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  1. Major progress :-) I pinned out the cable from CIC Plug into the original plug from my 2004 controller...Old controller works without any issues :-) So it seems like either my CIC controller died because of battery off/Reconnect or something happened to my coding. But since battery is usually not changing coding and also since CIC controller with 2011 CIC is more or less plug & play (except for changing vecicle order FA, removed SA606 and added 609 + $6VA), I am kind of certain my controller just died. In ISTA there are also no errors except for controller being red. Strongly doubt it is coding related (especially since it worked before battery off). What I will do next is to try to get a (used) controller and try if its working.
  2. Somebody told me that Relais change will not make sense anyways since the CID is working fine...I will still try I can send back... If my measurements are correct with multimeter, there is no signal on cable to idrive controller...and the same time all other devices on k-can work perfectly fine... So main focus for me will be the next few days: - Check anything around k-can and connection of controller to that - Any coding issue, maybe some coding got lost due to battery off In general all advices are greatly appreciated. I have INPA, NCS Experts and ISTA available...
  3. Let me just add that my car used to have old controller (2004) with big plug for spinning wheel and a smaller plug one at the extra button...I switched to CIC in 2018 with the new controller....for that 1,2,4,5 of old big plug and had to be put in the new plug of new controller 1,2,3,4....This changes the wiring a little bit at least...
  4. Ordered Relais 30G...BMW is around the corner from my work...15 EUR and worth testing when I see the diagram....
  5. Thanks a lot. 64 was already checked....and if its out, CID is also not working....but when 64 is in, CID is working.....Ill check that wiring info...I will try to understand, but great help so far!
  6. appreciated @Keliuss Also wiring loom is Kabelbaum My bad... As said above, I tested the cable to the controller and there is no voltage on it. So I assume something with communication/power to the controller (which is most likely ok I guess). So I still hope something with Fuses or Relais. I checked fuses visually and all looked good...Fuse 64 is for Controller and CID....but CID is totally fine, so it should be good (but still replaced to make sure). I just wonder if any other fuses have an effect on the controller or its connection....
  7. I have disconnected the controller and tested the 4 contacts of that plug that goes into the controller....measured with a multimeter I saw no voltage on that cable. All that happened because of unplugging the battery and exchanging speakers in the doors. But this should not be related to power/k-CAN connection of the controller I guess....I still think it is some fuse or relais thing. INPA sais to check cables and Relais 30g.... @gonzoCan you please explain what do you mean by "m8" controller and what is the wiring loom? Sorry, Im German, but in the biggest German e60 board nobody seemed to be able to help Anyways...any help is much appreciated!
  8. moskito99

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I only have a Stereo System in my 2004 E60 (which I bought 2009!)... I built in a I-Sonic AMP with Adapter behind CIC and Glove Compartment, which lets me keep using exisiting cables. I also put Logic7 speakers in front together with the ones at the mirrors. Total cost for major sound upgrade 265 EUR. - 200 EUR Amp with BMW Adapter - 50 EUR Pair of Logic 7 speakers - 15 EUR Pair of E46 speakers from Hifi system Still planned to buy used Logic7 Subs (should be around 100 EUR) and MAYBE logic7 speakers for the back. Only problem is that my iDrive controller is not working anymore since I unplugged the battery....not solved yet....any ideas...please see my other thread .-)
  9. moskito99

    Bmw e61 m54b25 oil leak and rough start

    Sorry my bad...KGE (sorry im German) is Crankcase ventilation system...This together with Oil Filter Housing Gasket is on the right side (of the M54 engine) and on left is Vanos and Valve Cover Gaskets....These are the major things to fix on every M54 engine after 10-15+ years. Some of the work is the same....so usually it makes sense once done either left or right side, to do both things because its just little more work... Oil pan gasket is often needed as well after some 15+ years...and when not done by yourself quite costly (400-600 EUR at regular garage in Germany...do not want to know prices at BMW!) because axis needs to be lowered and engine to be lifted...5 hours of work....there is an easier way which repairs it to 98%...cutting the gasket into 2 pieces...then axis and engine stays the same and amount of work is signifikantly less....
  10. moskito99

    Bmw e61 m54b25 oil leak and rough start

    I just fixed Oil Filter Housing, KGE, Vanos and Valve Cover Gaskets.....This fixed many issues, but still my oil pan gasket is giving me trouble. I hope I make it still through German inspection by TÜV (every 2 years). I my case opening the cover underneath and taking a look from below revealed that my prob is the oil pan....
  11. Hi! I disconnected my battery to build new speakers in my front door (because of Airbag modules) and since then the iDrive controller (CIC incl. controller was changed in 2018) is not responding at all. Also no light. In INPA you dont see it anyways, but ISTA it is listed as not responding (its red). I checked fuses, but there is no dedicated fuse for idrive controller, only combined one (e.g. with screen). Thats F64...but thats ok...Also checked all other (just in case). Also did power off of CIC (20 sec power button), did CIC reset via ISTA, I also used NCS Expert to push empty MAN. Battery was disconnected for hous last night, still in the morning controller doesnt respond. None of my work at the speakers was in any way connected to iDrive Controller or CIC...I have not touched anything anywhere close to CIC or the controller...Battery was reconnected and then controller did not respond anymore... Any ideas what I still can try?
  12. moskito99

    Hi from Germany

    Just a quick hello from Germany. Living in Frankfurt right next to Trade Fair area of IAA 2019 :-) Im 45, divorced and engaged :-) I own my E60 since 2009....same car since then.