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  1. Black

    20 inch to 18 inch wheels on G31

    I have a 530xdrive Touring. Standard 19” wheels but also have 684 Winters. I like the look of them as well. In terms of ride I don’t notice any difference between the 18s and 19s but my car does have adaptive suspension.
  2. Black

    First MOT Today

    Nice on the refreshments. I am a year down the road from you, just had my second one. Same cost as you, £54 , but makes sense to pay a bit extra for main dealer in case any warranty discussions. Also as they just serviced it it would be an interesting conversation if there was anything identified.
  3. Black

    Appreciating Asset?

    Have noticed my 530d G31 xdrive go up over 3k in value on webuyanycar since December. With doing so few miles now it has certainly pushed back my change date by at least a year. On a four year pcp and intended to change at three. Wonder if lots of other people are doing the same which is leading to a shortage.
  4. Black

    Appreciating Asset?

    Good news Rob, makes sense not to hang onto it. I am in the same boat, hardly use it after we got our VW ID.3, the used car bubble is sure to burst at some point. Why anyone would pay the inflated prices at the moment is beyond me. My car would retail for only 8k less than I bought it for second hand 3 years and 45k miles ago!
  5. Black

    BMW Warranty?

    They got in contact with me this time last year with a logon for the site to get a quote, within a month of expiry. Mine worked out at just over 1000 for the year, coming up for renewal again. I think our cars are pretty similar. I did full cover with zero excess. Never used it once but odds are if I didn’t have it something expensive would have gone wrong. This is a very unusual situation for me to keep a car this long so I figure the warranty cost is insignificant compared to all of the depreciation I have suffered from more frequent changes.
  6. Black

    Winter Wheels

    Sounds strange. Issue with the self leveling?
  7. Just got contacted by my dealer to say BMW UK are stopping the winter wheel storage service at the end of the year. On my past cars I used to just store my wheels at home but with the more expensive BMW summer alloys I liked the reassurance and ease of not having them in my garage or shed. Anyone else been contacted? I am going to complain although know it will be futile.
  8. Black

    Sunroof blind - sorry!

    Mine failed on the test drive, car was 6 months old at that point. Sounds like the same failure you had. It was in the main dealer workshop for over a day, excellent job in replacing it though considering they had to drop all of the roof lining out. I would suspect it will be way more than 800 with the main dealer. It is one of the big worries I have about keeping the car long term is that is goes again but 3 years in and so far so good. I normally keep it open but recently have been closing it. I have an extended warranty but it seems debatable if they will cover it.
  9. Black

    BMW Stopping Wheel Storage

    I have a full set of wheels which I swap over. Seeing my neighbours X5 getting stuck on a snowy incline convinced me I needed both. In reality with working from home now really not such a big deal if I do get stuck but as someone else said it is the steering and stopping where they really make a difference.
  10. Black

    Price of replacement brakes (540i)

    Just had front pads, discs and rear pads done on my 2018 G31 530d Xdrive. Cost was £830 at a BMW Dealer. It has the blue M Sport Calipers as well but may be a different size. Just under 50k miles and probably got done on the advice to change.
  11. Black

    Great - buckled wheels

    Had a vibration at 70 on my winters which I put down to balancing. Got the BMW Garage to look at it, they rebalanced but still there. Further inspection I found a buckle on the inside about the same as yours. Not sure why the main dealer failed to spot it. Anyway easily fixed at the local wheel specialist - they have a machine for it. Think it was about £50 to fix. As it was inside probably easier. Imagine yours would be much harder on the outside so replacement probably the only option. Enjoy the GP! My last modern GP was in Austin, so quiet compared to the old days!
  12. Black

    Appreciating Asset?

    Yes they seem to be appreciating still. I tried to get a price for a new well spec’d 530D in stock at main dealer but zero interest from them. So have now gone the Diesel Hybrid route, ordered an ID3 for short journeys and commute to replace our Mini Clubman and will keep the 530D for the longer hauls and Holidays. Was impressed by the ID3, motor makes it almost as quiet as the 3.0 B57 on the motorway… Coincidently the mini has gone up £700 since I last checked.
  13. Black

    Appreciating Asset?

    Yes I was planning to go early after just over three years. Have done this on past PCP deals and it works out fine. Just get the settlement figure and use any equity for the next one. My car was worth less than the settlement figure a few months ago but is now worth more so I am back into positive equity earlier than I expected due to the market environment. Now reversing my initial thoughts and starting to test dealers on cost to change for cars in stock.
  14. Black

    I-Drive 6 Bluetooth problem

    Same problem for me recently. First glitch in almost three years ownership. Seems random as well, hadn’t thought of the watch aspect. I have the latest Bluetooth software as well. The phone still works but no audio. I did resolve it tonight with a phone reboot. Feels more like it may be an Apple issue. Will see what it does tomorrow!
  15. Black

    A Lack of Fives?

