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  1. dirtydirtydiesel

    Code reader recommendations please

    My issue with Carly is the £50 ish per year subscription.
  2. dirtydirtydiesel

    Crank pulley recommendations

    Corteco for me every time, not cheep but oe quality. It's what I fitted to mine & my last car. Also GoNz0 recommends them, in fact he gave me the link to the one I bought.
  3. dirtydirtydiesel

    Air suspension.

    It'll be worn / leaking bags & a tired airpump. If your not bothered about the great fact that no matter how much weight you have in the back or for towing it'll remain level with the air suspension. Then fit the spring conversion. Me personally, I love it even though it's given me my fair share of headaches. Coil springs fail after 60 - 80k so do airbag suspension systems But just like the rest of the e60/61 it's more costly to repair than a FORD Mondeo ect.
  4. dirtydirtydiesel

    Code reader recommendations please

    I cannot comment on the Creator C110 /C310 or C510 Have a look at YouTube reviews. I had a Foxwell NT510 but sent it back for a refund when I found out I couldn't register or code the replacement car battery with it. I currently have ISTA+ thanks to GoNz0 but I also have him on hand for any issue's In my experience none of the code readers can give you enough info But if it's what you want the Creator range are much cheeper than the Foxwell But I don't know how they compare, so I'd read up on them all from the manufacturer's websites & then YouTube reviews. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  5. dirtydirtydiesel

    Failed micro switch

    BMW uprated / modified the replacement switch due to issue's with the early design I've not heard of any issue's with the updated design, mines been great for over 12 month's & as GoNz0 say's 24 month's on new genuine BMW part's.
  6. dirtydirtydiesel

    Gearbox issues f11 8 speed auto

    Where abouts are you in the world? I would strongly suggest that you get it looked at by a zf specialist / or v good BMW indie that really understands zf box's & how to do proper diagnosis. Don't just keep guessing & throwing more money at it. Has it ever been serviced? Looking at you recorded km that's nearly 123k miles, zf recommend a box service at 70k intervals.
  7. dirtydirtydiesel

    Transmission fault

    Yeah, Sort of my point, my e61 has only just done 148k & 13k of them in my possession, If / when I replace it I would like a 12/13 onwards sub 80k pref sub 70k car. Theres loads out there at the moment between 85 & 95k for between £12 & £14k I've seen one 13 plate 530d m sport with loads of options, one owner from new ect 69k miles Up for £12995. Trouble is at the moment that's 10k outside my budget, hence why I'm sticking with the e61. How do you find the F series compared to the E series ?
  8. dirtydirtydiesel

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    Yes I would recommend changing them all, I didn't & mine started weeping.
  9. dirtydirtydiesel

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    I just used a socket wrench, years of experience & my elbow gauge Good luck doing the glow plug relay without dropping off the manifold, I struggled with it off. I've heard of it & seen the YouTube videos (but have yet to see it in person) Just getting the wiring plugs off is a nightmare.
  10. dirtydirtydiesel

    Transmission fault

    My bad marko, I should have looked harder at your sig Thanks for taking the time to reply, There's no point in me asking if you like you F series as I can't afford the 13k + that I'd need for the one's I like I'll stick with the E series & save up for the next few year's.
  11. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

    Thanks for that information Jason, It's my first auto & I'm not a fan of the CVT experience. I do plan on getting mine mapped just other thing's in the way at the moment.
  12. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

    Pissant, Tell me about it! I fxxking hate my zf6hp26 box with a passion, I wish I'd hung out for a manual box car But I've got it so I'll work with it. Yes I find it frustrating that you've got that torque loaded m57 3.0 turbo diesels & yet the box makes it drop a gear & rev it's nut's off
  13. dirtydirtydiesel

    E61 gearbox. . . . . .

    Calling @JasonH Pissant, at what speed are you doing this. I have a 530d auto & 65-70 mph is sixth gear, if you put your foot down it'll drop down to accelerate.
  14. dirtydirtydiesel

    Transmission fault

    Marko, Did you have the box overhauled? If so were you happy with it afterwards? & how did you find the company.