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  1. Munzy123

    Size of nut on F11 air spring pipe fitting

    @Cadwell Parker I read that post too and was the part of the job I was worried about. My air spring brass connectors (10mm spanner for old and new ones) came separate from the unit and so I fitted it to the airline first, inserted it then tightened as the poster from that thread had to do. I'm happier doing it that way for piece of mind although I'm sure the Arnott method will be fine as it looks to be a well designed quality product. Seems good so far, car sat for 24 hours and didn't drop at all on the side the spring was replaced whereas it had been dropping down overnight before.
  2. Munzy123

    Size of nut on F11 air spring pipe fitting

    10mm - did mine on Sunday Edit: do you mean this bit?
  3. Munzy123

    Jacking both rear wheels/end F11

    I saw that for the F10 @535i Andrew and was pleased that I could use the diff in the same place as my E91 but when I looked at TIS for the F11 specifically it says not to use the diff/final drive, even if avoiding the cover It's not a deal breaker on the car but would just make some jobs easier and quicker.
  4. Munzy123

    Headlight condensation

    I had condensation on my NS headlight. Turned the steering fully to the left and used a stubby posi screwdriver to remove the flap in the inner wheel liner, only to find the circular light cover was loose. Plenty room to aim a hairdryer in for a few minutes and then left light cover off as long as possible to let any condensation escape and get some air in about it. Made sure the cover was firmly replaced and seems to have done the trick.
  5. Munzy123

    Jacking both rear wheels/end F11

    I'm doing the air springs and using a Foxwell to discharge the air from the springs rather than disconnecting the air line at the compressor. Having both jacked up at the same time would be quicker and good in the future for brakes etc.. Can't believe it is so awkward to lift a car.... but then again discouraging DIY does play into the dealer/manufacture's hands
  6. I've found so many conflicting methods for lifting the rear of a F11 with a trolley jack: - Jack at the front then place an axle stand under the rear jacking point then repeat on the other side - don't like the sound of this as I don't imagine it will be stable when lifting the second side - My old E91 could be jacked up on the diff housing main body as long as you did not put the pad on the cover of the housing - TIS (below) says NOT to do this with a F11 and have read that the diff is mounted on rubber bushings which are not designed to take the weight of the car - TIS - https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/f11-530d-tou/repair-manuals/33-rear-axle-rear-wheel-drive-guide/33-00-rear-axle-rear-wheel-drive-guide/EW6zObtp I've had a look under and where it points to (3) does not look like it could take all the weight.... argghhhhh What have other members done? (front is easy as it has a metal part sticking out specifically for jacking)
  7. Munzy123

    BMW Garage Glasgow'ish

    Thanks @Big A Booked it in with B&M for next week - front dampers boots/bump stops and a Hunter 4 wheel alignment, it looks like a brilliant bit of kit!
  8. After 6 weeks of ownership I've managed to do all the jobs I can to get my F11 530d ship shape: - All filters and oil - Glow plug controller - Parking brake button - Glove box damper - Diff oil - Rear damper boot and bump stop - Paint correction - Interior deep clean - Wipers - Maps updated - Speaker & tweeter upgrade - Intake clean (to do next spring/summer) - Rear discs and pads (to do) I now need to get some jobs done at a garage: - Front dampers need boots and bump stops replaced (I don't want to muck about with shock springs after some frustrating experiences with my E91 and getting the VDC dampers out/in looks a bit fiddly) - 4 wheel alignment In my time on the forum I've come across the following garages: - https://www.bandmcentre.co.uk/ I like the tone of the website, they are BMW specialists and they have lots of good feedback on Facebook that looks/sounds genuine. They have the Hunter Wheel alignment system. - https://mbjarvie.co.uk/ @Big A had good things to say about them, they specialise in German cars and also have the Hunter system. - http://www.deutschtek.co.uk/testimonials/ @Cadwell Parker has made positive comments on this garage for similar work. Any thoughts on which one should I go for with the work needing done? I know people always say to go and speak to a garage first but in my experience mechanics don't like customers that have even half a clue about cars and go all frosty when you mention forums/self work... are any of the above different? (I'm not arrogant and know my mechanical limits but I would like to feel that anyone I choose will look after my new pride and joy and do jobs properly. Surely not too much to ask!)
  9. Munzy123

    F10 nearside scuttle drain point clean out.

