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  1. 2016 F10 535d 59k miles Got in last night, map screen fired up, went blank for 5-10 seconds and then the BMW Connected Driver logo appeared. When the map eventually displayed I had lost: All saved radio stations All radio button presets All saved bluetooth devices All phone book entries All map address book entries All map previous destinations All map display preferences All connected drive facilities Which is a bit of a pain.
  2. Thanks for the tip, I've slowly been getting it back to how it was and wondered why it didn't have a backup/restore feature - I'd forgotten about the profiles.
  3. I was given a 30% discount last year, £99 down to £69.30.
  4. Bought 'Connected Package M' from the Connected Drive store for my F10 535d. Cost of 'Connected Package Plus' last year in the Black Friday sales was £69.30, now they've rebranded the packages it was £48.30 this year. I *think* they both have the same functionality, basically maps and RTTI AFAICS.
  5. Went for a drive.... I've done less than 3000 miles in the last year due to working from home, this was a week away in Scotland.
  6. 97suited

    VIN from Reg. Number

    https://www.babybmw.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=117559 The Service Booking method still worked for me last week.
  7. Could do with a project or two to alleviate the boredom, what OEM/OEM+ stuff is easyish to do on a 2016 F10 535d? Flappy paddles? Current spec: P337AM Sports package S710AM leather steering wheel S715AM Aerodynamics package S465AThroughloading system S481ASports seat S4BNAFinewood trim ash grain S4URAAmbient interior lighting S534AAutomatic air conditioning S575ASupplementary 12V sockets S225AStandard suspension S3AGAReversing camera S760AHigh gloss shadow line
  8. IME courses are being run online and instead of 4 hours in-person it's 2.5 hours online. I'd choose the course every time.
  9. 97suited

    Educate me!

    He could go proper unicorn, MSport with the S225A standard suspension option!
  10. Renewed the Connected Drive services with 30% off in their Black Friday sale.
  11. 97suited

    Part prices request

    3 x fuel Injectors 13537589048 for E92 325i. VIN PX90647. Thanks.
  12. 97suited

    Part prices request

    Yes please.
  13. 97suited

    BMW Warranty Latest Costs

    Mine is monthly but is excluding recovery.
  14. 97suited

    BMW Warranty Latest Costs

    Would need to make a claim every 8 months for it to be better value than Comp with £250 excess, no? I was paying £66/month last year for a 66 plate F10 with 40k miles, has gone up to £68/month at the first anniversary.
  15. Got my new winter tyres fitted today, bought them in the summer and with both sons now also having a set of winters it was getting a bit crowded in our garage with 16 tyres Went for Nexen Winguard Sport 2, decent reviews and £70 each delivered in 225/55/17 was a good price I thought. Bought these TPMS sensors as well as the wheels didn't have them last winter and I got fed up of the bong on every start and the permanent warning lights, after two resets they're working perfectly. Will probably leave the winters on now, I'm doing <10 miles a week currently due to working from home.
  16. As an old man with a beige interior that looks nice, how much was the new trim?
  17. 97suited

    EGR cooler 2nd Recall

    Bought my car in September, got a call from the local dealer a couple of weeks ago regarding the recall and had it done last week at the same time as a service. Interestingly my local dealer usually has a 3 to 4 week lead time for service bookings, called on Wed pm and it was booked in for Fri am.
  18. Moved it 10 yards off the drive and 10 yards back on for the 3rd time since March 13th. Exciting times...
  19. 2 Nav Work 4 Radio 4 5 5 Live 6 6 Music 8 Nav Home
  20. 97suited

    Sat Nav

    Personally I would buy a Brodit phone holder and use Waze. I have Pro Nav and that's what I do...
  21. 97suited

    TPMS compatibility

    Bought 4 winter wheels and tyres via eBay, came off a '13 F07, seller stated they were supplied by BMW, had TPMS fitted and tyres had never been off the wheels. Fitted them to my '16 F10 yesterday, have tried two RDC resets so far and failed both times. Did the sensors change between 13 and 16? Is there something else I'm missing?
  22. 97suited

    TPMS compatibility

    I'm 98% confident the seller wasn't telling porkies. The F07 bit I'm less sure about, that's what was on his drive when I collected them but the advert just said 5 series so maybe he had a F10/F11 before. My son has borrowed the car so it's 300 miles away currently. Will check the valves when he's back next week and probably end up buying a new set of sensors.
  23. Bought two new tyres, Continental CSC 3 runflats to match the rears (£307 fitted from, err, Asda), and the tyre fitter told me I have a buckled wheel :-/ So onto eBay and picked up a replacement yesterday from not too far away for £135 rather than the £444 BMW want for a new one. One problem, whilst perusing the bay of dreams I spotted an auction for 4 x style 327 alloys with winter tyres and I'm now another £300 lighter :-/
  24. Recently bought a F10 535d and looking to service the brakes. BMW want £623 to do the front discs and pads, £472 for the rears, £1095 in total. Err, wow.... I'm happy to DIY, have done so on E39, E46, E91, E85 in the past so fire up Eurocarparts and I'm mentally expecting a couple of hundred quid. After the 60% discount it's £260 for front discs, £45 front pads, £182 rear discs, £32 rear pads. £520 in total. OK, maybe it's just me being out of touch. It's 300+hp and I guess these huge dinner plate sized things aren't as cheap as I thought given my past experience has been with 520i, 318i etc. But then I google F10 535d brake discs and the first link appears to offer everything for £190 delivered. So what's the story? Are the £190 Ridex's made out of chocolate? I'm assuming so. Is £520 the realistic going rate for all four corners? Where is the sweet spot for cost/performance? Thanks in advance.
  25. 97suited

    F10 Winter wheels and tires

    Think they need to be 18", not sure if 17" will fit over 535d brakes. Let me know if you're considering selling. Thanks.

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