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  1. percha

    F11 strange alarm behaviour

    I think only time will tell, faults on ECU's are calibrated with a certain "Debounce", leaky bucket setup up. So sometimes it can be that it needs to be seen for so long during a drive cycle to register, I hope that you have fixed it though with the new battery!
  2. percha

    Park Assist, Auto parking

    Any tips? Sent from my Samsung S10+ using Tapatalk
  3. percha

    Park Assist, Auto parking

    I also have this and have tried quite a few times to get it to work and failed! I can suggest downloading the bmw drivers guide app from Play store or Apple store and its covered in there on how to. Sent from my Samsung S10+ using Tapatalk
  4. percha

    2015 - F10 530D

    Have a read here: The 530D has the 8HP 70 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZF_8HP_transmission 700nm Max Torque
  5. percha

    F11 Rear Suspension

    I think you may have answered what you problem is, buying cheap here for me is false economy, but other members have stated the cheap air bags are as good as any.. I bought Arnotts, and looking at them when I swapped them over I was very happy with quality. At first I would just check around for leaks, maybe a simple fix. At worst I would think you have some "more" air bag problems and may need to replace. I would say the fact that it is raising correctly when running, that you don't have a ride height sensor issue. Also that you say it sags over period of the car being parked also points to airbags or leaks to airbags. Hope you find the issue, let us know how you get on.
  6. percha

    F11 Rear Suspension

    How long ago did you change the air bags? Have you had different issues since changing the air bags?
  7. percha

    F11 Rear Suspension

    ok sorry it seems you have replaced most of the system! Maybe its the airlines to the rear bags or the fitting into the airbags? You can buy leak spray like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kim-Detection-Spray-400ml-Transparent/dp/B00VI8NWZ8 I believe you do not need to calibrate the ride height, this is only needed for replacing the ECU that controls the rear suspension.
  8. percha

    F11 Rear Suspension

    Hello and welcome! I have the same car and had the same issue(s) albeit not with the "Chassis Warning Light" as I think I caught it early enough. The fact you have changed the fuse would mean the compressor was probably working hard to keep air bags (rear suspension) at the correct level. So I would say its the rear airbags that are leaking, use this thread to have a read through.
  9. I would be interested on how you get on, coming from a similar situation albeit a 530D Msport and running 19's RFT, with no VDC. I dont have as much of an issue with it as the roads I take are in general pretty smooth but I know exactly where you are coming from. When you hit the bumps sometimes you go "ouch" then you get on an open smooth dual carriageway or motorway and then its "ahhhhh" thats a lovely ride. Enjoy the new car hope the pickup goes well at the wkend, always nice to get such a special car!
  10. you mean to say you dont have a special dedicated "Garage" hoover! I have the old hoover which would have been thrown out fixed up and left in the garage for such jobs. Thanks for the link to the rivets (marko530d), I folded my wheel arch back and cleaned out when I changed the front pads a few months back, but I still need to put the rubber grommet back properly and need to take the whole wheel arch liner off to do this!
  11. I checked mine the other day via ISTA and it was working fine, so for sure intermittent. I will buy one soon and swap it over, glad you have fixed yours, its definitely long enough I would say to say its not wiring etc.
  12. yes airline connection to the top of the air bag is push fit (ie without olive) but using the nut still from BMW OEM spec. So its the same in Aerosus
  13. Good to know, The Arnotts dont come with dust covers, so I cleaned mine with hot soapy water and as they are a hard plastic they came up like new! Do the Aerosus ones have push fit connections? I have to say this is a big pro for me with the Arnotts as it makes it very much plug and play without faffing about with olives and compression fittings.
  14. I think of similar quality, I can vouch for Arnotts they are a nice bit of kit. There are some members saying the cheap versions of these on Ebay are just as good and a quarter of the price but it just didnt sit right with me putting non branded, cheap stuff on my pride and joy! I am very pleased with ride now with these two new units at the back! Have a look at this thread for Arnott details of quality and fitment:
  15. Yes that seems right I went for Arnotts x2 and shopped around and got them for £320 a pair.