    After reading @535i Andrew ‘s excellent guides I thought I’d have a wee look and see using a wire claw... Guess what I’ll be doing this holiday Monday?
  10. Munzy123

    Door speakers?

    Fitted - about an hour and a half (done in my local multi-storey due to rain!). Sounds much better (but not staggeringly so) with the the desired effect - now have vocals/hi hats coming from in-front of me curtesy of the new tweeters instead of just below. Install was pretty straight forward following the Bavsound video for the door cards. Tweeter covers were a bit fiddly but if i’d had and an extra pair of hands to hold the door card (or unplugged all of it) would have been easier. Fiddly bit was getting the outside vertical edge of the trim into the right channel between the rubber seal and velvet strip then clipping it in as in the video. Was completely plug and play, no cutting, wiring, soldering required Tips: - if you’re not going to fully unplug the door card then prep all your tools, speakers and wires so that you can reach them with the door card in your lap or have a handy assistant. - the tweeters are a bit awkward to get seated in the trim, just take your time and get the 3 ‘tangs’ clipped over each. I dented the metal grill on the trim piece whilst trying to seat the tweeter but pushed it back.
  11. Munzy123

    Door speakers?

    Grills and speakers arrived so going to have a go at fitting it tonight if the rain stays off... Grills come with the foam insert and were £43.54 for the pair from BMW garage.
  12. Munzy123

    New windscreen

    If the insurance company asks you to put down any windscreen claims then it affects your premium. Then again even if they don’t ask I still think that it affects insurance - unless you can see their exact criteria/spreadsheet then they do what they want... I always laugh when you see offers such as 12 months for the price of 10 or 15% off - there is no standard price and every company has even tiny differences in their criteria/scoring so those offers are completely moot.
  13. Munzy123

    Door speakers?

    @Cadwell Parker Code was "POUNDSOFF" which I think finished yesterday but I tried it at the checkout this morning and got £10
  14. Munzy123

    Door speakers?

    @Cadwell Parker Just ordered a set of the Focal IFBMS-S: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-IFBMW-S-For-BMW-1-3-5-Series-and-X1-4-10cm-2-Way-Component-Speakers/153570877049?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D3f0c9029d28a41c49104ecbab3e8cefd%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D15%26sd%3D153570877049%26itm%3D153570877049%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2481888&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3Ae3d4948e-dd37-11e9-befe-74dbd1808b3d|parentrq%3A5908330d16d0abc05ac9b9b4ff918be4|iid%3A1 Used the code to get £10 off so £219.99 paid. Have spotted the grills for the tweeters but have contacted the seller to make sure they are genuine BMW parts and have the foam inserts included. I'm away with work this week and then away next weekend so will be a week on Monday before I fit them but will keep you updated...
  15. Unfortunately not mate. It only seemed to remove the layer of grim/film/oil that I couldn’t remove with normal washing, which is what I was aiming for anyway. I did give it a good 3 or 4 passes using the most aggressive pad I have on the DA machine but it hardly touched even minor scratches - any stone chips or physical marks you can feel it made virtually no difference I was expecting this as I had read that the laminate coating on windscreens is super tough, which makes sense. Still happy with the results though and well worth the finish it produced on all the glass. Only annoying thing is that I bought Bosch wipers but the fitment method looks terrible compared to the BMW one - it leaves the small spindle exposed and it does not have the nice wee ‘wing’ moulding on it so will have to wait for new wipers.