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  1. tallman85

    530D Low running temperature

    Come on, stuff made in Italy is not crap .. they have the best cheese, olive oil, hams, and mozzarella Behr is not the best [I have bad experience with radiators and condensors], however, I never had any issues with Mahle in other cars and their performance parts are good as well. I went for Mahle as it was 1/4 of the price. Mahle do have a factory in Austria, but not sure what they do in there.
  2. tallman85

    Front Light Condensation - E60 LCI

    well mine went away again alone, and im sure I don’t have water in them cos the car didn’t see water for months. I think its the humidity inside them. It did help very much the few hours i did without caps but that can lead to dust in the headlights. someone said that they cannot be opened so easily, or they are not designed to be opened.
  3. tallman85

    530D Low running temperature

    true but bmw don’t make them themselves, so probably someone like behr/mahle makes it for them. Who is the problem. still I think you cannot go better than behr mahle as aftermarket
  4. sweet alloys. They won't last 5km in Malta. Probably they are magnesium alloy too, to be lighter.
  5. tallman85

    530D Low running temperature

    I there, i had the same issue and replaced both thermostats, the one on the water pump and EGR. I bought them as a set from ebay.de branded Behr which is the same as the originals for Euro 60 delivered to Malta. I started with those and luckily the one on the transmission is still working fine because now the temperature does not go below 88 degrees. It takes around 10-15mins to warm up, but once warm it is ok. If you search on the forum you will find lots of help and posts. If my transmission stat goes, i think i will go for the inline as suggested by GONZO. So you said you get 40mpg from a 530d? so you cruise a lot and not too much city traffic? Regards
  6. tallman85

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Good one. I haven’t checked mine but a couple of days ago i was in traffic and the car next to me beeped the horn...and it was my friend that designed the new one and he was pointing to the rear and smiling.
  7. tallman85

    Interior Trim: Aluminium vs Wood vs High Gloss

    Well darkhorse , the problem is if the wife ain't happy, no body is happy! but i am sourcing a set in good condition. They are cheap compared to the 2k you had to pay when new.
  8. tallman85

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    @GoNz0 bad news mate...i spoke with my friend and it was more 2010 and they were planning to use it after the model that replaced the e61 and e91. Sorry mate! I think you have a delphi if not replaced already
  9. tallman85

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    and here is the proof guys. Made in Malta. This link explains the difference. link:
  10. tallman85

    Interior Trim: Aluminium vs Wood vs High Gloss

    Anyone out there that likes or prefer wood please?? [and not 80 years old ]
  11. tallman85

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Mine is Jan 2008, so i might have the old one if it was not replaced.
  12. tallman85

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    If memory is correct it must have been 2008 or 2009. So late in production.
  13. tallman85

    Interior Trim: Aluminium vs Wood vs High Gloss

    I will keep the piano black for the owner after me to have the option to convert back My wife also prefers the piano black..... damn everyone is against me on this one. Seems i am the misfit
  14. tallman85

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    @GoNz0 and @dirtydirtydiesel Let me tell you a true story about this famous switch that fails. So basically this switch was first awarded to Delphi by BMW as their supplier. Unfortunately, this switch was very good except in the rain, cos it shorted and cause problems like the tailgate glass opening at speed in the rain, especially in Germany. BMW plan B was to find another supplier to fix the issue. Then it was transferred to the automotive company I used to work in Malta and it was redesigned by my colleague and I can tell you that lots of hours, testing and money went into it not to leak water It was a very big challenge but we managed. My colleague used to go to BMW regularly as they were taking this very seriously. So if you have Delphi written on it, you have the old one, if you have a big M or MeM written on it, you have the later one, the good one made in Malta
  15. tallman85

    Interior Trim: Aluminium vs Wood vs High Gloss

    So many options but mainly you see them on LHD cars. I was speaking with @GoNz0 and i think he has a valid point. The piano black goes well with the dark interior and not so much with the light. I agree. The wood with light interior will probably give a warmer look. Probably my obsession is coming from having older mercedes with lots of wood i mean look at this bamboo. Cannot find a picture with cream leather...