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  1. Pricey

    540i -> 740d thermostat?

    I've got a 740d thermostat fitted to my 2000 540i Touring. I don't have a resistor fitted and consequently there is a MAF cooling error stored in the DME, but no lights on dash. My auxiliary fan has never worked since I've owned the car so can't comment on that, however my viscous fan works as it should. Coolant operating temperature sits happily in mid 90's regardless of external temperature and fuel consumption is the same as before, so it's a very worthwhile mod IMO.
  2. Hi Dan Out of interest what additional fixings did you require for the rear plate recess? Thanks
  3. hi.

    i have a spare lower trim in vavona, if you sent me your email addres and i will send you some photographs and see what you think?


    ian ward.

  4. Looking for the lower steering wheel trim in vavona wood for the type of wheel pictured. The one I've bought below has dark walnut unfortunately, and I need vavona. Would potentially consider a complete wheel if anyone has one. Thanks.
  5. Pricey

    Steering wheel dilemma

    Not that much on German ebay surprisingly.. A lot of the listing actually link back to ebay UK. As mentioned above maybe hydro dipping/wrapping could be an option, or failing that I'm wondering if somewhere like Royal Steering Wheels could maybe wrap that lower piece in light yellow leather to match my seats etc. That would look nice I think..
  6. Pricey

    Steering wheel dilemma

    Could definitely be an option, although not sure who/where would be able to do it.
  7. Pricey

    Steering wheel dilemma

    I have a Vermont Green 540i Touring with light yellow leather, black carpets and anthracite headlining, along with Vavona wood trim. I know it's the most common wood trim, but I actually quite like it and feel it works well with the rest of the interior. When I bought the car it was fitted with the ugly 'H' spoke bus size steering wheel, so that was the first thing to go, being replaced with the early style big airbag sport wheel (dual stage as car is a 01/2000). I grew to dislike this wheel too pretty quickly as it partially obscures the top of the dials when the column is moved down even slightly, and quite frankly I just think it looks quite dated now. My long term plans for the car are to start adding some Alpina goodies, so I wanted to avoid the newer round airbag M Sport wheel and purchased the wood trim type with the twin lower spokes from an E53, as I really like this style of wheel and think the wood is more suited to the Alpina vibe I'll be going for. The only problem is that I thought the wheel had Vavona trim, but it's actually the darker walnut so doesn't match my existing trim Have been looking online for a replacement lower trim piece in Vavona, or even a complete wheel to use the trim from but am having no luck. I know I could rock the two tone wood look for a while whilst I keep looking for the correct trim piece, but am concerned it will just look obviously wrong and stand out like a sore thumb. Does anyone have any suggestions/ideas, or thoughts on different steering wheels I could potentially use instead? Thanks
  8. Pricey

    Mitivac for oil change?

    Definitely does. Seems to get as much out as a traditional change too. Pretty impressive overall.
  9. As the title really. Did an oil change on my 2000 540i today (high OBC) and followed the instructions and videos on YouTube, etc on how to reset the oil service lights by holding down the odometer reset button, turning key to position one, etc, but it won't work for some reason. What am I doing wrong?
  10. Pricey

    Mitivac for oil change?

    Just an update. Did the oil change today using a mityvac and it was a piece of cake. The only mess apart from a few drops of oil in the engine bay was from the cap not being tight on the disposal container I used, so it leaked a bit on my garage floor The brake cleaner was a good tip for cleanup too.
  11. Pricey

    OBD port communication issues

    Haven't checked that no. Definitely worth a look - will report back, thanks.
  12. Pricey

    OBD port communication issues

    20 pin in engine bay
  13. Pricey

    OBD port communication issues

    At a complete loss now why I can't access the non drive train modules as have opened up the connector and pins 7 and 8 are already soldered.
  14. Pricey

    Mitivac for oil change?

    Sounds good. Mityvac state for the oil not to exceed 80 degrees, and I was a bit concerned about melting the plastic tubing, etc, but I'd imagine that would take some doing.