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  1. Wivenhoe

    Latest dig dash format

    I came into the 530e from a E350e with ‘panoramic’ built in screens and expected to find the screen to be a major disappointment. It isn’t. The concept is different in that the Merc built in looks great but means you have to take your eyes off the road to look at the screen, whereas in the BMW it’s a slight glance down. Also, the BMW is more of a cockpit, whereas the E350e is more of a ‘wonder wall’ to impress the passengers. Prior to the E350e I had a C350e - now that is a stick on screen !
  2. Wivenhoe

    Latest dig dash format

    I hope you have better luck with the iD7 than I have had. My car has had 2 software updates and is now more stable but Connected Drive is total rubbish.
  3. Wivenhoe

    Latest dig dash format

    Couldn’t be simpler. I am sure there are other ways but this is the way I get ‘alerts’ from Waze. To make Car Play available - Once you have paired your iPhone and you have made Car Play available , tilt the controller up and go along the top menu to Car Play. Select it and then when in Car Play by either touch screen or the controller select Waze - I do it without a destination. Then just select Map using the button alongside the controller and then you are in the sat nav with alerts coming through the speakers. I am sure there is an easier way such as Siri but I haven’t bothered to try it !
  4. Wivenhoe

    Tech glitches

    Thanks for that. It does seem to be more related to 530e’s. What is your dealer doing about it ?
  5. Wivenhoe

    Tech glitches

    The dealers didn’t think it was the App as their accounts on their cars weren’t experiencing the same problems - but none of them have plug-ins. That why the initially thought it was a car issue and not an App. They think Germany will admit there is an issue and it is either with the plug-ins or iDrive 7 Lite - they haven’t had any complaints from the new 330e owners but of course that has the full ID7 version.
  6. Wivenhoe

    Tech glitches

    My car went in for a software update which they hoped would sort the many issues with the Connected Drive app - destinations sent to the car aren’t received, misreports charging (its a 530e), no consumption reports, Mostly not available at all on a iPad. They had the car 2 days and couldn’t sort it. They had the same problems using their phones / iPads. They sent a request to Germany for a resolution but nothing back yet. They are absolutely sure it isn’t a problem with the car (it has iDrive 7 ‘lite’) so it must be the App. They said they got it to report ok on a Windows laptop but it doesn’t work on mine. I’ll let you know if they come back with a resolution.
  7. Wivenhoe

    Latest dig dash format

    Yes - that’s what I meant. Have Waze running in Car Play and then switch to the Sat Nav so you have the best 9f both worlds !
  8. Wivenhoe

    Latest dig dash format

    In ID7 (even the Lite version) you can have Waze running in the background giving audible warnings whilst using the iDrive Sat Nav. Works very well.
  9. Wivenhoe

    Latest dig dash format

    You get 3 months free ‘teaser’ connected music - I use a free 3 months trial with Spotify which is integrated into iDrive 7 (lite) and works really well. My 530e is going in tomorrow for a Nov 2019 software update to see if it resolves all the problems with the App - misreports the charge, doesn’t provide any ‘economy figures’ but far more annoying is its lost the ‘send destination to the car’ plus some other gremlins.
  10. Wivenhoe

    Prospective buyer - Which options do I need?

    Picked mine up in early Nov. Got £ 10k discount, £ 3k of which was from taking £ 12k finance. I spoke to BMW Finance before and they confirmed you have the right to cancel within 14 days at no cost. Called the day after I picked the car up and paid the finance amount (after discount), no charges and absolutely no hassle. In terms of the 2019 prereg option you may be pleasantly surprised how much you can get off a new car. To help secure the best discount I got a very keen price from CarWow and Broadspeed which he matched. Broadspeed currently have 520D tourers starting with £ 9k and going up to £ 15k discount.
  11. Wivenhoe

    Prospective buyer - Which options do I need?

    If not HK system then at least Advanced Loudspeaker System HUD Icon lights Comfort seats
  12. Wivenhoe

    Considering new G31 lease, a few questions please

    I went with Bluestone with night blue interior. When I ordered in August sunshine Bluestone was definitely blueish. Now in winter it is definitely grey. I like it but it is the worst colour I have had for showing the winter grime - I had it professionally coated but it always seem to look like I have been driving it up farm tracks !
  13. Wivenhoe

    Winter wheels - a question or four

    My tyre guy checked with BMW that it was ok to fit Conti TS860’s 245 / 40 R19 & 275/ 35 R19 and was told they would be ok. I checked with my insurers - BMW Insurance and they said ok if going on the original wheels. I pay the tyre dealer to change them over and store so no real hassle and it saves a lot of money against buying spare wheels - I would need to store them anyway as I couldn’t put up with the nagging for stealing space in the already crowded garage
  14. Wivenhoe

    530e - fully charged range monitor thread

    My Connected Drive App & browser for my 530e are not working correctly. I can precondition the car and have 3D view but nothing else works. I saw on another forum that the Nov 19 software update resolved all the issues so my car is booked in for the update. They had to reinstall the iDrive 7 software previously so it looks like BMW are having ‘software issues’. I’ll let you know if the software update on Wednesday sort it.