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  1. Pedro79

    Condensation inside headlight

    Couldn't agree more. Ridiculous really.
  2. Pedro79

    Condensation inside headlight

    Mine got really bad in the last week or two and I finally had to do something about it today. When liner and wheel removed and in with the hairdryer. I have left the top cap off for now to see if the last few drops of water will evaporate that way. I did also take the opportunity to upgrade main beams to osram led whilst I was in there. Look brilliant.
  3. Pedro79

    Highest mileage vehicle

    Not at all. It was about 390 plus vat I think from memory. Had brakes and service done at same time so big bill but smoother since.
  4. Pedro79

    Highest mileage vehicle

    Yes first one. Done at about 160k. Big difference after.
  5. Pedro79

    Oil/burn smell after oil service

    Why? Surely no consideration here. It needs to go back.
  6. Pedro79

    Highest mileage vehicle

    I had to replace snapped active anti roll bar at cost of 2.4k but that was bad luck with a pot hole. Changed all discs and pads last year and had gear box serviced. Sweet and smooth now. Also had remap upto 310bhp last year. Car is as sweet as anything really and my regular stop start commute in traffic and a road sees 37 mpg average. Over 50mpg easily on a long run. Best car I've ever owned by a long stretch and very quick when I'm in the mood. Same engine i think with a detune for 525d but sure someone else will confirm.
  7. Pedro79

    Highest mileage vehicle

    530d 171k for me. Bought 3 years ago on 136k
  8. Pedro79

    Condensation inside headlight

    Superb. Thanks very much.
  9. Pedro79

    Condensation inside headlight

    Still on the car at the moment but that's spot on thank you. Am I correct in thinking the bumper has to come off to remove headlights?
  10. Pedro79

    Condensation inside headlight

    Hi mate. I too have this problem but quite a lot worse than yours I think. Can you tell me more about where you have drilled the holes you mention?
  11. Pedro79

    Hid conversion kit

    Did you fit the kit yourself?
  12. Pedro79

    Android auto retro fit to f11??

    How's the sound quality? I fitted a similar unit to this into a mondeo a few years ago. The functionality was great but the sound was noticeably worse than the sony unit previously fitted.
  13. Pedro79

    Racechip GTS black tuning box

    Nice. I've just had my 530d mapped to 310bhp and this is a riot so the 535 must be another level.
  14. Pedro79

    Racechip GTS black tuning box

  15. Pedro79

    Help please

    Well lads, claim is in against the council so we'll see what happens there. I have photos to show the damage and photos of the pothole so fingers crossed. Car is now fixed also with new droplinks, anti roll bar and bushes. It is transformed so think the old ones must have been worn anyway. Not a surprise given the mileage really. Also now feels like much bigger difference in sport and sport + modes. Good be a placebo but car feels like it's on rails!