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  1. Just had mine done at Sytner BMW Ascot. They replaced the cooler. I booked it in last week so no wait for parts etc. In and out in a day. They carried out a free health check but I suspect this is more for opportunities for further chargeable work! I can’t complain with the whole system as I only purchased the car last week. Happy days
  2. Chris_f11

    OEM grill colour F11

    Hi I’ve just purchased a 2012 F11 530d M sport. It came with a back grill on the car and the original grill with the car. Whilst I don’t have any issue with the black grill I’m possibly a bit to old for all that! So I went to put the original on and found it to be chrome with chrome slats. Is chrome with chrome slats how the car would have come out of the factory and is this the same for all models (SE, luxury, M sport etc)? I went with chrome outside with black slats in the end as that’s how I thought it would have come. Cheers Chris
  3. Chris_f11

    New owner F11 530D msport

    I only bought mine as a cheap track car. 4 years later and many thousands of £££ it’s not going anywhere. Smile per mile is excellent
  4. Chris_f11

    New owner F11 530D msport

    It has been to Bedford a lot but only once with the yellow graphics. This was in February this year.
  5. Chris_f11

    New owner F11 530D msport

    Track car is the silver one on the right. Has many fancy bits on it but is still a crappy old Clio. I’ve also raced the blue one a couple of times this year (and might again next year). This is definatly a crappy old Clio. I’ve towed both on my trailer.
  6. Chris_f11

    New owner F11 530D msport

    Hello, new 5 series owner. Had many BMWs before, some have good to me and some haven’t! I’m just about to start a new job. Instead of a company car I now have a car allowance. As i’m old fashioned I wanted to own a car and not lease one. I needed something big as I need to tow my track car. Step forward this F11 530d Msport - It’s mint, 111k with FSH. Has had the rear airbags done. Has come with the original grill and a set of Borbet alloys with Dunlop winter tyres on them. I’m looking forward to putting many miles on it