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  1. dirtydirtydiesel

    Front wiper arms

    How are you adjusting them? To position the blades / arms correctly you will have to take them off the splined shaft & move to the correct parked position. Unless you have issue's with the arms or motor it should always park in the same position.
  2. dirtydirtydiesel

    EGR removal.

    Yes, any reputable mapper can do this for you, it's a free job if done while re-mapping but chargeable if done on it's own.
  3. dirtydirtydiesel

    Key Fob Remote Sync

    Good result in the end As I have said in your other post on this matter, it takes 30hrs to fully charge up your key fob & the induction phone "wireless" chargers are supposed to be very good for this People who do this on a regular basis have reported much greater distance (locking & unlocking)
  4. dirtydirtydiesel

    Glow plugs

    As Changy & dj1233 have said, won't be glow plugs. All six of mine are done, but it'll still start in -5° abelt abit roughly for a few seconds.
  5. dirtydirtydiesel

    Original battery from 2007 and INPA

    Not sure on the answer to your question @Keliuss or @GoNz0 should be able to help, But if yours as you say is fourteen years old O.M.G you've had your money's worth. These car's are known to be hard on batteries & it's generally excepted that five years is good innings. A failing battery can cause all sorts of weird issue's.
  6. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 air compressor valve block replace

    I didn't mention but I fitted a new pump & valve block at the same time as my bags, My old one had got very noisy & would time out due to leaking bags.
  7. dirtydirtydiesel

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    To tell more, my Carbon Black is a pig to wash.
  8. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 air compressor valve block replace

    My replacement bags were just std one's, The suspension is programmed to stop at a preset height, with the m sport lower than the se Mine looks to be spot on (but I've not measured it).
  9. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 air compressor valve block replace

    If your current relay is working, why replace it? Save your £15 When changing your fittings remember to trim the airlines where the fittings grip them if not fitting new airlines. I didn't to start with & kept getting deflated rear suspension after a few hour's (the soapy water trick didn't show this up) After triming my airlines (so crimping on virgin pipe) all was well.
  10. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 air compressor valve block replace

    Yes you do m8, My Aerosus ones were shit, didn't fit. They had been assembled incorrectly but I didn't know this until I tried fitting them after trying for a full w/end I worked out what the issue was (no to metion the poor quality plastic fittings snapping off). I had to return them to Aerosus for examination, they didn't contact me. I had to chase them, I still haven't received a refund & have excepted that I won't. I can't warn you off Aerosus or cheep Chinese airbags enough. For me it's Arnott or oe BMW every time, fit them once & forget for another 100k
  11. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 air compressor valve block replace

    What's the age & millage of your car ? Even the youngest e61 is 11 year's old, anything past 6 years or 80k is regarded as the lifespan for the bags. You can deflate it using IMPA / ISTA I believe, I just took out the fuses & loosened a valve fitting. It's not that high pressure, just do it with the weight off the rear. Your pump will compensate for leaking bags until it dies.
  12. dirtydirtydiesel

    "Diamond" key - new battery or replace?

    Whether you believe it or not rechargeable BMW keys are charged up by an induction loop around the key. You can charge it by driving (obviously) a fully discharged key takes 30 hrs & should last 18 month's A 30 minute drive is enough for 15 open & locks. You can charge the fob using a cordless phone charger ( induction) or a tooth brush charger. The problem lies with people mistaking a flat key for antenna issue's. Your idrive should tell you if your fob battery is week.
  13. dirtydirtydiesel

    Wiper stopped working!

    Have a look on YouTube, there are tutorials on how to test all the different combinations. You just need a quality multimeter. You will also need a twelve volt power supply & some test leads.
  14. dirtydirtydiesel


    This ^ I was going to the local car wash 'winter 19/20, my key range went bad. I stopped & have been cleaning the car myself since (or not when it's-°) I'm very careful with the pressure washer round all the windows & door shuts + headlights , tail ights & rear spoiler. No issues since.
  15. dirtydirtydiesel

    535d oil catch can

    Have a read through Sinners project thread in the project section (obviously) Title Restart E39 530d sport touring, not a e61 535d I know but the ideas the same.