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  1. Runningman

    Battery top-up

    Yes, I meant newtis not realoem.
  2. Runningman

    Battery top-up

    Thought you all might be interested in this info that I found deep in RealOEM. The calendar it refers to is a colour coded chart related to new cars from the factory.
  3. Runningman


    I had a similar problem a few years ago on an E90. The rattling stopped when the engine was warm. It turned out to be a rattling heat guard over the Cat. A bolt was missing, then when it warmed up the guard expanded enough to wedge it into place.
  4. Runningman

    Towing Electrics Charge Connector DIY

    Here's the CTEK connector and the inline fuse holder i bought from Amazon. Like I said, this will work with pretty much any charging adaptor, but this one is an 'Eyelet Indicator M8'. The fuse housing this one comes with is too big to fit in the plug. Cut the ends off, slide on the cable the ends of the plug. Don't forget this unless you want to do it all again! Crimp on the fuse holder to the CTEK cable. Note orientation of the curled rubber piece on the fuse holder. If you put it the other way around their isn't enough space inside the plug when you try to reassemble it. Connect the red wire to pin 9. On the plug I bought the number of the pin is on the plastic moulding next to the pins. I tried to take a picture but you can't really see them in it. The wires are just held in with screws like in a normal mains plug. Note that I've put the fuse holder right up against the inside of the plug. Again that's to save space inside Connect Black wire to pin 13. Make sure there's a fuse in the holder. It'd be a shame to put everything together again, wonder why it didn't work, then have to take the plug apart. Ahem... To reassemble the plug the 'notch' in the inside needs to slot into the 'nobble' in the outside. Put the two parts inside each other then rotate the large part you put on the cable before. This took a few attempts as the plugs ended up wonky for me. Tighten up the cable gland. Check it works! Charge battery and enjoy beer.
  5. Runningman

    Towing Electrics Charge Connector DIY

    First Check that pin 9 is permanently live on your car, ground for this is supposed to be pin 13. On some cars (not BMW) the permanent live deactivates when the car goes to sleep. If you've had the towing electrics retrofitted then pin 9 might not be connected at all.
  6. Runningman

    Towing Electrics Charge Connector DIY

    Charging the battery on any car, if it's done regularly, is a bit of a pain particularly if the car is used intermittently. If the car has a a tow bar fitted, then the electrics that go with it can be used for an easy access solution. All I have to do is park my car near my garage door, trail the lead out, plug in, and I'm good to go. I can lock the car, and the charger itself is in the garage. Here's a photo of the finished item, including an obligatory beer. Brooklyn Naranjito is a good combination for this DIY, nice and refreshing. Tools: Wire cutters Wire strippers Wire crimp set with tool. Mine set came from Screwfix. You could solder the ends together too if you want. CTEK charge adaptor. This DIY will work with pretty much any connector or other chargers, all you're basically doing is cutting one end off the connector. Mini inline fuse holder from Amazon or eBay A normal one is too big. Fuse for above, choose a rating one up from the maximum current of your charger. My CTEK is a MXS 5.0, so 5A. Ideally I'd want a 7.5A, but I only had a 10A. 13 pin trailer plug. I got one from Amazon.
  7. Runningman

    Bit of a detail

    Nice deep shine from the Bilt Hamber Wax. What do you think if it?
  8. Runningman

    Battery top-up

    My CTEK MXS 5.0 has done great service over the years. I probably paid a pittance for it; just like when people say how much a pint was when they were a teenager. It gets a surprising amount of use including leaving it permanently attached to the leisure battery in my caravan when its parked up for the winter. It hasn't got a AGM mode, but has a winter mode instead. A google a while back told me to use the winter mode for AGM batteries.
  9. Runningman

    Used car sale question

    As above, he doesn't have any redress really.
  10. Runningman

    Retro Fit Towbar on to an F11

    Just another thread revival. After, like I said, being fed a load of crap about coding in the tow bar view for the reversing camera, I eventually coded it in with the Bimmercode app. Easy to do and I'm happy now!
  11. Runningman

    Diesel grades

    Yea, I sold that car a few years ago, my route to work wasn’t the best for mpg! My current F11 535d gets 36.77mpg Average using Millers eco powermax over about 13k miles. It’s about 500kg heavier than the 123d and has 50% more power haha.
  12. Runningman

    Diesel grades

    In my E87 123d I did an experiment with trying three fuel grades and got the following MPG: Shell V- Power Diesel 39.82 mpg over 7,306 miles Millers Diesel Power Ecomax 39.78 mpg over 5,233 miles Normal Diesel 39.30 mpg over 4,556 miles Conculsions: 1) Premium diesel gives better economy 2) Price premium for premium diesel doesn't justify its cost on economy grounds 3) Millers gives an worthwhile economy boost 4) Both the premium and millers felt better; more willing, smoother and quiet. I couldn't split the two. 5) I can't comment on the alleged cleaning benefits Millers is about £15 for 500ml, that's enough for 10 fill ups of 50l diesel, so £1.50 a treatment. You're actually adding in 1:1000 or 1000th of the fuel added. Therefore for every litre you add in £0.0015 or 0.15 pence worth! 39.3mpg is 0.002544 Gallons/mile. With diesel at £1.20 a litre, that is £5.44 a gallon. 0.002544 x 5.44 = 0.1386 or 13.86 pence per mile 39.78 is 0.002513 Gallons/mile. The millers costs (1.20+0.0015) a litre so £5.45481 a gallon. 0.002513 x 5.45481 = 0.1371 or 13.71 13.86... - 13.71...=0.1501... or pretty much exactly the .15pence it costs to put it in!
  13. Runningman

    Just graduated to BMW

  14. Runningman

    Bird Poop

    Is there a slightly different place you can park your car? If I park in one part of the car park at work my car is always plastered in poo, but if I park in the other bit it rarely happens. The poo part, as I call it, is right next to the building. I reckon the birds sit on the roof, then when they fly off they poo which then lands on the cars below!
  15. Runningman

    G30 LCI

    It looks like some common sense has prevailed inside BMW about the size of the grilles. Assuming that the image is genuine of course...