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  1. Wivenhoe

    Fuel Flap

    I had the same problem with the cover to the charge port on my 530e ! It had to be replaced
  2. Wivenhoe

    Retrofit heated steering

    Merc are exactly the same - virtually all services are subscription after 3 years e.g. Map updates are £ 149 for 3 years https://shop.mercedes-benz.com/en-gb/connect/
  3. Wivenhoe

    Time for a change?

    I totally agree about having all controls in a touchscreen is distracting- I was looking at a Tesla and it was one of things why I decided against it. However, having had ‘driving assistance’ in my last 2 Mercs and current 530e, it is a little safer to use a screen when they are engaged. I suspect that is Tesla’s defence. Also, virtually everything can now be controlled by Voice control. The latest version of ID7 is clever enough to distinguish between the driver or passenger issuing the instruction, so if the passenger says turn on seat massage, only the passenger seat is activated. That said, I think you can’t beat using a controller !
  4. Wivenhoe

    520d msport pro edition LCI - Issues

    Couple of pointers for you. There is a good advisory website regards your right to reject the car - https://www.thecarexpert.co.uk/rejecting-a-car/2/ see from Rejecting a car when it is under finance. The fact it is a lease car doesn’t seem to affect your rights to reject the car but you need to get the lease company to reject it as they own it. I suggest a quick call to a lawyer (some offer first 30 mins free) or a trawl of the net. Replacing a loom on a new car must be grounds for rejection. I think that you could get the lease company on-side to reject the car by refusing to pay them whilst the car is unavailable. Replacing the loom could take ages and undoubtably there will be other issues after they have done this. I would be very cautious about the future reliability of the car - perhaps the car was previously rejected ? If you check your vin , it’ll tell you when the car was manufactured which may be a guide - the vin checker I used is no longer available so trawl through the web. The alternative is to email the lease company and say you have been and will be without a car and they should arrange a suitable replacement until everything is resolved.
  5. Wivenhoe

    G30 2017 530e - Battery range

    My 530e is my third plug-in. My previous Mercedes were the same - about half the range in cold weather. If you pre-heat the car before leaving and initially use the engine whilst the rear screen and seats etc finish, then that helps a bit. Also, the initial range reflects the previous driving. If you have an update where the dealer has reset the car, you’ll see an initial range much greater than you were seeing but pretty soon it settle to your norm.
  6. Wivenhoe

    Delivery times

    I had that from one of the dealers on CarWow - can’t give a fixed price on the px or new car due to Brexit. The guy I normally buy from has confirmed the price is fixed even if the Jan 21 price increases and he will hold the cost to change into April. Having got 30% I think that is a cracking deal and it looks like they are very confident the car will come in March. He did say that there is a view that if Brexit does effect new imports then my 1 year 530e will be worth more !
  7. Wivenhoe

    Delivery times

    I’m just about to order a 745e with delivery in March so well after Brexit. Brexit didn’t figure in it - I have an agreed cost to change with my 530e as px. I’m doing it as the discount on the 7 is 30% so brings the 6 cylinder plug-in with options to less than a 530e !
  8. Wivenhoe

    Rear heated seats, and rear blinds

    As the EU will be receiving around € 50 billion per year in fines, for doing nothing I can’t see it ending soon
  9. Wivenhoe

    Rear heated seats, and rear blinds

    They haven’t changed the new law for Covid. The fines are applying and will increase in the future if the manufacturers don’t keep reducing the overall average. To show how real the fines are it is reported that Fiat Chrysler paid Tesla over a € 1.8 billion to pool Tesla’s emissions with theirs to reduce the fine. I don’t understand how pooling with an American manufacturers work ! See, to help Fiat-Chrysler dodge huge EU emissions fines incurred by the average CO2 output of its cars, FCA has reportedly paid Tesla a chunk of money to pool its own emissions with Tesla’s rock bottom figures. And when we say a chunk, we mean an estimated €1.8 billion in 2019. While that gets Fiat out of a hole in the short-term, it needs to get its average down rather sharpish. And that means selling lots of hybrids and ideally plenty of EVs, which average out the big Jeeps and thirstier Alfas. Until they go hybrid or electric too…
  10. Wivenhoe

    Rear heated seats, and rear blinds

    That explains it. Under EU law the manufacturers pay a fine of €95 /g over the threshold. It’s payable on every car made, not just the car exceeding it. So if a £ 150 option brings an increase to the fleet average emission then the fine (as it is on every car made) makes it uneconomic to offer it. The £ 60k Audi with the option won’t figure in the calculation of the average emissions as the manufacturer can choose 10% (I think) of cars to exclude from the average. It’s forecast that BMW will pay € 8 billion in fines in 2021, Merc € 14b and VW € 30b !
  11. Wivenhoe

    Rear heated seats, and rear blinds

    I just had a quick look at the Audi A6 configurator and heated rear seats didn’t seem to be available unless you started with a £ 60k Vorsprung !
  12. Wivenhoe

    G30 comfort access boot lid.

    My car is a post July 2019 build - delivered early Nov 19
  13. Wivenhoe

    G30 comfort access boot lid.

    As Boba says, Comfort access brings 2 buttons, one to close the boot and the other to close the boot & lock the car. With comfort you can close the boot by - either button, foot, lever in the door or key fob. Have you tried holding the key fob boot button when the boot is open - the boot will close with a warning signal that sounds like a lorry reversing !
  14. Wivenhoe

    530e boot & range (loan car)

    I bought my 530e through my business so the saving on corp tax was significant as it’s below 50g/km. It suits my needs now very well - previous car was a Merc 350e doing about 12k and wasn’t very economic av 35mpg, lugging the battery around. I looked at getting a 545e later this year but the range is the same but car is faster due to the 6 cyl rather than 4 cyl - unfortunately the dealer would only offer £ 30k for my 1 year old car that cost £ 56k with a list of £ 66k and I certainly wasn’t go to take a £ 26k hit for 1 year and 4K !
  15. Wivenhoe

    530e boot & range (loan car)

    True. If I need to carry a lot over long distances I would have a diesel estate, if as I do, a lot of local driving with occasional long trips a plug-in is ideal. I have averaged 60+ over 4,000 miles with a small increase in my electric bill, what do you get out of your 640iM ? What’s the chance that within a couple of years diesel’s will be banned from town centres and outside schools - the derisory range will be useful then - different cars for different uses.