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  1. percha

    EGR - clean or replace

    Agreed I would do the same (ie buy genuine), the EGR is a very active actuator that is very tightly controlled via the ECU SW, and also has cleaning processes every time you start and stop the engine.
  2. percha

    EGR - clean or replace

    Ref: Nutjob link, They were exhaust gases as you state his pipe on the cooler had crack on the exhaust tract, as he could smell in cabin coming in via engine bay.
  3. percha

    EGR - clean or replace

    First of all check if it needs recall using BMW portal: https://www.bmw.co.uk/en/footer/quick-links/bmw-vehicle-recalls.html Then if no recall, I would say why not try and clean it, nothing to lose: Nutjob on Youtube does an EGR Cooler which shows you the EGR removal also: If not replace I guess...
  4. percha

    F10 LCI Vibrations at 70mph

    Well thats good news, managed to get up to 70mph today and the vibration has gone! must of been this issue I had on my rear near side tyre.
  5. I would go with buying item 8 and cutting in a small area that is affected, and then some spray adhesive maybe for that area. I am sure you could make it look pretty good if you are handy with a scalpel!
  6. percha

    Good Oil Offer on

    very proficient, I hadn't even thought to check it for leaks! Thanks for the tip, first oil change 10k into ownership for me next week!
  7. Oh no @marko530d! Can it be touched up? The 351's are very non forgiving in this department I have noticed... I will hopefully get my car back today from garage with brand new front NS wheel, colour coded by Lepsons, and I had my rear NS wheel also refurbed as I had curbed it at the beginning of the year at Heathrow airport. So the car will be completely clear of all marks on wheel and paintwork (also had some panels tidied up with insurance job).... I am concerned to be driving it in this 100% perfect state as its only a matter of time!
  8. Garage rang to say my car is ready from insurance repair, so on Monday I should be reunited with the 5er! The 330d Touring (rental) has been nice but I shall welcome it back.. Sent from my Samsung S10+ using Tapatalk
  9. percha

    Good Oil Offer on

    Bought one of these: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131686787176 Sent from my Samsung S10+ using Tapatalk
  10. Good work, how long did it take you to remove? Sent from my Samsung S10+ using Tapatalk
  11. either will be fine, you can test it on a multimeter to be sure its working.
  12. percha

    F10 LCI Vibrations at 70mph

    This thread is interesting, I have I would say a very minor vibration as I get to 70mph also but it really is minor. I have just found out that my rear nearside has this issue you mention @Phil_530d and they are changing the tyre for a new one. I will be interested to know if it eliminates it!
  13. Yes our old e91 went in for it! Sent from my Samsung S10+ using Tapatalk
  14. So new blower motor as per the video you posted, I guess its getting to the age/mileage where things like this will go. Its had a good innings I would say though!
  15. Thanks for the replies, I will get it checked, its never had a puncture since I have owned it (1year, 1month) and all tyres are regularly checked for pressure. I believe from memory these tyres have a 2018 date code on them, and probably around 5/6mm left on them.