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  1. Mine got really bad in the last week or two and I finally had to  do something about it today. When liner and wheel removed and in with the hairdryer. I have left the top cap off for now to see if the last few drops of water will evaporate that way. I did also take the opportunity to upgrade main beams to osram led whilst I was in there. Look brilliant. 





  2. 9 hours ago, marko530d said:

    Any big items replaced how dose engine/gearbox feel. 

    Is the 525d exact same engine with a detune or different injectors etc

    I had to replace snapped active anti roll bar at cost of 2.4k but that was bad luck with a pot hole. Changed all discs and pads last year and had gear box serviced. Sweet and smooth now. Also had remap upto 310bhp last year. Car is as sweet as anything really and my regular stop start commute in traffic and a road sees 37 mpg average. Over 50mpg easily on a long run. Best car I've ever owned by a long stretch and very quick when I'm in the mood. 


    Same engine i think with a detune for 525d but sure someone else will confirm. 

  3. 11 hours ago, beady_uk said:

    After trying 3 kits which all failed to stay lit & gave errors, I fitted this kit as the place is local (ish). 



    Worked perfectly straight away. No errors. Then went and had the headlights checked by an MOT garage. Beam pattern, levels, cut off all perfect. And it has just passed its MOT last week with them fitted too

    Did you fit the kit yourself? 

  4. Well lads, claim is in against the council so we'll see what happens there. I have photos to show the damage and photos of the pothole so fingers crossed. Car is now fixed also with new droplinks, anti roll bar and bushes. It is transformed so think the old ones must have been worn anyway. Not a surprise given the mileage really. Also now feels like much bigger difference in sport and sport + modes. Good be a placebo but car feels like it's on rails! 

  5. 1 hour ago, 535i Andrew said:

    You are right parts need to be the right numbers. 


    As an alternative to claiming from your insurance company, you could claim the relevant local authority who are responsible for the road or highway maintenance  for the cost of repair.


    I made one of my E60 alloys into a square after a pothole and got back over 90% of my costs after I complained, photographed the offending pothole and filled out lots of forms and wrote letters to the local council. 



    Yes. Exactly what I am intending to do with Durham County Council. Fingers crossed. Thanks for all help. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Matthew Ashton said:


    Can’t you claim against insurance? You hit a pothole so in effect had an accident. Even with an excess and a slight uplift due to reduced NCD you’ll probably be quids in. 

    Not sure Matthew to be honest but I need the car back ASAP and not happy driving it any real distance as it is. I have however put in a complaint with Durham County Council so we will see what happens. 

  7. 1 hour ago, 535i Andrew said:


    I thought you got the adjustable shocks and the active roll bar all within the same package?  My mistake.



    My ebay link was for a UK part....or has it sold since I posted it.


    Hi Andrew. It was a different part number sadly and the parts guys at two BMW places I spoke to said the part numbers needed to match. To be honest, as much as the cost makes me feel a bit sick, it's probably best to fit a new one anyway as I know the history of the part then. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Cadwell Parker said:


    Call me a pedant but I think Pedro is talking about dynamic drive. VDC is just adjustable shocks like I have on my car whereas dynamic drive gives you adjustable roll bars as well and takes things to a whole new level. I'm quite envious.

    You won't be envious at the moment! Can't source part anywhere second hand as all used ones are for LHD and the motor is on the wrong side. Having to pay the 2k. Not a happy chappy but needs must.