    BMW have just repositioned as a brand. Shovelling out 1 and 2 series to take over the Astra and Focus segment and customer base. They are front wheel drive re-skinned Mini platforms. Everything BMW marketing used to criticise. Suspect they do it to satisfy the demand for the X5 etc and keep the overall CO2 low. Five is probably a segment not worth pushing too hard, with the pandemic maybe the lines have also slowed down due to reduced Taxi sales in Europe?
  16. Black

    BMW Dealer Not Listed For Servicing

    Have not used Eastern myself for service but my wife uses them for her Mini and she is really impressed with the level of attention and service. I remember them bending over backwards once to get her a courtesy car sorted when her own car had to be kept in unexpectedly. Arnold Clark get a worse press than they probably deserve I admit. I was just put off by the overall feel of the dealership and attitudes. Still they were good on price which I suppose is what matters after all. I did use Kirkcaldy when they were Phoenix and thought it was good. Hope all goes well with your service.
  17. Black

    BMW Dealer Not Listed For Servicing

    Maybe because they are Arnold Clark? they are a big enough group to do their own thing. I bought mine from their Giffnock branch, lets just say will not be going back. Who did you book with? Having been round most in central Scotland I really liked Grassicks, video the car exterior as part of collection to make sure any damage recorded etc. Have always found Perth garages to be good regardless of franchise, think that motor mile keeps them honest and competitive.
  18. Black

    Looking to buy a G30 touring (G31)

    I have a 530d xdrive touring as well. Agree with all of the points raised esp options. Mine has the factory electric towbar, adaptive and panoramic roof. Performance is great, picks up speed so smoothly passengers don’t notice when you are really pushing on. Almost impossible to get the wheels spinning, push the throttle down and it gathers pace at an impressive rate. Your R32 likely be the same (always wanted one of those). The panoramic blind has been replaced once already and I just leave it rolled up most of the time, figure it is going to fail again if used too much. I like the light it brings, rarely use the sunroof, but would think twice about it if I planned to keep the car long term, lots of debate if extended warranty will touch it. I only use the towbar for a bike carrier, it is a great bit of kit but recently it has got a bit sticky and needed assistance to go up. Standard aftermarket detachable probably much better for the long run. Adaptive is very good, car rides well but have not driven a standard car for comparison. Lights are standard LED and are not great. If I get another G31 will certainly upgrade those. My last four cars all had a reversing camera and I don’t have it in this, big regret but I am getting over it. Like others have said Diesel will be around for a long while due to Trucks. Just maybe some uncertainty about city driving limitations. I will likely change mine early next year (I don’t own, just PCP). I am noticing some big incentives on stock new ones so I may be tempted to go 530d again unless the 545e is out....
  19. Black

    Tyre Temperatures and Winter Tyres

    Have a look at this https://izzeracing.com/ewExternalFiles/Izze_Racing_White_Paper_Tire_Temperature.pdf Your TPMS measurement of internal temp are not representative of the temperature profile over the tyres. I believe the temps the manufacturers spec are ambient and not internal. Could your car have an issue with traction control or the xdrive if you were really struggling on ice? I had no issue getting moving on a sheet ice driveway and then up a sloped icy road with BMW winter tyres yesterday, think we have the same car and are both in Scotland so seeing similar weather. I did have my family in the car so the extra weight may have helped of course.
  20. Black

    Tyre Temperatures and Winter Tyres

    Yes a big difference in my experience. When I had a front wheel drive car it would help me move when others got stuck. With the x-drive even on the sheet ice we have in Scotland at the moment I was able to move off my driveway this morning and up the street which was not gritted. Last week I took it over some really snowed up roads above Stirling and didn’t loose traction once. Interestingly a Freelander Sport that passed me on the same road was spinning wheels frantically. I believe without winter tyres x-drive is also not that good. The youtube videos (from Audi owners) showing stranded x-drives convinced me to get winter wheels - couldn’t bear the thought of being the stereotype BMW stuck in the snow Another benefit I have found is reduced tyre wear. At 45k miles and still haven’t changed the summers yet and the winters have another season in them.
  21. Letter still hasn’t arrived yet so I called them. Quote for a 530d xdrive Touring is £1060 for the year on the top level with no excess which doesn’t seem too bad to me. Was thinking of changing but that quote has helped me to decide on keeping it for another year. Hopefully the 545e will come out in Touring ready to change in early 2022.
  22. My car will be three years at the end of Jan. So far I have heard nothing from BMW around trying to sell me an extended warranty. How far out did your letter arrive or was it from the dealer?
  23. Thanks for sharing, mine just expired as well.
  24. Black

    Low mileage and Diesel is it an issue

    Depends how long you want to keep it and what the deal is. There is a considerable risk that the values of Diesels will drop significantly in the next couple of years. A PCP with a locked in residual to walk away from is low risk on your mileage but a private purchase with no way out not so much.
  25. Black

    LCI now or next year

    Wait for the 545?

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