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  1. That's what I'm thinking actually - maybe waterpump or alternator bearing possibly. Compared it to a video of someone else's 540i running and theirs was noticeably quieter, without the metallic scraping sound.
  2. Advice appreciated, thanks. It's a five and a half hour train journey away unfortunately, so a bit too far to take a gamble.
  3. Am planning to go and view a 1997 540i over the weekend. The car looks really clean overall, however the seller has sent me a video of the engine running and I'm not sure if it sounds a bit 'chainy'.. Almost like a metal on metal sound. I was wondering if someone could have a listen to the attached video and see what they think. Obviously mobile phones don't record the best sound, but I'm sure I can hear something. Thanks received_1980457608767530.mp4
  4. Pricey

    Wanted E39 535/540

    After buying my 530i back in July, I've come to the realisation that no matter what I do to it it will never be the V8 I should have bought.. So, I'm looking for a 535i or 540i, preferably facelift although not essential. Needs to be mechanically sound and solid in the usual E39 corrosion areas. Budget of up to 3k for the right car. The closer to South Wales the better, although am able to travel up to a couple of hours away. Thanks.
  5. Pricey

    Restoring bright window trim.

    I had a similar issue with my trim. Autosol polish didn't work unfortunately as they were too far gone, so ended up having them vinyl wrapped in gloss black. Very pleased with the result