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  1. E39wagon

    Wheel size and suspension

    Thanks Dan for that Info very helpful. So I could potentially I could get a larger set on the rear if I replaced the alloys for saloon type 17x9. What's the purpose of the staggered wheel size? better rear traction I guess. I'm sure I'll come back to this when I know what I want to get but essentially front springs and front and rear shocks and you personally recommend the sachs. Do you have you any experience with the bilsteins b6?
  2. E39wagon

    Wheel size and suspension

    Hi all Very new to the forum and e39s so have many questions. However will try to keep them all related post by post. So I have a black 2004 sport touring. Did a quick measure of my wheels and the front and backs all measure 18 x 9 (outer ede to outer edges) tyres on all four corners are 235/45 R17. So I'm asuming these alloys are actually 17 x 9 all around. Does this sound correct as I'm getting few different awnsers from Google saying should be staggered or 8 on the front 9 in the back. Just want to buy. A new set to match everything up as tyres are all different as well as looking cracked and tied in places. It's a very standard car nothing adjusted to my knowledge and very well looked after by former keepers so I'd be surprised if they changed anything from a factory. Next question is do all touring come with the air suspension in the rear this is a sport so I wasn't sure if it was only other models?, Height wise the ride seems very constant and don't see or hear any pumps kicking in. Would love to update the suspension to something adjustable - its a daily driver but would like to be able to drive it a little harder when I like. No plans to track it though and I feel its ride height is pretty good to be able to deal with daily use, speed bumps, slopes etc. Guess the overall goal with the car is to be be a little better than standard but not taking away from its original look. Totally new to e39 so please give me your honest opinions.
  3. E39wagon

    Hey old members I'm new

    Ha thanks, yeah I'll just ignore the M. Already got a few questions so I'll go have a look! Thanks
  4. E39wagon

    Hey old members I'm new

    Just ticked a bucket list got an E39 Touring 530i. M SPORT. First BMW and now I know its started something only had it two days. So far so good just waiting for the first niggle. Anyway hey all.