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  1. I did an emergency stop today when two deer came out in front of my car. I think the car put the hazard lights on. Does it do that? Maybe it was me on dangerous car situation autopilot.
  2. Craig David

    bmw f10 start engine remote

    I could be incorrect but I thought a friend could remote start his F11 via his phone with a BMW app.
  3. I scraped one of the alloys fairly sturdily today*. They're standard BMW 19 inch silver wheels (on a 2015 car). Has anyone got any recommendations for touch up paint? I'm not expecting perfect but I'll give them a bit of a rub down with emery paper and paint something on. *I'm blaming the car coming the other way round the bend well across the central line for making me dive for the near side. Although I scraped one of the other wheels last week too.
  4. Craig David

    New owner - F10 530D Msport

    A pic with the (fairly) new black front grills fitted. It's a personal thing but I prefer the looks of them. Black wheels next... they're going to cost more than £19.99 delivered...!
  5. Craig David

    fuel consuption

    Am I right in thinking diesels will have a greater decrease in MPG in winter than petrol engine cars?
  6. Craig David

    Improving headlights

    I changed the bulbs on my Previous Jag XF to Nightbreakers and it made a worthwhile difference. I heard they don't last so long but I'd still go down that route even if it meant more frequent replacement. Edit - although it sounds like LEDs may be the way to go now.
  7. Craig David

    F10 door corrosion

    Does anyone know what I need to do to preserve the anti corrosion warranty? My car has had BMW servicing to date. I was going to go independent BMW specialist because there's a convenient one and the main dealer is miles away. And to save money too. Will this negate the BMW anti corrosion warranty?
  8. Craig David

    Which black front grilles?

    I ended up going for eBay cheapies. I looked at the more expensive ones and wondered 'could they be exactly the same?' and took a punt on the cheap ones. They seem fine. I didn't find fitting easy. Armed with various tools including trim tools I went in from the top. I was able to disengage some of the tabs on the first grill but not all of them due to access. I ended up trying to rip it out which broke one lug on the original grill. Ditto the second one. I managed to break a couple of lugs fitting the new ones too - but they seem to be held in place fine as there are plenty. So overall I'm happy. The new grills look good in my eyes. I'd like black wheels next but that're going to be a bit more then £19.99.....!
  9. Craig David

    F10 door corrosion

    I took mine in to the local BMW body shop today. They pointed out it had a corrosion bubble on the lower area of the main, flat outside part of one rear door too. They said that's not uncommon. They said they'd do both rear doors for that and also the small areas of corrosion on the top inside front edges, as described in this thread. I'm a bit disappointed for a four year old, nominally premium car. I guess at least it's getting sorted. My worry with corrosion is it always comes back sooner or later. They have the car for four days and said if they need it for longer they'll let me know so fingers crossed they do a good job on whatever corrosion is there.
  10. Craig David

    Condensation inside Headlights

    Mine had cleared when I went to check this morning.
  11. Craig David

    Condensation inside Headlights

    I noticed mine had a little condensation in the headlights today. I'd just done about 130 mainly motorway miles in the rain so maybe that had made a difference?I didn't get that good a look at it because it was dark and I was out with people so didn't want to fanny around with my car. I proper pappered my breeks. My old 300ZX developed this issue and I had to replace the offending headlight. If it's normal / not an issue on the F10 I'd be delighted.
  12. Craig David

    525d, 3l or 2l?

    Likewise. I also did the sums and the 3l isn't that much more to run. Ok, when you factor in the other costs (tax, insurance, consumables / servicing, depreciation) I thought it was going to be about a grand a year difference. But I thought fukkit, I'm only middle aged once!
  13. Craig David

    Wheel refurb options

    There must be several places in Glasgow which would do a good job. I always thought powder coat was preferable to painting due to durability.
  14. Craig David

    Magic potions?

    Do you recommend any? The Jaguar forum was very positive about Oxicat so I did use that a few times. My XF didn't have any engine / pollution clean up system issues in about 100,000 miles - but maybe it wouldn't have anyway. I also used a bottle of MIllers Diesel Additive as someone I thought knew their onioins recommended it. Again,hard to say if there were any real benefits. I'm tempted to use both (not at the same time!) in my 530d. Any thoughts?
  15. Also rust in the rear doors. Again, there’s a thread about it.