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  1. Davide

    E34 206s2 and e36 206s2 compatibility

    Ok thank you to everyone. I've found an e34 engine from an identical car that was rearended and apparently it is in very good condition. I'll let you know how the story evolves. Ciao
  2. Davide

    E34 206s2 and e36 206s2 compatibility

    I'd love to put the m50b25 but in Italy is illegal. In case of an inspection after an accident, the insurance can threaten not to pay. On a Vespa is one thing but on cars are more strict. The engine has 360k km, nobody wants to fix the head gasket and give me some kind of guarantees. They say it may bring other problems and feel it's better to change the engine. Changing the engine apparently it's also cheaper than replacing the head gasket and mill the head over here. But I agree with you, personally I've would have it rebuilded, but I cannot find anyone in the area where I live. About the oil pan swap between e36 and e34 someone had direct experiences? Here I've heard about a simple change from more than one person. Thanks!
  3. Davide

    New member old car

    Hi I'm Davide from Italy. I have an e34 520i 1995 touring hellrot. Unfortunately automaat but happy of the added comfort. (Although I'm in sport mode all the time i leave the city) Here on the forum glad to learn and share precious knowledge Here a pic of my car, Cheers
  4. Davide

    E34 206s2 and e36 206s2 compatibility

    By further research I've understood that e34 and e36 m50b20 in my case 206s2, if they have same code they have direct compatibility (plugs are the same etc) except the oil pan that has to be swapped from the old engine. Could someone confirm this before i make the purchase of the engine? Thank you again! D.
  5. Davide

    E34 206s2 and e36 206s2 compatibility

    Hi, the code is the engine version stamped on the engine under the engine number. 20 is 2,0 liters, s1 non vanos , s2 vanos as far as I've understood for the m50b20. Pic of the code (not mine) in attachment cheers
  6. Hello everyone I'm new to the forum in starting this thread because i cannot find anywhere this information. I need to replace an e34 520i (1995 late model automatic) engine with a code 206s2. I like to put the engine with the same code but somewhat that are rarely from an e34 and more often from a e36. Is a direct compatibility between e36 and e34 ?(same code 206s2, without harness, just the engine) Also, what's the difference between a 206s1 and 206s2 engine, are they compatible? (For what I could understand they are vanos engine and non vanos) I hope you can help me out our point me to some info that it's already available also about engine replacement in general. Here one pic of my car Thank you in advance from Italy!
  7. Davide

    E34 power problems

    Ok thank you for your help in this forum. My power loss got fixed it was a crack in the plastic air filter that would expand in the summer heat causing the sudden loss of power when the engine compartment got too hot. Replaced the air filter box and problem was solved. Hope this helps someone else. Cheers
  8. Davide

    E34 power problems

    Thank you Carl for your answer I'm going to double check the MAF. I'll keep posting. Thanks
  9. Davide

    E34 power problems

    I forgot to mention... Sometimes when there is loss of power i hear a shutter sound very similar to the recycling air shutter (if you know what i mean) when i press down the accelerator. Could it be linked? Thanks again!
  10. Davide

    E34 power problems

    Hello I hope to find someone who will still reply to this post. I have exactly the same issue as Neil. My ride is a 520i Touring 1995 automatic transmission with 340000 km. The issue started suddenly one day. I felt low power all of a sudden. Replaced spark plugs and valve cover gasket and there was huge improvement but still occasionally not able to make a fast push start for some seconds then goes ok. It always struggles to go uphill on very stiff angles such as garages ramps unless i kick down making a huge roar. I first though was the tranny that is old and needs a rebuilt soon... but then the huge improvement by replacing the spark plugs made me think otherwise. The tranny shifts butter smooth and feels ok. I checked transmission oil and filter 20000 miles ago and everything was in order. I think the culprit could be some intermittent failure of the ignition coils. I've made the basic test disconnecting them one by one when the engine was on and they all were working fine. What about you Neils? (If you are still reading ;) could be just a fuel filter? Or some weird valve not working? Thanks everyone in advance for your kind reply. David