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  1. Munzy123

    Upgraded cluster to 6WB

    That is a very nice upgrade! Hopefully price will come down in a few years when I'm looking to freshen the old girl up.
  2. There's no way BMW go to that length and amount of brake oil when they do it. I wish I could trust they did because that it would be satisfying to know that the ABS and whole brake system had nice new fluid in it. I love a bit of DIY but for £80 I'm going to book into BMW - but now have the anxiety of them washing it with a gritty sponge (I will ask them not to but have read horror stories), damaging my alloys, knocking something out of place and just generally mucking something up on my car....
  3. Word of caution - used diff oil smells absolutely revolting, like raw eggs mixed with putrid sulphur and any clothes you get it on will smell for a while and if there is enough of it then it will stink out your washing machine... Have a rock solid collection system, lots of cheap kitchen roll and old clothes
  4. Wee run through to the Kingdom of Fife and returned 50.3 mpg - very happy with that for a 9 year old 114k 530d. Cruise control set to speed limit depending on road.
  5. Nice purchase, literally a game changer mate. I now look back at my basic Halfords jack and wonder how I'm still alive!
  6. Handsome, handsome car. Best bodyshape, best colour and best wheels
  7. Munzy123

    Foxwell NT530 buy other car software?

    Quiet a smoothly all in I literally followed the steps in the link and it worked a treat on the PC with the FoxAssist app; just plugged the 530 in with no need to remove the flash card. Only thing was the unit it took about 30 mins for the file the unzip stage but all good after that and used it on my friend's VW Caddy to do a quick scan.
  8. Munzy123

    Foxwell NT530 buy other car software?

    Cool, got it https://www.foxwelltech.us/support-detail-687.html
  9. My Foxwell NT530 has come in very handy for my F11 so far - lovely piece of kit. A friend wants to buy the VW software for it but I cannot find where to get it, only when buying the handset at the same time. Can anyone point me to a place where I can buy the VW software please?
  10. Munzy123

    How dirty does white leather get ?

    I did quite a bit of reading into it when I got my Dakota Oyster leather F11 as I wanted to keep the leather in good condition. The Dakota "leather " in our cars (and most entry level "leather" interiors these days) is basically the cheapest cut of leather there is. I'd suspected that as it does not feel a soft and supple as I remember my uncles old car did or a nice leather couch. As such it has a coating on top (basically plastic) that does 3 things: - makes it easy to clean - protects from sunlight and abrasion - using leather cleaner or conditioners is useless as it doesn't penetrate the coating to have an effect as it does on more expensive cuts Warm water and a cloth is all that is really needed and maybe some mild all purpose cleaner (APC) for any stubborn stains. But conditioning with specialist leather balms etc really does nothing, although some do give the car a leathery smell which helps with the illusion... I use the Dr Leather ones for that reason From the Dr Leather website "The Myth of Conditioners...As a consequence, the way to clean and maintain your leather has also changed. The old style regime of ‘clean and feed your leather’ is outdated. The cleaning is still very important, but the feeding is now a bit of a myth, because these so called ‘conditioners’ cannot get into the leather any longer due to the tough coating systems used." https://www.drleather.com/leather-cleaner
  11. Munzy123

    Error codes 801A4A / 8011FD

  12. Munzy123

    2014 F11 530D Msport

    Same here! Although it was not round the entire circumference of the tyre so was not caused by alignment or suspension issues. Tyre fitter said it’s called a twisted carcus - the tyre gets cut or damaged, water gets in and ice and corrosion of the metal bands causes twists. Sounds plausible to me. (Hunter Alignment done since btw as it was wearing unevenly )
  13. Good result there. What kind of pad did you use? something like this...? Yes, was just the firmest pad I had in a super cheap ebay set from when I started detailing - orange pad. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114000325823
  14. After fitting new rear discs the front pair, although not terrible, looked a bit poorly in comparison. Literally 5 minutes with a light wire brush (gently so as not to strip the anti-corrosion surface), Autosol metal polish on a 3 inch hard foam pad attached to a hand drill.