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  1. Craig David

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    I took it to my local family run garage. They said it is the condenser. They've said they'll fit a new one which I think will be about £500 all in. A bit more than I was hoping but at least it'll be done.
  2. Craig David

    Roof bars and insurance

    I fitted Thule roof bars recently. They've handy, I use them with bike carriers and a roof box. I wondered if they're an insurance declarable modification. Out of interest I added 'roof rack' (no option for roof bars) to my previous comparison site quote. It added £75 onto the unmodified price of £400 for a year's cover. That seems quite a lot. I guess once you tick any modification box you will increase the premium as you lose some insurers all together. Maybe they pose a significant risk in that a bike might fall off and hit another vehicle.
  3. Craig David

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    Guess what? About a year on (and only c.8000 miles) the aircon is making that noise and is slightly weak, like it needs gas again. Any thoughts on whether it's just an age thing or if it might be leaking? I know the condenser is a known weak point, maybe it's become a bit porous. I'm sure my Jag (XF) and Nissan (300ZX) didn't need regassing every year.
  4. Craig David

    F10 door corrosion

    I had the start of corrosion in both rear doors of my car. I took it in and BMW did it. About a year later the corrosion was returning in the same place on one door. BMW replaced the whole door.
  5. Craig David

    Rear tyre change

    I went for Falkens on several previous cars including a Nissan 300ZX and a E38 Seven Series. Not the same model of Falken you mention. But I found them to be good all round tyres and never had a problem over many tens of thousands of miles.
  6. I suspect some independents will be better than BMW. I'd trust my local family run garage to change brake discs on my car.
  7. Craig David

    Genuine bmw screen wash

    That's a good price for genuine BMW fluid. I'm sticking with the genuine stuff too as swopping to Halfords stuff caused my washers to gum up and going back to genuine sorted it.
  8. Craig David

    New car purchased today!!!

    Dewd! Sweet!
  9. Craig David

    Door pop up latch out of position

    That sounds like a good idea, thank you. Unfortunately it didn't work in this instance.
  10. BMW replaced my rear passenger side door under the anti corrosion warranty. The new door looks great. But one of my kids pointed out the little pop up button thing (these used to be the door locks on old cars but I think are just an indicator now) is sitting c.1cm higher than before. So when the door is locked it's sticking up slightly rather than flush. And when in the raised position it's a little higher than before. Any idea if this is worth worrying about? I guess I could take it back to BMW but it's time and hassle and it seems like a good job otherwise.
  11. Craig David

    F11 535d Exhaust tips

    I thought on other models (the 530d LCI was the one I looked at) they could be tapped / twisted off. Not sure if that would apply to the 535d but that diagram suggests it might.
  12. Craig David

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    I looked at a nearly new Superb and ended up buying a slightly older F10. I think it's down to personal choice and what you want.
  13. Craig David

    BMW Dealer Servicing

    I just use a local family run garage. But I am dead TWOC'y and snide.
  14. Craig David

    F10 door corrosion

    When this began (last year) the car had full BMW service history and had done about 35,000 miles from memory. The BMW bodyshop did some test with a paint gauge which they said was to see if any previous repair work had been carried out.
  15. Craig David

    F10 door corrosion

    Thanks chaps. It'll be nine trips I've made to the BMW body shop once I've picked it up this time. I'd kind of like the other door replaced but I could do with a break from going over there. My car's briefly described in the text under my avatar, it's 2015.