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  1. Craig David

    Headlamp washers.

    The headlight washers only operate every few goes on the windscreen washers. I think there's some sort of time limit on them too. That said when they do go, you know about it and if you haven't seen that, maybe you don't have them.
  2. My local family run garage did it fine - brake fluid change and oil / filter.
  3. Craig David

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    £72 I think. I had it done with an oil / filter change and change of brake fluid. The total came to £232 or there abouts.
  4. Craig David

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    It was regassed today by the local garage and is blowing cold (and not making the papery noise). Let's see if it stays good or leaks out.
  5. Thank you. My car is 2015 and has service history in the iDrive. I'm fine with a paper history going forward.
  6. Cheers chaps, I will book it in at my local garage and see what they can do.
  7. Craig David

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    Cheers gents. Any idea if the condensor is a big job? As in what should I expect to pay all in total with parts and everything? edit - did a bit of a search. Maybe £300 all in I guess. I'll report back when it's done.
  8. Craig David

    F10 door corrosion

    Sycamore BMW bodyshop, Glinton, near Peterborough. They were very good. The guy just looked at it and apologised, suggester a few reasons they may have got it wrong and said they'd book it in for three days to get it right and did I want an auto or manual courtesy car. My car's grey - you can kind of see it in the little picture on the left there. It's the only dealing I've had with any BMW dealer since I bought the car (at a car supermerket). I have to say I'm impressed. Well, other than getting it wrong in the first place but everyone makes mistakes.
  9. Can my local garage (non BMW) or even I remove warnings for servicing? My car could do with a number of things - brake fluid change, pads checking, oil (and filter). I was going to see if my local garage would do it. They seem pretty competent and know their limits. I believe they can't update the service history on the iDrive. But can they (or I) get rid of the warnings saying these things need doing?
  10. Craig David

    2015 F10 aircon not cold

    I only really noticed today as it's so hot. On a c.50 minute round trip, the aircon never got cold. It was certainly cooler than ambient but not as cool as it should be I think. The aircon / blower area also seemed to make a whispery / papery noise (if that makes sense!). Any ideas what might be wrong? It feels like it might just need more gas. It's done 43,000 miles and I always leave the aircon on but maybe the previous owner didn't. I do recall there is a common aircon fault with these cars so maybe it's that.
  11. Craig David

    F10 door corrosion

    Well they did the work back in December. A month or two later I noticed the colour match of the rear doors wasn't perfect. I took it in today and they said they'll re do both doors and make sure it blends in better this time.
  12. Craig David


    The BMW stuff in 5 litre bottles seems to cost a bit more now, on eBay at least.
  13. Craig David

    2015 - F10 530D

    Agreed. I think because it's quiet, smooth and easy to go fast it can feel less fast. If I get my foot down on a small, twisty road it sure feels quick there. And I think it'd take a well ridden bike to go faster.
  14. Craig David

    2015 - F10 530D

    When I was looking to buy I considered a 530d and a 535d. The insurance for a remapped 530d was higher than that for a standard 535d. I was open to either but ended up with a 530d. Very rare is the time I have it in sport with my foot flat on the floor and am thinking "I wish this had more go". FWIW I spent a fair bit of time testing fast motorbikes so I'm no stranger to fast vehicles.
  15. Craig David

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Mine has them. It was one of the three things I really wanted (the other two being pro nav and reversing camera). I'd have loved to be able to get head up display, massage seats, soft close doors etc but being realistic, that was unlikely as I needed the new car asap. And I remember seeing some sort of (expensive IIRC) factory headlight upgrade - full LED I think - which looked cool but they seemed really rare.