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  1. Robgosty

    Problems coding tailgate (F07)

    Hi bud, this coding is the second one in my post (in italics), using Bimmercode I have coded "one press close from remote" and "close hatch from A pillar button" these work fine but button on A pillar now only opens small boot, tried the one you posted but that does not work, think mine it have have got a bit screwed because of the ones I have programmed with Bimmercode, tried reverting from backup but still no joy, the file you have put from the non specific site is how mine is programmed now, in a bit over my head now but the main things are working, two out of three aint bad Cheers
  2. Robgosty

    Problems coding tailgate (F07)

    Hi all, as above, pretty sure the button an the A pillar used to open the full rear hatch, using Bimmercode have coded "one press close from remote" and "close hatch from A pillar button" these work fine but botton on a post now only opens small boot, does anyone know how to fix this, very wary of expert mode as dont want to mess anything else up Cheers Rob Done some digging and found these on net seem to give conflicting info CAS => REMOTE_KEY_SPECIAL_FCT active CAS => REAR_SCREEN_IS_PRIMARY not active CAS => OPEN_RSCR_WITH_REMOTE_KEY_SPFN active CAS => USE_FBD4 active CAS => OPEN_RSCR_WITH_PUBU_A_PILLAR active OPEN_RSCR_WITH_REMOTE_KEY_SPFN should toggle the small and big hatch between Buttons 3 & 4. And hatch button floor panel: open and closes the BIG hatch fob button 3: opens the small hatch (long press) fob button 4: opens and closes the BIG hatch (long press) CAS -- 3002 CLM -- REMOTE_KEY_SPECIAL_FCT -- aktiv/Werte=01 CAS -- 3002 CLM -- REAR_SCREEN_IS_PRIMARY -- aktiv/Werte=01 CAS -- 3002 CLM -- OPEN_RSCR_WITH_REMOTE_KEY_SPFN -- nicht_aktiv/Werte=00 CAS -- 3002 CLM -- OPEN_RSCR_WITH_PUBU_A_PILLAR - aktiv/Werte=01 change to "nicht_aktiv/Werte=00" HKL or HKFM -- 3010_HKLBEDIENUNG -- SCH_FBD -- aktiv/Werte=01 HKL or HKFM -- 3010_HKLBEDIENUNG -- SCH_TOEHKI -- nicht_aktiv/Werte=00 change to "aktiv/Werte=01" HKL or HKFM -- 3010_HKLBEDIENUNG -- TASTER_FBD --nicht_aktiv/Werte=00 HKL or HKFM -- 3010_HKLBEDIENUNG -- USE_FBD4 -- aktiv/Werte=01 Neither of these seems to work for me at the moment the things i set with bimmercode are working fine, but just want big hatch to open from button inside car, just opens small boot
  3. Robgosty

    Wheel change help

    Hi all, wanting a softer ride on 2009 530D GT (F07), has 245.45.19 on front & 275 40 19 on back all run flats, will fitting 245.45.18 on front & 275 40 18 normal tyres make any difference ? think it will drop ride height 10mm or so but will it make any change to ride quality
  4. Robgosty

    2009 BMW 530D GT (F07) Drivers Door Handle

    Xmas bump
  5. As above, need OSF (Drivers) door handle for BMW 530D GT (F07) Comfort Access, Light Pack Cheers Rob
  6. Robgosty

    530D GT (F07) rear window initialization

    Know I can do that but have an aversion to giving money to Stealers, would prefer to fix myself if possible, going to stealers is a last resort
  7. Read till my eyes are bleeding and still no further forward, just got a 2009 BMW 530D GT and have the dreaded anti trap warning on dash and idrive, read codes with Delphi and its N/S rear window, thing is it works perfectly with one touch working but anti trap not working, have re-initialised it several times but no joy in getting rid of message, please help as driving me mad now