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  1. Thanks @Big A - like the look of their site - will be making a phone call their way
  2. @535i Andrew I'm in East Kilbride so any where within 100 miles really, willing to travel to get the right place. I'm torn between going to somewhere that specialises in BMW or one on the recommendations on here - thinking being that familiarity with Bimmers will result in a better job? I've used MTek before and had a good experience and see they do 4 wheel alignment but no mention of the Hunter System specifically. @Big A I like hearing about years of good experience. I wish I wasn't such a picky 'git...!
  3. Following - want to get a full 4 wheel alignment done but want to go somewhere that can be trusted to do it right
  4. Munzy123

    Buying Foxwell NT530 code reader

    Thanks @Jimbo07g41 they have the NT530 but it doesn't seem to let you choose BMW software to come with it from a drop down menu as other sites do. I've ordered an ENET cable and will hopefully at least be able to read/clear the fault codes and find out if my glow plugs/module need doing. Will be buying an NT530 long term though, as you say a nice neat all in one solution that can live in the car as opposed to a laptop
  5. Munzy123

    Buying Foxwell NT530 code reader

    @535i Andrew nice quick reply: Hi Stuart, Thank you for your email. We are currently still completing UK testing of the NT530 Pro model. We hope to be releasing these in about 4-6 weeks. If you are interested in a BMW tool, I highly recommend our Bim-COM PC Package. Please see the following link: https://www.gendan.co.uk/product_SECBMW.html If you can let me know the year of your BMW, I can also confirm if our BMW Fault Code Reader is compatible (£99.95): https://www.gendan.co.uk/product_LGDT86.html Best regards,
  6. Munzy123

    Buying Foxwell NT530 code reader

    Thanks for all the advice guys. @535i Andrew I've emailed Genham to see if they will be stocking the NT530, thanks for the link. Got a lumpy start up when under 10 degrees outside so thinking it will be glow plugs and/or controller but want to read codes to check. I did this job on my 320d and managed it but really not looking forward to the glow plug roulette; I read the brilliant thread on here with the poor guy that ended up with snapped one.... ouch! @Matthew Ashton PM much appreciated thanks!
  7. Munzy123

    Buying Foxwell NT530 code reader

    I tried my INPA and cable but with no luck - The INPA I have has the option for the F10/11. I have a basic blue ebay cable that worked on my E91, is there a different one I 'd need for the F11?
  8. Just bought a 2011 530d F11 and would like to buy a scanner. I've came from an E91 320d where I used a cable and INPA on a laptop for the last 2 years, worked great for the limited use I needed it for. I'd like to buy an all in one unit and looks like the Foxwell NT530 is the best around £160 as it specifically says it works with the F chassis as opposed to the older NT520 Pro. Want it for general code reading and clearing (glow plugs first) and parking brake service mode, not interested in coding as I'm happy as is - (love it!) I can only find them on Chinese sites which all seem very similar - has anyone used any of these and I take it these are all genuine machines and not copies if there is such a thing? https://www.obd2shop.co.uk/wholesale/foxwell-nt530-scanner-free-update.html http://www.foxwelltool.co.uk/wholesale/nt530-multi-system-tool-one-free-software-nt520-updated.html Thanks
  9. Munzy123

    Hi all

    Hello everyone. Just bought a 2011 530d F11 coming from an E91 320d. I'll get some photos up soon and look forward to contributing to the community. Cheers Munzy