 miles ago. I know the place where the work was done, and know it's of the best standard, done by an ex BMW mechanic. It will need recommissioning, truth be told. Things like tyres, (non metric) a windscreen because it's cracked.I know one jacking point is not good, and a strap for the fuel tank is broken, but I can put it up on a lift to inspect it fully. But as it stands, it's not looking to bad.
  7. I am to go and look at a 728i 1987 in the next couple of days. It's automatic, I'm told. The head was replaced with a new one at some stage it seems. I don't know the mileage, but seeing as it's nearly 33 years old, I'm guessing it won't be very low, although it has been off the road for the last while. How long that while is, I have to find out. Ideally I am keeping an eye out for an early 525i, but this came my way. Apart from the dreaded tin worm, what else should I be looking out for that an E32 is noted for in terms of possible problems. I'm told the car drives, but could do with a hand.The price so far is " handy money", and since it's only a handy 10 minute spin from me, I'll take a look at it. Being a 728, I assume it has an M30 engine? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  8. Wow. Small world it is. It seems to have been resting for a while.
  9. I know it's not ebay or Autotrader, but looking around the net, as one does, I stumbled across this barn find collection. In amongst the collection of 135 cars were a few BMW's. This is just two. Being barn finds you can imagine they are a little worse for wear. A J reg 520i manual https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/ncm/catalogue-id-ncm-au10227/lot-1f136d5a-8baa-4808-8316-aae90154af82 A 750 Hartage https://www.bidspotter.co.uk/en-gb/auction-catalogues/ncm/catalogue-id-ncm-au10227/lot-8e6c912b-8976-4987-bb2e-aad50101c8d0 I can safely say I've never heard of bidspotter.co.uk but I take it that it it a quiet legit auction house.
  10. Bronson

    '90 BMW E34 Alpina B3.5 / B10

    Thanks for that. I'm aware that it would have the M20 unit, and the M50 one is more robust and refined, but as I'm limited to the early versions, I'm looking at the M20. Well, to say I'm limited, a newer e34 would cost me about 2 grand more , due to the tax system here. Thank you. I've been keeping an eye out. Now my search is not exhaustive, but would it be fair to guess that a good few of the 525i 's would have "donated" their M20B25 engines for the E30 people, making the 525i's dwindle in numbers?
  11. Bronson

    Kit's E34 535i

    If you have a voltmeter, you could check if it's charging or not when running. Somewhere around 14.3 volts or so would be about right. If the battery is oldish, you'd be surprised what could drain it in the space of three weeks. Maybe a trickle charger on it or something while it's resting up?
  12. Bronson

    '90 BMW E34 Alpina B3.5 / B10

    Didn't actually know there was previous discussions on that car. Since I wasn't buying it I didn't examine it in detail, but it just goes to show you should do your homework when it comes to buying classics. Actually, a 525i auto is what I'm on the lookout for. But it'd need to be F or G reg for tax reasons.
  13. £4.99 now on the ebay site. Down from £15.99 . Still not bad. But I've checked the .ie site, as that's where I'd be getting mine and they're €2.33, down for €10.00. Someone seems to be telling some fibs
  14. I'm on the lookout for an E34 in my spare time. Saw this beauty, and would be perfect, if it wasn't waaaaaaay out of my price range. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/90-BMW-E34-Alpina-B3-5-B10/293289890572?hash=item444970930c:g:PbMAAOSw5yJdAjqz