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  1. dirtydirtydiesel

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    Yeah computer but I've done trip to trip & it's about the same , 60l itres -13.2 gallons = 500 miles give or take, In the winter month's, 450 back & forth from work mixed A & B plus town work ten miles door to door. Worst wife running round town, it's hilly where I live was 395 to 13.2 or 60 litres. As Randomname say's they can be pricey for part's but so will a e91 & they have their own issue's I had a e46 estate & we had to sell it with two young boy's now there bigger the e61 is pretty much perfect. I did get a good deal, but it needed love & money. I've not seen one a cheep since I purchased it & I look most weeks. Happy hunting.
  2. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 Tailgate woes (Heated rear screen)

    Have you removed the metal guides from the cable's, unwound the tape & pulled the cables though the speaker recess? I ask because my heated rear screen issue's were with the big brown earth wire ( the left hand side as you stand from the back) mine was broken in two in between the speaker & the hinge. Failing that, GoNz0 on here is a dab hand at these, he's done over fifteen, he's up the road from you in Derby. Might be worth a massage, he's very good & very reasonable on price.
  3. dirtydirtydiesel

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    Yeah the early 2.5d has the zf6hp19 were as the 3.0d has the zf6hp26. The lci is supposed to have a nicer box, but a well serviced box with xhp stage 3 flash is a nice old thing. Mpg, yeah in the winter on my ten mile commute only it drops to 32mpg, on a steady run in the summer going to & from Cornwall I get 44mpg @ a steady 80-85 mph. Combined mixed for the last 1500 miles is 38.1 mpg, I'm happy with that. It's a big old bus, an auto & I don't hang around. The only thing I will say about these car's, if your borrowing to buy, buy as new & as low mileage as you can afford. Unless you are good with the spanners & like to do your own repairs. I'm not saying these car's are problematic but the part's aren't cheep & a higher millage one will need a fair bit of cash / work doing to it to keep it right / get it right. Just a full susy overhall can run you upwards of 1k more like 1.5 - 2k if your doing it all right & with quality components. I bougnt mine on 136k with two previous owners & f.b.m.w.s.h, but the last owner had only had the basic's done & had let it get scruffy / tired & neglected. It also had a few issue's I knew about ( but a few I didn't ) I paid 2.5k for it, it's a 530d m sport, with a few extras. 06 plate. I've not seen one as cheep since I purchased it, but it was advertised at 3k I must have spent 1.5k on it so far & I reckon I'll have spent a total of 6-6.5k when I'm happy with it. But I will know the car inside out & it'll have alot of new part's (mainly all the stuff that wares out by 150k)
  4. dirtydirtydiesel

    Looking to get a E61...Guidance?

    I get on average 38 mpg, mixed driving & I like to use the power. 530d m sport e61 auto pre lci. Had a really good tussle with a Golf R the other night, yeah he was quicker ultimately but I gave him a shock with the hearse .
  5. dirtydirtydiesel

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Not quite true, take GoNz0's 4k mile disc's 0.03mm run out, you could skim them flat & true & have took off less than 0.05mm. I could have done this I have a surface grinder at work. The recommend price for oe fitment ate two part disc's for a 535d is a eye watering £740.
  6. dirtydirtydiesel

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    You've obviously not seen the price of oe two part 535d disc's then?
  7. dirtydirtydiesel

    Losing a bit of coolant

    My point was to buy the oe manufacturer's part, not some badly made Asian copy. But it's your money, chances are unless it's a common problem there is no pattern part anyway.
  8. dirtydirtydiesel

    ZF Gearbox

    Most diagnostic code redaers or good equipment can read the gearbox values. It would also be a good idea to have an extened gearbox service on it at that millage for preventative maintenance. Whoever does the service can measure the values for you, What you are doing is checking the health of the box. You can also have it flashed with xhp software, this comes in three levels Stage 3 is supposed to be very good, much more like a modern box & has the added bonus of increasing the clutch pressure clamping levels. So it can cope with more power, safely. There was a mapper on here (mashedpotatos) who was running twice the recommended torque through his 535d gearbox without any issue's
  9. dirtydirtydiesel

    ZF Gearbox

    My point was, the o.p has had his 525d mapped & is producing 550nm, a good re-mapper can give you a limited torque file & alter the mapping to make it less harsh. To give the gearbox an easier time.
  10. dirtydirtydiesel

    545i indicated rev limit???

    I was just about to post that 'that temp is wayyyyy to cold' should be around 95 -100° It should get up to 95° within 15 mins of running if everything is good.
  11. dirtydirtydiesel

    ZF Gearbox

    What's the millage?, have you read your gearbox values? You can ask the tuner to lower the amount of torque the remap is producing.
  12. dirtydirtydiesel

    ZF Gearbox

    It's quite well known that the 525d has a weeker gearbox witch is one of the reasons people don't upgrade them much (power wise)
  13. dirtydirtydiesel

    Losing a bit of coolant

    There was a guy a few day's ago on farcebook that had a complete one for sale for £200 he had bought it for a project car but his plan's had changed so it was up for grabs. Failing that buy a complete doner car, one with a dead box can be had for £500 pull the lump & all you need Scrap the rest & get £200+ back. Oh & I've been building car's & bikes for too long, over 35 years.
  14. dirtydirtydiesel

    Losing a bit of coolant

    Absolutely, buy a new genuine BMW one.
  15. dirtydirtydiesel

    Odd vibration through steering. Place your bets.

    Some brands of tyres are infamous for going egg shaped Kumho's for a start, what brand are they?