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  1. Kingkajee

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Woah, that is a lot of water. Let the process of elimination begin. Spray water around the exterior of the vehicle to see where its coming in from. For now, just enjoy your holiday... You'll get to the route cause in the end.
  2. Kingkajee

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Finally the british weather allowed me to attempt the mod. All went well except one issue. I managed to drop a screw. Took 30 minutes to find it... Lesson for anyone else attempting... Make sure you take your time. For the dry out, I chose not to remove the passenger seat from the car. Didn't have an extra set of hands to help me get the seat out. Also, as I don't have a drive or garage, therefore working outside my mid terrace with the forecast showing rain. Anyway tilted the seats forward/back, lifted carpet and used a screwfix (£35 titan) vac to get as much water as I could out. I can only recommend people go through all pages on topic before attempting this. Really useful info. Anyway, let's hope this brings some closure to my F10 20191013_161359.mp4
  3. Kingkajee

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    You'll be fine mate. A little confidence is all that's needed. The steps are all here. I'm going under the carpet this weekend. Having done a speaker upgrade and a reverse camera in the past I've had to remove a fair amount of trim. I still consider myself as a bit of a n00b. Have to say, the majority of BMWs parts are pretty solid and sit back together pretty nicely. The only thing I have managed to break in the past is the clips that hold the plastic trim (by the door sills) down. Ordered a few as backup in case I break a few this this weekend. Also decided to buy some bolts that hold the seats down as recommended.
  4. Kingkajee

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Anyone recommend the type of sealant I should use?
  5. Kingkajee

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    What started off with me thinking my daughter had an accident on the back seat turned into quite an eventful day. A thank you to all involved on this thread. Really helpful. Seems like I've too fallen victim of the poor F10 rainwater drainage design. Done an inspection of the YG. Showed signs of crud build up and the tide mark on the YG. Didn't have any sealent to hand so just cleaned up now and put it all back together for now. Placed some towels on the floor of the rear passenger seat. Aiming to go out and buy a wet vac from screwfix, some sealent and mod the cover later in the week.